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    Rude Beautiful Women Blanking Men

    The best bet for men in western societies is to focus a majority of their time on investing in themselves. Realize that masses of men are willing to jump through hoops and sacrifice their dignity/self respect for the chance to get laid with above average women (6 and above). Even below average...
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    The Bitcoin (BTC) thread

    Good thread from Raoul Pal on what is coming (central bank digital currencies) and how he views Bitcoin's role in the future (hint: he is bullish)
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    RVF eCommerce Mastermind Group

    Well guys, I got really lucky. After bouncing around jobs the past few years working at warehouses, retail and a stockbroker among other luck turned a bit last week. I decided to do door dash as a way to earn some money (I was unemployed)....this was my first time ever. on my...
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    Who do you think will win the 2020 US Election?

    I think there are important ques other than polls to look at.... -Tucker Carlson has been getting 5 million nightly views -NBA/NFL TV ratings crashing. -Ballots being thrown out (they wouldn't be trying this hard if there wasn't a legit chance for Trump) -The attendance at Trump's rallies...
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    The NoPorn / NoFap Thread - For Those Who're Serious

    I have been doing a lot of reading and introspection in order to solve this problem in my life...... By no means do I have the perfect solution, but one thing I notice in myself: The cycle of watching porn for me has been.......Negative emotion (bored, sadness, loneliness, anxiety)---->Trigger...
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    Am I "Settling" or is There Something Wrong With Me?

    I can't offer too much value on this topic as I have not found a wife... But if there is one thing I do know: "There is always a better option out there." We live in the age of options.....and while you might be thinking that there are better girls out there....the girl you have now will...
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    Sex robots 'will be better than any human'

    Sex robots will have large demand..... But the question is will they correct the inversion of the real sexual market. My guess is no. Men will latch on to these bots the same way they have latched on to porn. Perhaps this will dry up the simp market a bit.....saving their sheckles for a bot...
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    The NoPorn / NoFap Thread - For Those Who're Serious

    Time for a clean October. One day at a time. I am ready to climb out of the hole which is pornography for good. Lust is just another form of slavery......and each day you don't look at porn is one step closer to the zest you once had for life. It bothers me that my nephew and the next...
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    Trump-Biden Debates

    I can only imagine how many memes are going to come out of this one. On a more serious note.....Biden winning this debate would be equivalent to a high school JV basketball team beating the 96 Bulls. I expect Trump to trounce.
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    My 2020 road trip

    Congratulations on the job Roosh. Inspirational!
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    Lifter's Lounge

    I was doing squats the other day....I felt an intense pains in my knee as I was coming down (inside of knee) this because of form? I tried decreasing the weight....same feeling. I really was looking to get my weight training on......I'll switch to calisthenics temporarily.
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    How would you invest $5000 right now?

    To hold for a decade+? Bitcoin. And it’s not even close.
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    Women show their horrifying transformations after "escaping" from conservative households

    Sex robots are inevitably going to be mass adopted at this point. Also....Tiktok is just one more way to demoralize young men.
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    Bar owner, prosecuted for killing in self-defense, commits suicide

    @STG You are correct....Liberty historically has had to be fought for. The major difference with our current generation is how advanced technology has become. It is hard to be the dissenting minority when so many are being programmed and dumbed down by social media algorithms. Honestly, if...
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    The Cuties thread

    This thread can be summed up in one statement: Cuties is an attempt by the elite to normalize their pedo is 100% wrong and evil. I am confident no one on this forum supports netflix.