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Florida International University questions?? - swshrsweet - 11-15-2012 09:02 PM

I am 20 years old living at home and studying in the DFW area. Since i go to a commuter school(university), i never really got a full college experience but i do have my shit together. a nice car, good social skills, plenty of money making skills. I am thinking about moving to to FIU from Texas next fall semester and i have a couple of questions for you guys who went there, currently enrolled, or have friends there

1. What is the campus like?
2. Is it an academically worthy school for business or/and nursing?
3. What kind of experience did you have?
4. Would you recommend living on or off campus?
5. Girl to guy ratio? Quality of girls?
6. What are some attractions outside of campus?
7. What is the area like around/surrounding the campus?
8. What is the Florida economy like?

With that said, Would you recommend the school or Florida in general?