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    Female bosses and managers

    I've had both male and female bosses, managers and team leaders. Of course, not all male managers were good and not all female managers were bad. But generally speaking: female bosses are f*cking horrible. The emotional side always gains the upper hand, so they make bad decisions. They also...
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    Migrant invasion of Europe

    Most people don't realize that jizya was a big source of income. So the Muslim rulers actually didn't like the forced conversions of non-Muslims. Imagine a country or kingdom that was conquered by extreme aggression and the conquerors are low-IQ beasts who can't do anything besides being dumb...
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    Migrant invasion of Europe

    Looking at history, people have been 'replaced' all the time. The question you should ask yourself is if you want to spend your valuable time and life to defend and protect 'your' country. I'm not going to spend my time on defending a sinking ship with people I don't resonate with. It's...
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    Life lessons - What would you change if you could go back?

    I would have chased more girls, because at the age of 18 I didn't know I was cursed with fucked up genetics that would cause balding at the age of 20. Getting bald at a young age is a death sentence.
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    R.I.P. London

    Diversity is not the problem. It would work fine if people were on the same level, had the same goals and same ambitions. Or can you hang out with everyone of your own ethnic group? I highly doubt that, because even within ethnic groups people are very different. With some you resonate and...
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    How the fuck do you get your life together again?

    I have exactly the same feeling. But for me it's mostly the social part of life. 10 years ago I was living the good life as a student. Always friends around me, always someone to talk too and I always felt the motivation and inspiration around me. But after graduation life became a hell. All...
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    How do you switch off your brain at bedtime?

    Make sure you're very tired at the end of the day. I have the same problem as you. For some reason I get the energy and motivation to do things during the night. Probably because of the silence and peace I experience when it's all dark and quiet outside. But I do fall asleep when I'm very tired.
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    Is anyone else hiding from their past?

    I have the same thing. I blame my parents for not giving me the right foundation to succeed in life. I had to figure it out by myself and often family members were more an obstacle in my life then someone I could fall back on. Because after all: family members are the only people you...
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    How to solve a Raven's IQ test

    There is a learning curve in basically every activity, so also in doing an IQ test. You can improve your 'IQ', depending on your capabilities. The brain learns to identify certain patterns and according to these tests this results in a higher 'IQ'. It's not cheating. It's improving the...
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    Things you have given up which have had a positive impact on your life

    - Watching TV: Seriously, the majority of what they show on TV is crap and dumbs you down. - Social media: I do have social media, but I don't post much stuff on it and I don't waste my time on watching stuff other people do. - Posting on news sites: engaging in online discussions with...
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    When did you first realise that you were ageing?

    Around the age of 25: - thinning hair + some gray hair + beginning of wrinkles - totally broken when I didn't sleep for one night - low energy levels that I couldn't explain - my body felt less fit and strong than when I was <25 But I've noticed that you should stay away from negativity...
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    Migrant invasion of Europe

    I hate it how people call you racist when you're against African and Muslim immigration. Most people aren't against immigrants in general, but against certain immigrant groups who have proven to be worthless to Western countries. They are only looking for welfare and don't want to integrate into...
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    Best beard trimmer (for short beards)

    The beard trimmer I currently have is from 2010 and is not working properly anymore. I did some research online, but there is just too much choice out there. I found a lot of review sites, but I don't think they are fully objective about the beard trimmers they praise. Which models do you...
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    Indian Politics

    Considering the history of India I don't think the people are dumb by nature. Especially when you consider that their genetics are the same as 5000 years ago, because they didn't mix with outsiders, who were mostly low IQ invaders (Arabs, Central Asian Turkic tribes). There are places in this...
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    Was the Prophet Mohammed a pedophile?

    Every religion that has a concept of 'burning in Hell if you don't follow the rules' is either fake or corrupted. Islam is highly corrupted in the sense that it limits the free will and development of people. It wants total control over people, so it strips them from their free will, creativity...