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    Unwanted early morning awakenings/maintenance insomnia- how to fix?

    It seems the problem has largely went away. Renovations have also mostly went away, although I don't know if the two are connected.
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    Australian government has gone tyrannical

    A thing I noticed with Aussies/Anglos but perhaps an archetype of people in general(think super motivational people, or CMQ "alphas"/nightclub promoters/drug dealers, "positive" people) is their strong aversion to anything negative. Not sure what's up with that. Seems their brain melts down at...
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    Ron Paul comes out against Israel aid

    It's an internet meme/copypasta. Thought it was fitting given he was a doctor.
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    Ron Paul comes out against Israel aid

    The tragedy of Darth Paul the wise. He could save others from death but not himself...
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    Paris Hilton ‘planning to become a single mom’

    New documentary on Paris Hilton: Cliffs: Probably common knowledge already, but she's a lot smarter than her persona/image. Mom seems like a total sociopath. It seems like her sister is nice, but comments think sister is a sociopath also, and I can't really disagree. Family seems abusive...
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    The Donald Trump thread

    Haven't read it all but so far it just seems very wrong/off. Donald is not dark triad
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    Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists

    Probably he's referring to the text/paragraphs and thus lack of memes
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    Sleep Paralysis Who else deals with this?

    I recently had a streak of horrible sleep, and also got the closest to lucid dreaming then. I knew from years ago on reddit one of the techniques for lucid dreaming was WBTB(wake back to bed) using an alarm clock to fragment your sleep/wake up slightly earlier so you get conscious while...
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    Opinions on climate change

    omg giggling so hard
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    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    Aussie bureaucrats might want to join in on the fun. As Americentric as that conjecture is, the americans who promote it do present a compelling argument.
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    In many Euro countries I believe it would be common to not greet/say goodbye to relative strangers. Of course, the employee is much less likely to greet/say goodbye to you in the first place.
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    Interesting. I guess Americans small talk so much that it's expected. I often wish others a good day or greet them in a similar way, but it's quite common to just leave without responding/saying goodbye etc.
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    The black gay was the one who wished Roosh a nice day, not vice versa.