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    2020 United States Election Results

    I was thinking, if Biden stoles the elections, why the red states do not do what the blue ones did in the last 4 years? Ignore, or straight refuse to comply with Biden, and just do their thing. What, Biden will order the military in? Doubt it
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    I am honestly not sure what I am going to do if they start making the "vaccine" mandatory...
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    "The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum

    This is communism 3.0. They will starve even more people than Stalin + Mao did. Get right with God, attend church, better to have your soul ready for the worst... They can only hurt us in this world, not the next.
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    2020 United States Election Results

    Something to ponder about form Marting Armstrong: source:
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    Am I "Settling" or is There Something Wrong With Me?

    Will she be a good mother of your children?
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    Does God want us to sell all our possessions in order to be closer to Him?

    I was doing a lot of meditation back in 2012-13, when I had a rough patch in my life. It gave me a lot of calmness, and help. Things happened in my life, I was able to move past the issues I had and my life changed for the better. Since then, I feel zero need to meditate. You sentence hit me...
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    God's Judgment on the West

    There is a Hungarian saying "God does not punish (strike) with a stick" Meaning God's punishment is not immediate and easy to see. God does not have to punish us actively when we are drifting away from him. Satan takes over immediately when you drift too far from God, and your own sins will...
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    Social distancing in gyms

    Try slow workouts, like with squats,count 6 sec down,6 sec up.Also, make sure your muscle is used throughout the movement, you do not go full down or fullup, where the muscle can rest 1-2 sec. It is brutal this way
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    Social distancing in gyms

    I bought two kettle bells, a 12kg (26 lbs) and a 24 kg (52 lbs) more than a year ago when I got fed up how packed all gyms around me are. I am doing kettle bell home workouts daily, and it is great. Saving time, and money. I can highly recommend. The 12kg smaller one can fit easily in the car...
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    Race riots 2020

    Two things popped to my mind: 1, 2,
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    CHAZ - Capital Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle

    These people want to make their LGBT+ pedo queer globohomo utopia? Well, I say let them. Just make sure the bordering states have enough troops to stop them when they are starving and ready to plunder the neighbors.
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    Secret Feminism Among Christian Women

    Indeed. Just because you are going to mass every Sunday, that does not mean you are saved.
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    Secret Feminism Among Christian Women

    For most of the "Christian" women , being Christian is like being in the yoga club. I bet they go to mass every Sunday, and if you asked them right after the mass at the Church gate what do they think about metoo, abortion etc.. they would say "I support it" without batting an eye. They go to...
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    "Christianity in [Western] Europe is dying"

    UK is not really Europe. They are not even Catholic...For non European people it is hard to explain, but for example hungarians do not consider UK Europe. They always remained on the sideline, remaining independent, and stirring up trouble in Europe. Their downfall started when their King...
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    Working from Home

    I hate commuting, I am not sure if I can go back to working in the rat cages...