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    Escape From 'The New Normal'?

    Worth noting that’s more or less still an option in the US. Odds of some kind of breakdown in the system by 2024 are extremely high, and upper-central MidWest has areas that are extremely remote where you can live well if you’re able to handle the isolation
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    Normies and coronavirus

    You’ve gotta tell that story in more detail
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    Normies and coronavirus

    Keep in mind Asian cultural norms are fairly different. For the most part there simply is not any expectation of privacy and they seem to prioritize group interests over individual. The measures are invasive but not malicious like in the West, since Taiwan doesn’t seem more concerned with...
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    Preparing for Winter Election Unrest if Trump Wins

    A hell of a lot. On one hand you’ll have a massive mob that’s organize, experienced in causing problems, well practiced, and doesn’t give a crap. On the other hand you’ll have a few dozen soft suburbanites who are terrified of getting into legal trouble and mostly don’t even know each other’s...
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    Preparing for Winter Election Unrest if Trump Wins

    And importantly: keep enough gas and have a route planned to reach that rural location without ever hitting a city over 50,000 or so people. for sites I’d still recommend both AMCON and Forward Observer. Both do a relatively good job of tracking protest plans.
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    Video games

    Better idea than any Call of Duty game: Play the ARMA series. Every entry in it is an extremely high realism game that has none of the arcade ridiculousness of Call of Duty. Your characters have fatigue effects from movement, you need to aim down your sights to have any reasonable accuracy...
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    Preparing for Winter Election Unrest if Trump Wins

    With all this keep in mind your biggest risk isn't going to be at home, but being out driving and running into a check point. Driving a beater is generally a good idea. My own car has some minor dents I've deliberately left un-repaired and the scrapes merely varnished over instead of repainted...
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    Reports from affected cities

    removed: see new post in prep thread.
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    Why Is New England so Liberal?

    Former NYC resident here. Another huge factor is money and "prestige". Huge cities in that region generally have some level of "prestige" attached to them and the dense, crowded cities that are home to high end white collar professions create a massive rat race. It's an environment where...
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    One other thought: You could make one. It's relatively simple to do so and you can make them with any bead you choose. Personally I'm partial to glass ones in strong, bold colors.
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    2020 United States Election Results

    Really? REALLY? Sure you do guy. Sure you do.
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    Normies and coronavirus

    One other thought I had: Modern life is generally characterized by a distinct lack of physical suffering to the point that we need to artificially induce it to maintain our physical health. One hypothesis I have had: People lack that suffering and to some extent seek it. When you’re in that...
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    2020 United States Election Results

    The main reason I don’t think she’s lying is that some of her comments touch on things I know about, of the sort you can’t learn from browsing the Internet. My perspective notwithstanding she’s got a long reputation and has gone after things like how corrupt the judge system is
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    China Communist party's s role in our current BLM-Antifa riots and related madness

    They do have considerable influence in the form of their ability to bribe US politicians and dangle the ability to operate in China over corporate managers though. Catch is that, as is pointed out elsewhere, Agenda 2030 fails unless China, Russia, and Iran can be coerced into participating and...
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    2020 United States Election Results

    Imagine how they will react? I was look for some tech support getting an old program to work. I found this gem in general.