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    Will the riots be to the benefit or detriment to The Democratic Party?

    South Korea is a republic too. It's not a dictatorship like North Korea. One big difference between South Korea and the USA is the people of South Korea hold their elected leaders accountable, so President Moon has no margin for error in handling the COVID crisis. When the Sewol sunk, that...
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    Will the riots be to the benefit or detriment to The Democratic Party?

    I'm also in Tennessee, and the people on facebook making comments about not wearing masks are all Trump die hards. He and Pence set a bad example. When my friends, former bosses, former co-workers, and former students in South Korea post photos of themselves in public, they're always wearing...
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    Will the riots be to the benefit or detriment to The Democratic Party?

    I believe the books have been cooked to some degree, but the US probably does in fact have a lot more deaths per capita than South Korea, the Czech Republic, Austria, and so on. I'm banned from a lot of counties that people of many nationalities can freely travel to, all because of the failure...
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    Will the riots be to the benefit or detriment to The Democratic Party?

    As someone who always votes for third party or write-in candidates, I get pissed off at the people protesting, rioting, looting, and shouting RAYSIS at everyone. Those people make me want to vote for Trump. On the other hand, when I look at the USA's Covid numbers compared to everyone else's...
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    My perspective on why the ( financial) elites are pro black and anti white

    Food stamps are just a subsidy to Coca-Cola, Frito Lay, and various other corporations. Blacks are the most obese Americans, so food stamps have been a huge windfall for corporations in the junk food industry, but clothing retailers, electronics retailers, car companies, and so on need a piece...
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    Philadelphia airport scuffle where black women mob white couple

    Tommy Sotomayor's has his own website now and he has an article and video commentary on one of the Spirit Airlines brawl. He said the three women attacked the Spirit personnel because of a flight delay. Here's his video commentary:
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    Coin shortage

    Silver Bullion TV has a pretty good video on the coin shortage. Unfortunately, it's on shitty YouTube, but it's still a worthwhile vid:
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    Behavior of women during the riots

    The worst part about the collapse of the American economy will be how the hot women will be going to places like mainland China and Saudi Arabia as mail order brides and all that'll be left will be the landwhales. That'll be even worse than the brain drain.
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    Coin shortage

    I hadn't looked at in a while, but I might have to take a regular look at it going forward.
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    Behavior of women during the riots

    The virtue signaling by women is just a temporary thing. When things get tough, they'll have to live in reality.
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    YouTube shut down my account

    What are some sites similar to YouTube where I can listen to guys like Peter Schiff and Marc Faber, and watch history documentaries, etc? I want YouTube to earn as little income as possible from my viewing.
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    Best Countries To Sit This Out In?

    I don't mind wearing a mask because I believe it very significantly reduces the spread of disease. But while I was searching for a clinic that can do COVID-19 testing with a 48 hour or less turnaround time to meet South Korea's new immigration rule, I noticed Ukraine has been similar to South...
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    Some people's oxygen levels drop to the point that they need to go to the hospital for supplemental oxygen.
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    What books would you recommend young men read which aren't extremely controversial?

    The first one that comes to my mind is The 900 Days by Harrison Salisbury. It details the experiences of Leningrad's residents during the German siege of the city. Young people are often told they're oppressed, or they think they have it bad because of some minor problem (a car breakdown, a...
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    Popularity of "Black lives matter"

    One thing that caught my eye in Roosh's recent BLM video was that one of the major donors to BLM is Gap, Inc. Meanwhile, Gap says it can't pay the rent for its Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy stores. Simon Properties sued Gap for stiffing them on rent payments. Meanwhile, Gap has money to...