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    Women Ruining Themselves With Tattoos -- What to Say?

    Nice of her to get the "666" on her cheekbone, lest there be any doubt.
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    Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists

    Hallowe'en is coming...
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    Car Self-Maintenance

    Car batteries have a finite life span. 6 years, 8 years is really pushing it. Repeatedly going flat will shorten the life span more rapidly.
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    Car Self-Maintenance

    I've always struggled with successfully bleeding brakes on my bikes, so I try to stay away from that. As for the rotors, in the good old days the shop would just grind down the rotor surface to a nice smooth surface and reinstall. Now, the rotors are made so cheaply that by the time the pads...
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    Car Self-Maintenance

    I used to feel the same way about brakes until the day I bit the bullet and watched a YouTube video on how to do it for my vehicle (a large American SUV). Replacing the pads & rotors basically involves removing 4 bolts. That's it. I ordered the parts and got it done. Granted, my accumulated...
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    Funny and Cool Pics and Vids

    Get things in the Halloween spirit with a little Pinhead.
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    Car Self-Maintenance

    To add to the list: WD40, some silicone spray lube, brake cleaner (good for degreasing and cleaning); a multitester for electrical; good slip-joint pliers. Recently I've been getting my parts from; great prices and rapid delivery, massive selection. Easy stuff like air filters are...
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    Car Self-Maintenance

    Don't just watch one video. Watch 3 different videos for "water pump replacement 2013 Honda Accord" - there are good and there are not so good. Tools suggestions: liquid wrench or similar spray/liquid. Good set of sockets, in 3/8" and 1/2". Breaker bar and torque wrench. Portable workshop light...
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    What would your dream home be like?

    Small cabin with a separate workshop/garage on a couple hundred acres forested land with a water supply.
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    OnlyFans / Online camgirls

    IMHO it's never too soon to start being consistent with the messaging, even if you're not addressing specific topics. My strategy with a couple of issues was to play on the "daddy's approval" angle. For example, with tattoos: starting relatively young (8-ish) if we saw a girl with tattoos I'd...
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    Province of Quebec goes back into lockdown mode with Montreal, Quebec and one other region declared as "red zones". Police will be ticketing and using faster-access telewarrants to enter dwellings to check whether or not the persons within are residents and/or related. It's "only" for 28 days -...
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    My 2020 road trip

    Roosh, how did you find these guys or get the job? I would recommend Mechanix brand gloves for working with: even the lightest models are very hard-wearing for the dexterity they offer. Enjoying the VLOG posts
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    My 2020 road trip

    My latest pair have a composite toe cap; much lighter.
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    Trump-Biden Debates