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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    Here we are, over seven months into this lunacy, and I still haven't gotten sick, despite these facts: - I have never worn a mask in the grocery store or in any other public places (aside from the hospital, when my daughter was born.) - I go to church every week, stand close to people, kiss...
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    The Coming Global Food Crisis

    The supply chain was never affected at all in my suburban area, any shortages were just from people panic-buying toilet paper and meat. Prices never went up. Other than stupid lines on the floor and mask nonsense, my grocery store has been back to normal for months. I do think there could be...
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    Anyone else just get banned from Tweeting or Retweeting on Twitter

    I think Twitter was completely down earlier this afternoon/evening. Seems to be working fine now.
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    Found a random Roosh doppelganger on someone's Instagram profile

    The bassist from one of my favorite bands, My Epic, looks very similar to long beard-medium hair Roosh.
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    How to join the Orthodox Church

    The upside is that I'd rather all the leftists and subversives head to GOARCH than infect the other jurisdictions. What would really become problematic is if GOARCH managed to consolidate all jurisdictions in the US into one, with them at the top. Lots of jurisdictions isn't ideal, but it's...
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    The Downsides of Being a Coder

    I've worked as a coder for five years and this really resonates with me. Honestly, I hate this line of work and wish I could get out of it, but the money is too good, I don't know what else I could possibly do that pays this well for supporting a family on (almost) one income. I'm fortunately in...
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    Orthodox Conversion

    That is very weird and concerning that the ROCOR parish is turning you away. The one I attend couldn't be more welcoming to visitors, even in spite of Covid-mania. But things can vary wildly from one parish to the next. I'm sure if there are any Antiochian or OCA parishes in your area they'd be...
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    Eddie Van Halen, RIP

    I know, I was talking about general public perception of his talents (thought that probably wasn't clear.) Lots of guys did it before him, though Eddie seemed to use it differently from his predecessors.
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    Eddie Van Halen, RIP

    For me, Eddie is one of the most important electric guitarists because he created an escape route from the stifling constraints of blues-based rock and enslavement to the pentatonic blues scale. What makes him a great guitarist is not invention of tapping or shredding, though those deserve...
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    Ritualistic Consumerism and the Loss of Meaning

    Yeah, to be honest, this is very much true of my clothing hobby. I hate giving money to Globohomo Levi's when I can buy stuff that's made by small companies in Japan or the US and made from better materials and (hopefully) ethical manufacturing, and I'm perfectly fine with paying more for it...
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    Ritualistic Consumerism and the Loss of Meaning

    I like how you correctly identified traveling and Instagramming scenic shots as consumerism. It really is. Millennials like to pretend they're so much better than their dumb parents who splurge on a boat or whatever, but it's really just the same thing, but worse - with the added smugness of...
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    I introduce you to TikTok Lite

    I don't understand why stupid apps like this and Snapchat get popular. I mean with Snapchat it had the benefit of being an early innovator of a sort, but TikTok is just ADHD Instagram. Why bother downloading and registering a new app for something you can basically already do on existing ones...
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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    Can't believe I haven't seen one of these yet, so I made it myself.
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    What is Orthodox Christianity?

    Lol, those are great. I'm pretty sure the Doomerdox mostly listens to Dyerwave, though.