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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread II

    RE: The Coronavirus Pandemic thread Governments have to put measures in place for worst case scenarios. It's also good for their approval ratings if they are seen to be in full control. The media benefit by having carte blanche to post endless apocalyptic click bait articles and 24 hour news...
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    The TV Series Thread

    Well worth the £157.50 a year compulsory TV license extortion tax.
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread II

    RE: The Coronavirus Pandemic thread Just returned from the supermarket. It appears to be business as usual apart from hand sanitisers all gone. I began filling up my trolley with dried noodles and tins of corned beef but then thought better of it. I'm going to wait another week and see how...
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    Man quit his job to date Ukrainian employee who is 36 years younger

    58 year old man begins relationship with a 'feisty' one legged woman half his age. What could possibly go wrong?
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    Single women in their 30s/40s are starting to realize they will die alone
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    Single women in their 30s/40s are starting to realize they will die alone

    I wouldn't be so sure. Sadly, there are scores of cuckolded perverts out there who, even in the midst of a dire recession, would still scrape together their last pennies in order to purchase the used panties of some failed porn starlet. These men are every bit as responsible for the current...
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    Why Don't Feminists and the MSM Go After Porn?

    These provocative women really think they are so clever. No foresight whatsoever for the eventual consequences of their actions in this life, or the next. God have mercy on these corrupted fools
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    The Honk pill (Clown World)

    It's clear that the only reason Phillip Schofield has decided to publicly admit to his homosexuality at the tender age of 57 is because he's been cheating on his wife with a man and wants to clear the way for his new life on the outside. Expect to see him gloating on the cover of OK magazine...
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    Regrets in LIfe

    Interesting how many people I hear about who regret going to University. My main regret is that I never fulfilled my academic potential and didn't get a degree. Regrets are always hindsight. I trust in Gods plan for my life now.
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    Yes to God, No to Religion?

    There may well be much worldly wisdom in other religions. But the TRUTH is in Jesus Christ. Without Him there is no salvation. And that's that. Having been down the path of exploring Eastern mysticism and Hermeticism, I know from experience how appealing the allure of "we're all one, we're...
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread I

    RE: The Chinese/Asian coronavirus thread God's judgment
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    Positivity / Good News Only Lounge

    I went for a walk in the countryside earlier on what will probably be the most beautiful Winter morning of the year. It's amazing how quickly you forget your worries and find balance of mind when you reconnect with nature, even in a small way. The bright December sun, low in the sky, shining...
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    New member introduction thread

    I've been lurking for a while. I was aware of Roosh and the PUA community for years without ever participating in it. I was inspired to hear about the recent shift towards Christian and traditional values which is something I want to pursue also. Just trying to find some peace of mind in this...