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    Bishop Richard Williamson

    I watched some of Bishop Williamson's presentations on modernism (as well as the one on Hamlet), and found them valuable - unlike other bishops I have known he appears to have had a gift for teaching (he's fairly advanced in years now). His opinions about the Holocaust were not a subject of any...
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    Bishop Richard Williamson

    If I recollect it correctly, when Archbishop Lefebvre, who had started the SSPX, consecrated four bishops (including Father Williamson) in 1988, the four bishops were automatically excommunicated (as Archbishop Lefebvre had not been given permission). Pope Benedict XVI, looking to bring the SSPX...
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    New member introduction thread

    Hello everyone I wanted to join the forum as there do not seem to be many places where people are both Christian and talking about what's actually going on in the world. I have been impressed by Roosh's commentaries (and really enjoy his dry sense of humour, especially in the videos!), and also...