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    China Communist party's s role in our current BLM-Antifa riots and related madness

    If you have it figured out to such an extent, why not name them? Give us a list of people and families at the top of your pyramid and how they interact around the world.
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    2020 Presidential Betting Thread

    Anyone have good sites that allow Canadians? Especially looking for options where we can bet on both the electoral college numbers along with the actual winner.
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    How I learned Russian

    Great data sheet Bucky. If it helps, you can also use free flash card services online like Anki. These allow for more efficient studying based on weak spots. You can also search for entire decks of flash cards that others have created for certain languages or study subjects.
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    Coping with corporate leftism

    I miss the days when the worst "CDOs" were simply Collateralized Debt Obligations.
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    The Canada Political Thread

    Not to derail the discussion above, since I definitely agree with a lot of the analysis, but here's one small news story to be proud of recently: Jim...
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    Video games

    Long wait is (hopefully) over:
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    Neuralink - Elon Musk Unveils New Implant Which Enables The Brain to Control Devices

    Long read explanation and background on Neuralink: Note that it's an Elon Musk approved source, and only briefly goes over the downsides, but the overall potential to help people with this device is huge.
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    The Canada Political Thread

    Anyone have any thoughts on the future of the PPC? Espicially considering we may have a snap election in the future...
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    Good states to live in the United States

    I'd be interested in what weight you guys give to the following 2 factors in various states: 1) Low or zero state income tax 2) Stand Your Ground or Castle laws for self defense It seems like outside of the Midwest or American Redoubt states that have been discussed, these would be 2...
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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    It definitely has, and it seems to now especially be a badge of honor among young feminists to prove they aren't "lady like" and display their "nasty woman" empowerment.
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    Race riots 2020

    I read a lot of Adbusters when I was young, and it's both interesting and sad to see how much has been inverted. For example, who else remembers when left wing protestors were actually anti-globalization? The WTO and G20 protests come to mind. I expect these views will be tossed aside in a...
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    Massive explosion rocks Beirut, national news says its “fireworks “

    I would be careful in adopting this leftist shaming tactic. We don't want to live in a world where people can't even gather facts for a few hours before making statements. Let alone the demands on a man's time, we can't always respond to every local event in all the countries around the world.
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    How many truths there are in the Norman Ohler's book " Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany" ?

    What's the point of starting a thread if you've already made up your mind and you're just going to be pedantic towards other members contributing to the discussion?
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    Best Comic Books

    The Court of Owls saga with Batman was a unique concept, though the writers could have explored the implications further for Gotham.
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    Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists

    Also keep in mind we have men in both Canada and the U.S. that have been ordered by judges to pay child support for children that aren't even biologically their own.