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    Big picture playbook and analysis

    We don’t have a culture or history anymore. Hence why it’s American to riot, but unamerican to Secede from the union. If we can split the country, the west and east coast (major liberal hot beds) get invaded but the Midwest stays secure. Commies and satanists already are in power, and they are...
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    Real estate decline 2020

    Thank you for the information. As of now, I don’t see any reason to be optimistic for the future of the US, so precious metals are my go to investment. I want a good home to live in, and hope the market goes down. Area I am in, we have not had a crash since the 90s...
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    Real estate decline 2020

    I have been waiting for a depression for a while now. Sitting on cash to buy a house, and only saw two properties worth getting but missed it. When can we see a deflation on real estate across the board?
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    Real estate decline 2020

    Same Where I am. Not enough houses in good condition worth buying here. Anything good is sold same day, and houses that ask too much or need substantial work (think 30 grand amount of work) are sitting on the market for months.
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    Meetups Subforum Guidelines

    Awesome, I am looking forward to using this sub forum to meet guys in my area.
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    Whenever you finish a book, post it here

    The audiobook was fantastic. They did an excellent job with it. I highly recommend it.
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    Whenever you finish a book, post it here

    Is Why We Want You to be Rich - Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki. worth a read?
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    Anyone going to the 21 Convention (former writer of Return of kings) did a review of the 21 convention this past october. Essentially a lot of good talks, networking with solid men, and worth the price should you go with a friend and split the cost ($500 a ticket for pre-sale).
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    The Star Wars thread

    He probably had to try to fit it in with the terrible show Rebels, and was constrained by the comics and lucasfilm. I would hate to have to change a character I created to fit into a SJW universe (unless its an over the top masculine character).
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    FORUM GUIDE & RULES (Must Read Before Posting)

    So I have been on and off the forum, and been more active lately. Are we still able to buy Gold Memberships? I searched via forum but nothing popped up. Thank you for your help!
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    Regrets in LIfe

    One other thing- you can reach out to a therapist and see if you can just talk about it. Getting something off your chest helps alot.
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    Why stock and Property market "crashes" are still years away

    Most likely a black swan event like the coronavirus mutating to affect non-chinese, or war, would crash the economy. They would hold off until after the election though. If Sanders won (I dont think its likely), we would see a market crash immediately and assets leaving the US right away.
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    Regrets in LIfe

    Prayer- I would pray the serenity prayer and the rosary to help take your mind off it. Go to adoration and confession. Books- listen to audiobooks that inspire you to get better. Jack donovan is great at this. I also like classical myths on audiobooks. My regrets are superficial and I...
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    Disney Is Making Classic Films Disappear

    I think it has to do with the idea of subliminal messages. If you keep showing sexual images in cartoons subtly, then the kids are becoming more sexualized. With Freemasons being luciferian, and Walt Disney being a freemason, it wouldn't surprise me that they tried to see if subliminal messaging...
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    Disney Is Making Classic Films Disappear

    Doomcock is mimicking the classic tv stars such as svengoolie, but doing cultural analysis. Hes pretty spot on in seeing the BS. I saw the leaked screen shots and its very accurate, the emperor is brought back only to finally be defeated by Rey.