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    Migrant invasion of Europe

    I used to live in Wuppertal back in the mid 1980s. Was a militant shithole back then already and I'm not surprised to see that things took a turn for the worse since then.
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    Best Christian Country to expat to by/before 2024

    You don't go there to WORK, you go there to LIVE and raise a family. Leverage the West for the one thing it's good for: making money and becoming wealthy. In 2020 that can be relatively easy be done online, so the path forward for most of us is pretty clear. In fact that's the life I have been...
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    Australian government has gone tyrannical

    LOL - Madrid! They are about to lock down over 600,000 people in Madrid, mostly in poor neighborhoods in the South.
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    Australian government has gone tyrannical

    A q without a u? That's just plain unnatural! But yeah thanks ;-)
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    Bar owner, prosecuted for killing in self-defense, commits suicide

    I hate to sound like a broken record guys but for years I have been saying that Whites in the West effectively have become 2nd class citizens in their own nations. Many of you laughed it off and quickly forgot about it. Welcome to reality! If you live outside the U.S. - do you think you and...
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    Filipina Long distance

    Find a woman that's shares your own genetics, culture, history, and language. For crying out loud - no wonder Whites are dying out.
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    Australian government has gone tyrannical

    "It is better to of travelled than to arrive.." Seriously? Does this pass as English these days? I don't know what's worse. People who confound 'there and their' or this new 'of instead of have' epidemic. And while I'm at it. It's 'Quantas has' and not 'Quantas have'. It's a single company not...
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    Increasing Testosterone Naturally With Supplements and Lifestyle (no TRT)

    Sleep - get more sleep. Stop eating after 10:00pm and make sure you don't eat for at least 10 to 11 hours. That'll also keep you lean and help you avoid putting on weight as you get older.
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    Enemies of the people (traitorous reporters, politicians, corporations etc.)

    ^^^ The real tragedy is that Mr. Neckbeard doesn't even realize what a world class doormat he truly has become. By depriving himself of his masculinity and dominance he has embraced a life of Godless servitude. Back in the days local peer pressure would have forced him to re-evaluate his ways...
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    Have you ever been punched in the face?

    Many times - had my nose broken twice. Several decades of martial arts do leave their mark ;-) Honestly if you've never taken a punch to the face you can't really call yourself a man.
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    Enemies of the people (traitorous reporters, politicians, corporations etc.)

    If there is one thing I have learned in over half a century of life it is that the vast majority of people only learn the hard way. And that's okay. The universe oscillates between a state of equilibrium and constructive destruction. Life would not be worth living if everything was easily...
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    Financial deplatforming thread

    I've been a bit conflicted about Bitcoin and crypto as it clearly serves the globalist agenda. Case in point most of the big pundits and renowned players in the field are rabid globalists/leftists. However that said, this may be one of the cases where we may be able to use their own weapons...
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    The Tucker Carlson thread

    Instead of Mandarin I'd probably rather learn Russian, Polish, Czech, or any other slavic language. Hard as f..k to learn as well but culturally a lot more compatible. And better wife material (I know it's not perfect but I can't stand Chinese women).
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    Airbnb goes SJW full retard

    Yes I actually meant to mention Minority Report, glad you picked up on that as well. Which means they won't just stop at who may have been discriminatory in the past, they'll use this to PREDICT who is most likely expected to be an evil racist neonazi. Scary shit indeed - and high time to...
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    Airbnb goes SJW full retard

    I still have an old airbnb account and was sent this email this morning: I mean at this point I'm pretty jaded when it comes to the lengths Silicon Valley will go to implement their gloal SJ agenda, but this honestly takes the cake. They are practically telling their customer base that their...