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    Paris Yellow Vests

    They want to introduce the law that would ban the public from filming the police and limit the media from reporting about police brutalities. Basically giving a free hand to police to do as they please without any repercussions or responsability. Just one more battle in a war waged by the...
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    "The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum

    Serfs belong on the turf. But it's interesting how few people are actually aware of these agendas to phase out petrol cars. If you ask a sample of 100 people on the street and ask them do they know that EU or UK are planning to ban fossil-fuelled cars by 2030, I'd wager good money that non of...
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    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    It dawned to me recently that a lot of people are acting as victims of abuse. Trying to appease the bully. If only we've been more compliant, wearing our masks, staying at home, then our master wouldn't lock us down again. Master is good and benevolent, it is us who are unruly and disobedient...
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    Working on losing 100 pounds (at least). Tips to stay motivated?

    Your carnivore diet doesn't seem much different than my keto. :hmm:
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    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    I like to say that we're in a headless chicken state at the moment. You know when you sever a head of a chicken, it's body can still run instinctively for a while. Our economy is now that chicken. It's running around pretending that nothing has happened, but it's head has been severed, and most...
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    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    It't time then to hop on testosterone. You'll still have testicles size of peanuts but at least testosterone levels of Harambe.
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    And..they've decided to shut down bars, restaurants and gyms here in Croatia.
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    Scotland makes all menstrual products (tampons, etc) "free"

    Well it does say women and girls and everyone who menstruates. So freaks are in fact included as well.
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    Usually there is one set of rules for the migrants and another for the locals. It will be interesting to see whether this will continue in this matter also. I can see some loony lefties arguing that covid passports somehow discriminate against third world illegals and that they should be exempt...
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    We know illegal migrants will be exempt of the vaccine. So get a tan, grow a beard and learn a couple of word of arab. Cross the border illegally, get cougth by the border police, apply for asylium, move into your government assigned appartment and live on the dole.
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    Coronavirus vaccine thread

    I really don't agree whit the statement that international travel is paramount for children success. I'm sure it can be a nice experience for the children, but paramount? After all, widespread international travel is a relatively novel concept. My parent's generation didn't travel that much. And...
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    What's the oldest age a woman can be for you to seriously consider pursuing a relationship?

    Yeah as I'm getting older I find much younger girls incredibly shallow and boring to be around. I'm 30 now and kind of get along best with girls over 24 years old. They've just finished college, have their first jobs, starting to get their shit together, looking to settle down.
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    Best Countries To Sit This Out In?

    What do you want to know? Government has no backbone at all, they're just globalist cucks who get their orders directly from Brussels. So far we're more open than most of the european countries, there is no lockdown or curfew, but one can sense it's just a matter of time. Compliance with mask...
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    Normies and coronavirus

    One of the stupidest arguments from normies that I now hear quite often here in Croatia is that the goverments have started to impose stricter measures so that they can get to a low number of cases in order to be able to ease restriction for the coming winter season in tourism (christmas fairs...
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    Do any of you do intermittent fasting?

    I started because I was interested in weight loss, but now mostly because of health benefits. I couldn't live without cofee. Among other things, cofee is a great appetite suppressant. Very helpful with fasting routines.