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    Ruth Ginsburg Dead

    Yeah I read that wrong. They didn't even have coat hangers in the 1300's. Aloha!
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    Ruth Ginsburg Dead

    How the hell do they know how many women died from illegal abortions in the 1300's? Aloha!
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    Complaints of Donald Trump thread

    Trump is calling New York City, Seattle, and Portland "anarchist jurisdictions" or something like that in order to withhold federal money. American cities are dying and people really need help, but he's actively working to make them worse. I'm a simple guy so I haven't read a lot of great...
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    Complaints of Donald Trump thread

    How's those stimulus checks coming along? Aloha!
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    Bar owner, prosecuted for killing in self-defense, commits suicide

    And look where that got him... This whole situation is really sad. It's terrible to see a fellow successful veteran lose his life too soon. It's also sad to see that a kid like the one he killed get the idea in his head that doing what he was doing is ok. The feeling of "what was the point"...
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    Ruth Ginsburg Dead

    I was all set to tear into a few of you for babmouthing Judge Amy's Haitian kids. Then I did a little research and I find Amy's Haitians and her other special needs kid to be a big red flag. Thus, I apologize. Watch this: My opinion is that if a woman is going to make her mothering skills a...
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    Ruth Ginsburg Dead

    That would mean that the minute it became legal everybody just ran out and got abortions. Aloha!
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    The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thread

    Why aren't we going back to brunch? Aloha!
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    Ruth Ginsburg Dead

    RIP RBG Aloha!
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    United Nations agencies call for ban on virginity testing

    I got tested and I'm positive. Aloha!
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    Navy Seal PST

    Keep the feet near the surface, and parallel to it, but do not break the surface. Does that make sense? Bubbles mean resistance and you don't want them. The object is to move as much water as possible, so you gotta be efficient. Aloha!
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    Whats your race

    Mahalo to whoever started this thread for including Pacific Islanders and allowing me to participate. Aloha!
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    If Trump Loses, Do You Plan on Leaving the USA/Western World?

    If Trump loses it would actually make a push for Hawaiian sovereignty a real thing in 2024 or 2028. Thus, i'm staying here. Aloha!
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    Complaints of Donald Trump thread

    [ On top of not doing anything about prosecuting the arsonists, i bet they dont give much federal help to the firemen trying to put it out. Someone in another thread said something about cities like Seattle and Portland being "enemy" territory. Somebody else corrected him and reminded that...
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    Tulsi Gabbard Thread

    I just had base police from Schofield on 4wheelers roll through the beach in front of my house here in Waialua. It's all over without Josh Green. He was the only level headed politician we have. I think it's very suspect that the day after he speaks out AGAINST THE SCREWBALL SHUTDOWN RULES he...