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    divorce: for the record do you ever tell your wife about the other woman

    I would also implore you to end things with the other woman and do everything you can to fix your marriage. I hear you regarding a shit marriage. I got into one where it was a massive struggle from the first moment because I didn't pay attention to the red flags that popped up during the...
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    Advice on how to find a good wife in college

    I believe some rare conservative Protestant colleges actually offer domestic type areas of study (which frankly is a waste of money), but if yours had these you could look for the women in them. Not that they’d let you or that it would be easy, you could try starting a “Men’s Rights”...
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    Recommended protein bar, powder etc.?

    Still mainstream, but Premier Protein's 30g Chocolate shake is the easiest protein supplement I've ever ingested. It's only 1g of sugar. I use a low sugar vanilla Pure Protein Whey when I make the shakes myself. One of the only ones I can tolerate. Just be careful with Whey Protein Isolate...
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    The Goodwhite Thread

    I'm with you. This has gotten to me as well. 2020 feels like it's straight from Rod Serling's mind. But as other's have said this and other 2020 events have been incredibly eye opening to help us realize all those who's ideologies need to go the way of the dodo as they simply can't help but...
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    Any Tips for Expecting / New Fathers?

    Lots of good stuff here, not sure if I'm overlapping but: -Close to bed is fine, but I wouldn't put them in bed with you for sleeping even if it is tempting. This can be an incredible challenge with the first one. Honestly if they can have their own routine and room, better in the long run so...