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    Migrant invasion of Europe

    The Ariana Grande concert bombing took place in Manchester, UK. Are you referring to the Bataclan theatre masscare? That was the one that happened in Nov 2015 in Paris. You are just blaming the victims. Were the Christians killed in the Sri Lanka Easter bombings at a satanic event? Took place...
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    The new cold war with China

    Drones can be shot down by older tanks as seen in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war. Pretty sure even figher jets can shoot it down from a distance and can easily outfly them. Drones can be considered as the fighter jet replacement only if there is a fleet of drones that shoots down a few fighter jets...
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    Migrant invasion of Europe

    Good way to get rid of the competition and show any other far right wannabes how much they will be allowed to get away with. Is the Greek goverment also going to arrest every person who voted for Golden Dawn? How about the individuals who made t-shirts and banners for them? Aren't they part of a...
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    OnlyFans / Online camgirls

    Eight seems a bit young to be having a mobile phone IMO. But most parents give the kids phones to keep them occupied. Smartphones have replaced TV in terms of getting kids' attention and acting as a babysitter of sorts. Difference is messaging apps and TikTok, Insta etc allowing two way...
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    Befriended a single mother online

    You are right. The laws and community attitudes have changed. Economically independent women can't be kept around if they are not interested in you. Men try to monkey branch to a better looking woman and women try to money branch to a higher status guy. Maybe it is biological, maybe it is...
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    Japan plans to go on massive hiring spree of skilled labor from Pakistan

    Nigerian criminal gangs have made their way to India (New Delhi and Goa) as well. Thousands come here on tourist and student visas and overstay. Any criticism of them is taboo in the Indian English language media and the leftist-liberal globohomo mafia claim it is racist to speak out against...
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    The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict thread (Armenia vs Azerbaijan)

    Armenia has retaliated for Stepanakert's shelling by bombing the Azeri city of Ganja, which is far from the frontlines. It's military airport has been supposedly destroyed. Looks like it is developing into a full-scale war.
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    The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict thread (Armenia vs Azerbaijan)

    Excellent analysis by @AlligatorState. If the conflict was only restricted to Armenia vs Azerbaijan, Armenia could just play defense and wait for a stalemate to emerge. Azeris would then come to the negotiating table. As long as Turkey is able to supply equipment and even men to Azerbaijan...
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    The Joe Rogan thread

    He is a drug user and is always pushing for drug acceptance. Other than that he brings mainstream celebs, some major ones, but mostly minor ones and the occasional UFO/lost ancient civilizations theorist. Joe Rogan = part Art Bell + part David Letterman + full on pot head :sneaky:
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    The Cuties thread

    What is the reason for Netflix being so globohomo? Amazon and Hulu are quite sane in comparison.
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    Top ten red flags

    - Disrespects your education, career and pay. If a woman doesn't have the sense to keep her mouth shut regarding these things and is only "offering constructive criticism" dump her ass. - Constantly brings up her own career and education. A sign that she thinks she is too good for you and had...
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    The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict thread (Armenia vs Azerbaijan)

    Azerbaijan has captured an Armenian village in Nagorno-Karabakh. Stepanakert under heavy Azeri shelling -
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    The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict thread (Armenia vs Azerbaijan)

    Armenian Prime Minister stating the obvious - that this is part of Turkey's plan to recreate its empire. Even says soon Europeans will be facing Turks in Vienna if not stopped now.
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    Is lower intelligence the reason why Africans/blacks fail to thrive in the west on average?

    Didn't know about the warrior gene stuff before. But always thought that blacks had more testosterone compared to other races. That is why you see well fed blacks easily surpassing well fed individuals of other ethnic backgrounds in terms of physique. A high testosterone male, from the time he...
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    What would your dream home be like?

    A 10,000 sq ft single storey house not very far from the city. It should have a huge living room, 4 bedrooms, big space for a library, swimming pool, - all set in the middle of a 5 acre plot. Would keep the architecture minimalist. The house has to look and feel spacious.