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    Race riots 2020

    The Taliban says hi.
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    Race riots 2020

    It is impossible to lead a women who is unwilling to be led.
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    Race riots 2020

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    My tweet about the Jews went viral

    Everything I say here I am willing to repeat word-for-word with a camera and a microphone in my face. I truly believe we are in Enemy territory with a capital “E”. We are surrounded by enemies of the Light and anything which reflects the Light will be targeted. Make no mistake—they are coming...
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    Big picture playbook and analysis

    Maybe this is why they targeted him. Can’t have men with energy, talent, and conviction walking around undoing our nefarious plans now can we?
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    My tweet about the Jews went viral

    "Christ did not come to make us nice people. He came to make us new men." - Bishop Fulton Sheen
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    My tweet about the Jews went viral

    Martin Luther's reputation with whom? Ah... They do it all the time.
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    Any of you guys MMA fans?

    I like MMA as a test bed to find what works in unarmed combat. "Oh you studied Bartitsu for 20 years? Let's see how that works in reality."
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    Complaints of Donald Trump thread

    Conservatives are the strangest creatures: if a leader doesn’t implement your 976-point plan immediately you walk off the field in a huff and let the other team win by default. Leftists don’t act that way. They just want to move that needle to the left, bit by bit, a little every day. Remember...
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    European Paganism and their Modern Day LARPer's

    Both the Roman and Jewish authorities tried to eliminate the early Christian Church so it would make no sense for them to create a subversive movement then try to keep it from spreading. If anything they would fan the flames.
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    Mormons are very disproportionately employed in the CIA, FBI, and NSA.
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    Race riots 2020

    Bingo. SSRIs make you dangerously uncaring about consequences.
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    Asian gets fired from Deloitte after threatening to stab white people

    I stand corrected. I hope her youthful misadventure dogs her through life.
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    Race riots 2020

    I had to take a firearm safety course for my FL CCW and the gist of it is: if you point a gun at someone there had better be bullets flying out of the barrel because the cop will ask: why didn't you fire? And you'll say: she wasn't attacking yet or something like that. Then he will ask oh you...