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    Big picture playbook and analysis

    Good point there. Academia used to be somewhat conservative - took only a generation and a half to alter that. Looks like the future will be more multipolar with different groups vying for influence.
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    Big picture playbook and analysis

    This goes back to the original topic on big picture/playbook but a question comes to my mind when I think about the forum and some of the posts here - should we work within the system for change? Whether we like it or not certain institutions (select universities, Wall Street, select government...
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    Reports from affected cities

    I am sure I'll be ridiculed for this but NYC is not so bad these days. In fact I think its better than before the shutdown. I stayed through the entire pandemic while working from home. The protests were bad for about a week and I've been yelled at by two fatties to put on a mask. Yes - the...
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    Does anyone use The /e/ Project or other non-Google OSs for mobile phones?

    Great points. LineageOS is good. My only problem was needing Google Play functionality for apps. The Droid library wasn't great a few years back (but maybe its changed). Some of this stuff if for hobby but its important to be ahead of the curve if mainstream sites keep banning people on...
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    Does anyone use The /e/ Project or other non-Google OSs for mobile phones?

    The /e/ Project (link here) builds mobile phone applications (including an OS) and "claims" to not collect user data. The code is open source, the foundation is not-for-profit and the download is free. Curious if anyone has tried it? I plan to install on my backup (WiFi only) Android phone and...
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    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    Looks like there is a confirmed report this morning from Hong Kong of COVID-19 reinfection. The scientists note that the infection was weaker and the viruses had different RNA sequences by ~20 nucleotides. This might have implications for the effectiveness of any vaccine. At this point I think...
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    Getting your money out of US banks if Biden wins - American options

    I still don't understand this thread. If your money is in a US bank you are either holding cash, equities, money market securities, debt, commodities, or some other security. If you move your money to a bank domiciled in another country you are generally limited to the same securities (but it...
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    Good states to live in the United States

    Another New Yorker here. Can certainly understand Jestx view but the opportunity for career advancement in NYC beats many other spots. Finding its possible to meet other conservatives but not easy. Starting to view it as a place to spend a bit longer before relocating to a more traditional place...
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    The new cold war with China

    This is a forum on the new cold war with China....and like the last cold war with Russia we'll be losing our freedoms if we lose the cold war. Like it or not the winners write the rules. I agree we have a lot of work to do in our own backyard. Prior to WW II we were in a similar position. But to...
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    The new cold war with China

    Today Jimmy Lai, the publisher of pro democracy paper The Apple Daily, was arrested in Hong Kong under the new security law while spoiled leftists in the US are fighting to destroy democracy and usher in some type of Clowntocracy. But those who are actually facing real life oppression in adult...
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    Behavior of women during the riots

    Yesterday a food company called Zomato introduced up to 10 days of leave per year for women (including transgendered women) for their period. From the press release - "Starting today, all women (including transgender people) at Zomato can avail up to 10 days of period leaves in a year. " Maybe...
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    Reports from affected cities

    Agreed NYC will change but it will take a new mayor for the change to be positive. De Blasio will say whatever he thinks the far-left donors want to hear. Been noticing that residents here are no longer so thrilled with the 'alternative' lifestyles now that the backdrop has changed. More of a...
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    Riots Lounge thread

    There are some videos floating around of bible burning (Roosh shared one today). It was upsetting to see them but I realized the behavior of the radical left influenced, in part, my decision this year to get my first bible.
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    Race riots 2020

    The media is waging a preemptive war against the swing states in the Union that gain less national coverage. Roosh just posted an article from the Washington Post that suggests blacks in Maine account for 25% of the coronavirus cases but only 2% of the population. This seems to me like just a...
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    The new cold war with China

    "Fighting" the elites who are attempting to destroy the Anglo-American political-economic system and Christian value system might be a mistake. The best we can do - and Roosh has a good video or post about this someplace - is embody those values ourselves. It will be a long battle and we'll need...