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    The God pill

    As much as people will shriek, the denominations are flavors of Christianity. God is unlimited in ways He can bring people to salvation and different people are attracted to different aspects of Gods divine nature which are represented differently in the denominations. It pains me to see a...
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    Decoding the words and works of Bill Gates

    The Jews have always been the money men for the real power, which is why I have never got that involved in the JQ debate. Roosh just called someone out in another thread regarding sanctimonious tone around "secret knowledge" - but how else do you do it? If you tell someone too early, they...
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    The God pill

    So happy to see Victor Pride on the team. It is a genuine conversion. I have followed him for many years and have seen his struggle in his ideas. He has tried many different "things" to try and fulfill the hole in his heart, but obviously none of it worked and God broke him down. He had...
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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    No, they're made by people who understand the human condition better than anyone on earth. They are the modern day equivalent of the ancient mystery schools and use the same knowledge that someone like a priest would have for ulterior motives. Nice to see people noticing the cracks in the matrix.
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    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    That bimbo girl from a couple pages back: The video - a highly emotional girl with an underdeveloped vocabulary, but I understand what she is saying and her heart is in the right place. It's like there is a "bullshit fog" in modern society that has be come so dense that it is now very...
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    When Trump was elected someone made a list of how much money RVF members won collectively. I seem to remember a figure of over $400,000? I was a hero among my work mates for winning about about 1/3rd of the yearly wage which I can thank RVF for.
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    The NoPorn / NoFap Thread - For Those Who're Serious

    Pray to God that He may take your burden of pride and replace it with the virtue of humility, then build you back up to become someone who is confident but doesn't suffer the opinions of others. The root of your problem exists in a different dimension. There is no amount of body weight...
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    The 5G thread

    What does the Bible say about shielding and armor and harm to our body? Ephesians 6:11-12 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the...
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    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    Is this just the first time they identified a flu strain BEFORE everyone got it?
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    I introduce you to TikTok Lite

    TikTok is what you get when you have absolutely no moral qualms about using research in psychology to create a piece of software that takes advantage of the human appetite on both sides of the screen/camera. Both consumer and the exhibitor have their appetites fed. If you have children old...
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    5G and Coronavirus

    I give up. I urge anyone looking into this to only take information from someone that has the required credentials to prove they actually understand the technology.
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    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    I think those quick tests check for gullibility and boogers which is why so many are positive. This has been a great experiment in human psychology.
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    5G and Coronavirus

    This data is from 2002! That's before even 3G was around... Why are you putting this in a thread about 5G, and talking about 4G! The technologies are vastly different. This is the problem with these "secret knowledge" guys. "since this is an area I've researched in great depth" You mean...
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    Is Hollywood run like a Satanic cult?

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    5G and Coronavirus

    I've only watched the first 15 mins of this video - but this is the mechanism of control. It's "software" (media) not "hardware" (radio frequency). Seems this guys is an ex stunt double with an insight on Hollywood.