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    The Car Repair thread

    You should see if the oil adapter gasket is leaking (is behind where the oil filter goes). These have a bad habit of breaking apart into pieces and clogging oil passages. I would take off the last camshaft cap towards the firewall in the passenger side cylinder head, and the cap towards the...
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    Buying a used Toyota 4Runner

    I would stay away from MOOG, I've read from many different threads that their quality has gone way downhill ever since they started making stuff in China. I'd stick to OEM(Usually made in Japan, sometimes USA?), or Proforged(Made in Taiwan, but is of good quality), I don't trust any other brands...
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    The 'Ask a tradesman' thread

    I've rebuilt a lot of older cars over the years, the first thing I would check is all the grounding bolts on the vehicle for corrosion. The grounding wires coming off the ECU would be the first bolts I'd check. If some of the grounding bolts are corroded, your ground will become compromised...