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    Shooting in San Bernardino California

    ^We're on a slippery slope these days. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw more instances like that of Clock Boy in which an American citizen who happens to also be Muslim and with Arabic features plans out a theatrical-like event to bait law enforcement and/or the local police force into a...
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    SJW Suey Park rejects SJWism, Calls it "Violent" "Cult-like"

    I went to university with this chick and even then at 19 it was clear she had some serious mental/psychological issues. You can imagine my disbelief when she was for a while leading the SJW front with the whole ban-Colbert nonsense. I hope she really did get the mental help she needed, and glad...
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    Banned Truth: Drug Addiction Isn't Caused By The Drug

    Truly fascinating study and post. Thank you for sharing.
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    Just saw American Beauty, now thinking about teaching English abroad

    Considered losers by the locals? I have no experience teaching English in Asia, but from my experience teaching in S. America - Chile and Colombia - hardly anyone there would hold you in such low esteem. I guess it all depends on the area. You could move to a mid-sized Chilean town/city, make a...
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    Forest Grove HS graduates 20 valedictorians

    This is quite common in today's everyone's-a-snowflake era. I graduated in 2008 from a decent-sized public high school in central IL, and of our 450 or so graduating seniors, I think we had 14 valedictorians, most of whom were female. Grades were not weighted, and so many of our school's 'finest...
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    Taylor Swift says that 'Misogyny is ingrained in people from the time they are born'

    Lena Dunham is actually featured in the music video for Taylor's latest single: I recommend muting your sound before hitting Play.
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    The Old Testament thread

    Ecclesiastes is one of my all-time favorite works of literature; I recommend it to theist and atheist friends alike. The prose is so powerful it's hard not to believe that the words came from another plane; from 'above the sun,' as Solomon might say....
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    B.B. King was one of the main reasons I ever picked up the guitar. I was around fourteen when I first heard 'Lucille' and the song and BB's smooth delivery completely blew me away. He was one of the few blues guitarists with a truly authentic style and sound – he could literally play one note...
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    Do you use financial advisors?

    If you're going to go the route of the financial advisor, make sure your advisor is acting as a legal fiduciary, as this assures he/she must, by law, act in the best interest of his/her clients. The overwhelming majority of 'advisors' out there are anything but – they're simply salesmen...
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    Post Your Favorite SPANISH Music

    Chilean legends, Los Tres: and the polyglot singer/song-writer Manu Chao: ^My personal Spanish-language favorites.