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    Race riots 2020

    Lets be clear for one thing here. The term " 3rd world" is a post WW2 invention. It was about the countries that did not belong to the " western-atlantic-democratic" and Soviet Union and its satellites. After the collapse of communism it became a synonym of poor countries. You are...
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    Race riots 2020

    You are embarrassing your self and not me. Read again what you said before editing it. Can you tell us these " 5000 years old white civilisations" ? Western Europeans civilisations started in middle ages due to the Roman and Christian influences and heritage while " native"...
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    Race riots 2020

    Dude we are not in Stormfront here. Do you really believe this crap of " 5000 years of white civilisation " ??? So Babylonians , Mesopotamia, Assyrians, Egyptians, Caethagenians, Hittites, etc where " white " according to you? Evan the ancient Helens, ancient Romans , semi advanced...
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    Race riots 2020

    America will be a failed experiment in the long future. The only reason why some people still continue to immigrate there is because of higher salaries and career opportunities , which truth to be told are still a reality in the States, but only if you politically confirm to the neo...
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    Forum will be upgraded to new software on May 4, 2020

    Well, I hope all the threads of the current forum will be all transferred to the new forum. There is too many valuable info on this forum to be lost.
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    College girls mad over porn tab on zoom simply because it mentions "College girls"

    @ eradicator Sorry for my ignorance, but can you please say in what way is USA sex culture puritan??? If we are talking about USA in 1800s or early 1900 maybe. But USA in the last 70 years or so has been the engine of sexual degeneration in every way. We all know that colleges...