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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    I went to a fiesta in Mexico last week. There were 14 people and nobody even mentioned face masks. I wonder how much of this law enforcement is nothing more than a product of the anglo world’s typically oversized authoritarian anal sphincter at work.
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    Russian religious leader who claims he is the reincarnation of Jesus is arrested by special forces in Siberia

    “Some Russian media outlets reported that the community had become involved in a dispute with local business interests.” “For This Russian Messianic Cult, Coronavirus Isolation Is a...
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    I have been won over by the “defund the police” movement. There are just too many police in the anglosphere, and they have to do something. When I went to the park yesterday doing my exercises, there was a big police van parked on the sidewalk just watching me. What a waste of time, money...
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    The Jordan Peterson thread

    Ken Wilber talks about the theories of Jordan Peterson in an hour long interview. Ken Wilber is one of the leading philosophers of the 21st century. He talks about the developmental theory of society called “Spiral Dynamics”. The three stages relevant to America are: Blues - the blues are...
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    The Donald Trump thread

    In my opinion Trump should resign for the good of the country. Let’s face it. Trump IS corrupt, disorganized, and primarily in it for the enrichment of his brood. In America, to be a successful real estate agent requires the skills of deception and ruthlessness more than the capabilities of a...
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    What would make you leave?

    If Joe Biden gets elected, life is going to turn into hell at a new level of intensity. He has already said he will mandate a national mask law and lockdown everything again. The country will be ruled with an iron fist by sadistic germaphobes overwhelmed with the glory of their new powers...
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    What would make you leave?

    Having a postal system that doesn’t work is one of the signs of a third world country. America is now there. I already have had two packages lost. The last one they delivered to the wrong address and I spend several hours trying to get them to do something, which was futile. As for the...
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    What would make you leave?

    I remember when I lived in Mexico, the postal service was basically useless. Now the US Post Office is rapidly deteriorating and removing mailboxes. The US has become a third world country with a useless passport.
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    The law where I live says that you only have to wear a mask in the outdoors when you come within 6 feet of another person. So there are plenty of other people not wearing a mask in public. I don’t wear a mask outdoors because I am following the law and don’t have too. Most people are cool...
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    Not using soap on your body while showering

    I recently went to a Dermatologist for an itchy back. He thought it was dry skin and said to take it easy on the soap. He said Dove was ok.
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    Race riots 2020

    I find it interesting that Democratic officials aren’t uniting behind a congressional commission to investigate the police in America. The hypothesis being put forth is that there is a systemic problem in the entire United States. So why isn’t any Democrat calling for a congressional...
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    Personal and home defense strategies

    I normally don't respond to twit comments to avoid drama, but I need to respond to this because it isn't true and unfairly attacks my reputation. Someone mentioned a baseball bat, and I responded that unlike a baseball bat nunchucks have precision and speed. This is not a comment without...
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    Emotion Thread

    What I find useful with liberals or progressives is to just ask questions. Most of them are just following the hive and don't have a clue of what they are talking about. Some of the responses I have gotten for just asking an innocent question - looks of shock and confusion, stammering, etc.
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    Former Defense Secretary James Mattis denounces Donald Trump and backs the rioters

    Mattis was fired by Trump for trying to start a war in Syria. He is also a democrat who wants to be in a Biden administration. He is another political whore looking for a job.
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    Haircuts - How much $$ and how often?

    My last haircut, last week, was in Mexico for $4. One thing nice about Mexico is they trim the back of your neck and sideburns with a straight edge razor, and also trim your eyebrows. This is standard without asking.