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    Olive Oils

    You also mix grapefruit juice with the oil to make it more tolerable. I half liked it and got good results from the flush, just wanted to add.
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    It's all about eyeballs

    We can only deduce so much from an anonymous account but most of what you have mentioned won't work the first, second, or even third time especially with how competitive all online platforms are. You say you don't want to be a writer yet you are a prolific poster here and are already skilled at...
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    My blog has a new design!

    Looking good! With the full focus on your content on your blog pages I wonder if you will see an increase in email signups once people scroll to the end of the article.
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    Dental Health

    You can buy mini dental sets with the same kind of scraping tools dentists use. I use mine in between cleanings to scrape off any tartar buildup on my bottom teeth, but definitely isn't as good as the real thing.
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    Normies and coronavirus

    Or they get sick. Or they get someone else sick. Or they break the law. Or they go to jail. Or their business gets shut down. Or they get fined, as you said. There is so much stacked up that we are seeing the normies start to truly break.
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    Normies and coronavirus

    The viciousness of the mask enforcers has been getting worse from my experiences lately. We have had customers raise their voices and swear at staff who aren't don't wear masks or merely keep it around their necks. Last night a gas station cashier watched me approach the door from inside the...
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    Normies and coronavirus

    That is the nearly unarguable point that keeps coming up across this whole pandemic—"it's not about you, but for the good of others" as to use our love for one another to destroy each other. It is simply not in the interest of a small business to turn down customers yet we have been convinced...
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    Alternative, privacy focused email providers similar to Gmail and 'promotional' mail

    This is where paying for web hosting comes in handy! Most web hosts have cPanel which has email routing features that essentially allow you to use your web host as your email server. Once you connect a domain to your host you can even use it for your address extension, so it could be...
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    Normies and coronavirus

    There really is a viciousness to it and the more you stand firm the more hysterical they will get with their reasoning until you are mobbed out the door by other employees. Nobody takes accountability, it is all deferred to the "city rules" yet I don't see the city I see an individual telling me...
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    Normies and coronavirus

    Here in Austin, TX my attempts at running any errands this morning with no mask were all foiled. Mechanic refused to serve me. Restaurant refused to sit me. Barista's refused to serve me. Why bother anywhere else? Based Pajeet at the gas station on the way home is the only one who wanted my...
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    Are internet forums making a comeback?

    Forums are definitely going through a resurgence right now and we will continue to see more come back to life (they are cyclical like blogging). I know since I ditched my smartphone the time I spend on forums has gone up, partly due to running a forum of my own. Depending on how many people end...
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    Why do we hate gays so much??

    Despite how easy the actions of many gay people and the mainstream support makes it, most people don't hate gays. From my experiences I believe disappointed is a more accurate word, and for that I always come back to a coworker and friend of mine who paints the picture clearly for me as to why...
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    New member introduction thread

    Hi everybody, I am a 26 year old software developer with my own small business and I help manage a restaurant on the side. The goal of the tools I create is full ownership of the content you post to your website, while also building a thriving community who's data is under your fingertips, not...