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    Wife Hunting Abroad

    Marriage gets you residency, and you can apply for citizenship in many European countries after 5 years of residency (same as in the USA). Many countries also have exceptions that allow you apply for citizenship sooner than 5 years if your residency is based on marriage. However if you are...
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    Ayahuasca and the body

    I met a chick who was in to Ayahuasca and nude yoga based on Ayahuasca. Was great would repeat in a former life, but of course I am more in to serious relationships now and don't think nude pretzels on Ayahuasca are the ingredients for a successful long-term relationship
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    Honest no-hype discussions about Brazil

    Perhaps the many posts about Brazil in the Archives relate to young women, mostly single moms, in search of "taxi fare" and other incentives for their companionship in order to buy pampers for their fatherless child, although the posters may have been unaware or glossed over the economic...
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    As you age, it gets harder to travel

    I don't think age makes travel harder at least not in your 40's. Perhaps as you age you get a family, a house, career, you become stuck in a rut, and you might be reluctant to head out the door. But once you are out the door, at least for me, as I get older, I am less interested in nightlife, so...
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    Wife Hunting Abroad

    Perhaps white women and Asian women are most desirable, so they can enforce their preferences easier than other women. It is also not surprising that women, who are very perceptive of public opinion, don't want to appear racist and don't want to seem unfair, and profess to be okay with...
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    Man walked 351 miles to sleep with teenage girl

    I agree 100%. It is very obvious the perp here could not have orchestrated this with a real person, of legal age or of any age. It seems he was carrying on with the deputy for a long period of time and thought there was a connection, but it is unlikely any real person would have carried on with...
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    Man walked 351 miles to sleep with teenage girl

    George Orwell said it in 1984. Unfortunately everything in 1984 has become true
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    Best lifestyle places

    How old are you? Are you looking to do extensive interviewing in order to find a much younger 20-something potential future wife? I would seriously look at Indonesia (i.e. Bali, Jakarta) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). Thailand is another obvious choice, although from what I see of foreigners in...
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    Frenchman claims to have impregnated 600 women in Africa

    It seems mathematically unlikely. Having sex with 2 or more women every day for a year would be physically demanding. Finding 1400 pretty women in Africa at a continuous rate of 2 a day also seems difficult. What about lost days due to travel, holidays, power outages, food sickness and other...
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    Starting a dating website

    Just figure out how to get the cash from the members bro. As long as there is no involvement of people who have not reached legal age and no pay for play, there are no criminal legal worries. Once you make a fair amount of money, hire a lawyer to protect your money from civil suits. If there is...
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    Recovering from a breakup

    It may feel painful now, but I think you dodged a few bullets here. You'll always have serious baggage from the abortion, she'll blame you, eventually she may even get pregnant from another man to get revenge. And because women have a shorter shelf life than men, you're getting ripped off with...
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    What would you do if your wife was infertile?

    Don't get married. 15% of children aren't the child of the mother's husband anyway. And if you do IVF half the time another man's sperm, whether it is the doctor or a lab tech or even a janitor, is substituted for yours. This is a no win game.
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    Idea: buying a one way flight abroad and not looking back

    I am in Australia got a one-way ticket here a month ago. When I want to live on the cheap I: rent a car, sleep in the car, eat peanut butter and jelly. Wash up in handicapped bathrooms at MacDonald's. Every now and then I do a little work online at MacDonald's, or I splurge on an Airbnb. I am...
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    New member introduction thread

    I am returning to the forum after being away a few months, I can't seem to find the travel section anymore. Is that closed I wonder?