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    The 2020 Stock Market Crash Thread

    Well, judging by how hard the stocks are rallying over the past 24 hours I'd say we may have already bottomed out. The economy will probably get worse, and the virus will continue to accelerate in the U.S. but it's important to re-iterate that stocks are typically dictated by panic/greed among...
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    The 2020 Stock Market Crash Thread

    I didn't read the whole thread but are you guys jumping in right now or are you holding off until later? Some people say we've reach the peak of panic already and things are going to be going up from here. Others are saying the panic hasn't even started yet. Don't know what to believe.
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    Is it possible to recover memories?

    I think it's somewhere in your subconscious. I bet you'd be able to see it in a lucid dream or something.
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    Another Where to Live Thread

    Oh, well if you're a US citizen then that's a different story. If it was me personally, I'd split my time between Florida & Spain. Florida in the winter, and Spain in the summer when it's hurricane season for the Floridians.
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    Another Where to Live Thread

    How would you go about permanently relocation to Florida or Texas though? I get that you have passports and don't need a visa, but how will you stay there indefinitely?
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    UK Referendum on EU Membership (Brexit) Thread

    So its my understanding that the residents living in the UK by way of the EU will now have to go through some sort of special application process in order to stay in the country. Safe to say that the vast majority will be approved to stay?
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    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

    Yep, there was a clip that popped up where a newscaster said she asked Kobe if he wants a son, if he would want more daughters, etc. and he basically said that if he could have another 5 kids, he'd want them to be daughters and that he's a girl dad (or something along those lines). Then...
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread I

    RE: The Chinese/Asian coronavirus thread First case of Coronavirus on West coast of Canada - Why is no country putting a temporary travel ban on the Chinese?
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    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

    After analyzing this stuff a little bit more and reading from pilots on twitter, it seems pretty evident to me that the pilot is to blame basically entirely in this situation. He was a VFR pilot (the type that relies on visuals rather than instruments) and he had to request special clearance...
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    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

    It's already been confirmed that the video posted earlier in this thread is over a year old and is NOT Kobe's helicopter. There likely isn't a video of the crash because it was in somewhat of a remote location (hit a mountain) and it was an extremely foggy day.
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    What should I do with my life/country to go as a young person?

    I would say either UK or stay in Budapest. Whether you're making 300 euros in Hungary or 3000 euros in the UK/NZ, your lifestyle will basically be the same when you factor in cost of living. I'd rather be poor/middle class in a place I enjoy living in rather than in a place I hate living in...
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    Would you quit your job if you had 200k savings in 2020?

    200K is nothing. A 'great' ROI these days is 10% and usually these carry on great risk. Are you willing to risk your 200K life savings for a measly 20K per year; not even minimum wage? If you want to make money with less than 500K realistically, you're going to have to bring something to the...
  13. joseph15 lawsuit/declaring bankruptcy

    You are 100% correct, and in fact in some corrupt countries he probably won't even have to get someone elses passport. He can pull some strings and get his own. A new legal name, hairstyle, facial hair, maybe a nose job and a couple of years in age and bam- you've got a whole new person just...
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    Did we land on the moon?

    I'm leaning towards no, we didn't land on the moon but obviously we can't be certain. I do have a problem with people blindly trusting NASA and government(s) and jumping to their defense. In many parts of the world, you'd be considered a total moron to even question the legitimacy of the moon...
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    The Canada Political Thread

    Canadians who voted liberal should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. After all that has happened under Trudeau, to not demand a change is ludicrous. And to think that they got so many votes after the black-face scandals is just laughable. Damn hypocrites.