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    Nihilism by Father Seraphim Rose

    To be canonized is to become a saint, according to what I've learned. Can you link to a source with your definitions? And can you link to a source that says the Orthodox Church has made him a saint (i.e. canonized him)?
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    The Orthodox Church

    It's hard to judge a parish from a couple of services, but yours was one of the best I've visited. Strong community, lots of families, and a great priest.
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    The Matt Taibbi Thread

    I had to stop reading him because of his gratuitous anti-conservative Christian comments and blasphemies in his articles.
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    The Twitter censorship thread

    They suspended me for 12 hours.
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    Nihilism by Father Seraphim Rose

    Originally posted on There aren’t many American Orthodox monks who are candidates for sainthood, but Father Seraphim Rose (born Eugene Rose) is one of them. He led a worldly life that included an illicit relationship before turning to Christ and becoming a light for the Orthodox...
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    Reports from affected cities

    I can confirm that Nashville is going south at a rapid pace.
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    Joe Biden thread

    Just a heads up for the Christians here that /pol/ is full of pornographic images right now. You could try visiting with squinty eyes to bypass the images but probably worth waiting. If you post images here, they should be heavily censored.
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    The Orthodox Church
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    The Orthodox Church

    I would look for a ROCOR or Antiochian parish above OCA.
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    Big picture playbook and analysis

    I think I downvoted the wrong post. I read @Deepdiver's post again and didn't find anything wrong with it.
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    Just Regained My Faith

    Have you talked to a priest recently? Your interest in the occult may have opened the door to demonic influence.
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    The Bitcoin (BTC) thread

    Bitcoin is going up. Time to install Blockfolio again.
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    Pope Francis is destroying the Catholic Church

    Probably not the best example of division since Oriental Orthodoxy is only 3% of the total. Plus the Eastern Orthodox don't consider the Oriental Orthodox to be Orthodox at all, so their argument is that the Oriental Orthodox are schismatic and not part of the Orthodox Church. I cannot receive...
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    What Christians can do as America falls apart

    I would be involved if it comes to defending church, family, and home.
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    What Christians can do as America falls apart

    Yes, though they don't like making predictions.