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    #GamerGate thread

    When he says he spent three grand on hair, does he mean on hair transplants to offset the beginning stage of Male Pattern Baldness? Because, you know, he's a dude. And will always be a dude.
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    The no photoshop, no make-up mask, celebrity 0-10 thread (NSFW)

    She had one thing to do. Just one. Just don't eat processed food like a pig. Extremely easy to do, considering how rich she is. And failed. Realistically that's the main thing for a female celebrity to do. Maintain her figure/stay physically healthy. How are these hoes not able to do that...
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    First time airsofter - reality check

    In either paintball or airsoft, the answer is some. There are tactics you can get away with in paintball or airsoft that would fail in an actual fight with real firearms. But it's not a complete wash. Which accounts for some of the popularity. The biggest obstacle to it helping you learn...
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    First time airsofter - reality check

    And I think dickheads getting butthurt about someone else's military service aren't quite there in the head too. Maybe those nerds were reaching out for commonality. But I have advanced first aid and medical courses-- through the military-- and I don't walk up to doctors or paramedics and talk...
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    First time airsofter - reality check

    Airsoft is basically LARPing for people who never joined the infantry of their nation's army. If you enjoy it or paintball as a fun afternoon out that you do now and again I would call that a healthy point of view and I give you my blessing. But there are some guys into it who are really...
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    Shocker: Female infantry soldier (WB!) sleeps with 1SG

    Of the hundreds of women I've seen attempt to be infantry, I would have to say I've seen about two females that I thought would be able to hold their own in an actual fight. Both were conservative but lighthearted tomboy types. Both were around 5'5 and 130 lbs, but surprisingly were able to...
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    Shocker: Female infantry soldier (WB!) sleeps with 1SG

    Meanwhile in the Canadian military where women have been allowed to join combat occupations for over 20 years now... It's no different. Thots hook up with authority figures all the time. I knew a sloot who even had the staff on her basic training course competing with each other for her...
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    30 year old roastie gets pumped and dumped by Chad she met through Tinder and now wan

    How about all those men whose texts and calls women didn't reply to because they felt the female equivalent of "elbows too pointy 2/10 WNB?" How about those boyfriends women have ditched or cheated on because the girl had a better option? Oh, yeah. You've got a vagina so your shit doesn't...
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    Women are claiming that they are "too clever" for men

    I remember reading on RVF years ago Anabasis To Desta telling about how he was gaming a Finnish girl. Things were going well and then she drops that she was something like a history buff. So AtD, liking to talk about something intellectual, brings up the Winter War and some other aspects of...
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    Women are claiming that they are "too clever" for men

    An educated woman bragging about how clever and intellectual she is is like a midget bragging about how he's so tall. I've banged/dated/suffered the presence of nurses, teachers, engineers, MAs in chemistry and biology, chicks with humanities degrees, military officers, and even a girl...
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    Wankers need to buy tug tickets in UK

    ^Both. Western governments despise their citizens and the main breakdown inside the power structure is between the Neglectful Faction vs the Hostile Faction. I am absolutely convinced that most of the elite in Team Hostile holds a predatory, sadistic view over the common people. They are...
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    Toronto converts two community college dorms into refugee centres.

    That's Canadian government speak for mid-level leadership and above knows there's a problem, but they don't care and it's low priority to fix.
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    Butch Broads and Soy Boys: What Happened to Millennials?

    ^The guy in the coke shirt. That's some level of scrawniness and bad style sense I've only ever seen in nerdy white boys. Is pussification starting to leech into the rest of American demographic groups as well?
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    Popular book attacking manosphere by female writer is plagiarized from Wikipedia

    Journalists are the absolute bottom-tier of the professional class. The least intelligent, the least knowledgeable, the least capable of people with "an education." That's saying a lot, considering the state of education. Idiot woman journalist writes a book about a subject she doesn't know...
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    UK tranny slept with 1000s of men with fake vagina - Are you one of her victims?

    Cucked by a tranny.... has the average man really descended that low?