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The Movie Thread - Screwston - 12-25-2012 08:33 PM

This is just a thread to discuss the last movie you watched. No XXX flicks though Angel

If it's a foreign movie, talk about it here

RE: The Movie Thread - soup - 12-25-2012 08:44 PM

Don't watch War of The Worlds with Tom Cruise.

Hunger Games was feminist/PC BS. Lead character named Catness. Of course the main bad guys are white and none of the black people are capable of being that bad/powerful. This isn't reverse racism- it's more straight-racist for them not to have a bad guy that is Black.

RE: The Movie Thread - painter - 12-25-2012 09:21 PM

War of The Worlds with Tom Cruise was just boring, ruined a classic.

I liked Hunger Games. Are you saying the bad guys should have been black? Haha! Who cares what color anyone was?! The "black" district rebelled at the end, did that conform to the stereotype you like? I read Jennifer Lawrence was paid $500,000 for the movie, the film company had like no money and had to wait and see how it did before planning another one. She's getting $10 million for the sequel!

I just watched Resident Evil: Retribution, thought it was great. They brought back everyone from all the other flicks. Total formula, mindless action bs but it's R rated, Milla Jovovich always gets naked and there's a high body count. It looked great too.

Great idea for a thread Houston!

RE: The Movie Thread - Sourcecode - 12-25-2012 10:12 PM

My Favorite moves

The Siege-
Great movie on what will happen to the the us if the military is in power
made in 98

Black hawk Down

The Matrix


Other movies I think are great

Three kings

Training day

The New Guy
kid kinda goes beta to alpha in this movie


comedy movie..but surrounds blacks being in prison for life.
racism in the 1930s

Devils Reject- rob zombie film
this one and his first one House of 1000 corpses were awesome horror movies

Eyes wide shut

RE: The Movie Thread - ColSpanker - 12-25-2012 10:29 PM

Orson Welles' classic. His first movie and one never equaled.
Poor little rich kid uses the media as his toy and wonders why no one loves him.
Perfect example of how great wealth is no guarantee of happiness.

RE: The Movie Thread - Armenian - 12-25-2012 10:43 PM

Taken 2 was the last movie I watched. The first one was far better.

Others that I like are:
Act of Valor
In Time
Tropa de Elite
The Lincoln Lawyer
Into the Wild
127 Hours
The Town
Law Abiding Citizen
Up in the Air

RE: The Movie Thread - WesternCancer - 12-25-2012 11:47 PM

I'm watching a movie right now called happiness. It's fucked up but there's some funny scenes. This omega loser wants to bang his neighbour. One day he calls her anonymously and tells her she's nothing and that he's going to fuck her till jizz comes out of her ears. She phones him back and says "I want you to fuck me who are you" he freaks out gets wasted and his fat neighbour comes to talk to him. He passes out and she feels him up. He wakes up, barfs and yells "what the fuck are you doing here get out"

If only losers would treat the women they wanted to bang like the women they did.t.

Next scene is this Russian dude running solid game. Dude did a next level maneuver and turned the thermostat down when he got into the chicks place. I'm using that one. Then he grabs her guitar and sings her a song, raw dogs her then as soon as he busts he gets up and leaves.

Holy shit. hThe chick was a teacher. Turns out the dude pretends to be a Russian immigrant and bangs all of the teachers. This is too awesome.

RE: The Movie Thread - Prufrock - 12-26-2012 12:14 AM

Last night I watched The Last Temptation of Christ.

[Image: LT_zps8fcaab4f.jpg]

Mostly because it was Christmas Eve, but also because I was intrigued by what delicioustacos wrote in his Treat Her Like a Fattie thread:

(10-21-2012 02:56 PM)delicioustacos Wrote:  
(10-20-2012 04:39 PM)plague Wrote:  
(10-14-2012 10:56 PM)delicioustacos Wrote:  There is only one woman, different faces.

this line is golden.

Can't take credit for that one. It's paraphrased from Nikos Kazantzakis' The Last Temptation of Christ:

”There is only one woman in the world. One woman, with many faces.”


Great movie. I especially liked Harvey Keitel as Judas, Harry Dean Stanton as Paul, and David Bowie(!) as Pontius Pilate.

I also noticed that Spike Lee's 25th Hour was heavily influenced by The Last Temptation.

Downloaded the book as well.

"Only one woman exists in the world, one woman with countless faces. This one falls; the next rises."

RE: The Movie Thread - Cincinnatus - 12-26-2012 02:33 AM

Watched 'Layer Cake' the other day per G Manifesto's recommendation. Thoroughly enjoyed that.

Watched 'GoodFellas' for the umpteenth time this afternoon while baking ham. Always worthwhile.

I also watched 'Congo' two or three days ago, not the greatest film but not the worst way to pass a boring afternoon with shitty weather.

RE: The Movie Thread - presidentcarter - 12-26-2012 02:45 AM

Just finished 'Hanna'. Definitely worth a watch. 7/10 if you like survival stories.

RE: The Movie Thread - Kickb - 12-26-2012 03:03 AM

Watched Snakes on a Plane. It was alright. Wouldn't reccomend it to anyone.

RE: The Movie Thread - Architekt - 12-26-2012 03:27 AM

Just watched Vicky Chrstina Barcelona. Interesting film, but a bit chickflickey to some extent. Interesting how the lead male conducts himself. Also recently watched Good Fellas MSW, not a bad flick

RE: The Movie Thread - Screwston - 12-26-2012 06:19 PM

I watched this one a while back and liked it. It got a lot of mixed reviews though.

RE: The Movie Thread - kenny_powers - 12-26-2012 06:25 PM

Just saw a Swedish crime film called "Easy Money" or "Snabba Cash". Stylish film, not as good as Layer Cake but worth a watch:

RE: The Movie Thread - Sourcecode - 12-27-2012 12:50 AM

(12-26-2012 02:45 AM)presidentcarter Wrote:  Just finished 'Hanna'. Definitely worth a watch. 7/10 if you like survival stories.

The scene where they end up an that wild park in berlin. Is an actually place.
I "broke" in there a couple months ago and took pictures

Dont forget

Lord of the Rings trilogy - Star wars fan or not..That movie has excellent cinematography

Sixth Sense

RE: The Movie Thread - soup - 12-28-2012 06:48 AM

Did anyone see the Les Miserables film that just came out?

RE: The Movie Thread - azulsombra - 12-28-2012 11:01 AM

Watched fight club the other day, hadnt seen it in years. Great acting by Edward norton and interesting storyline about the pussification of modern males searching for an outlet.

RE: The Movie Thread - Tex Pro - 12-30-2012 08:45 AM

ACAB – All Cops Are Bastards

[Image: ACAB_%E2%80%93_All_Cops_Are_Bastards.jpg]

RE: The Movie Thread - at350zguyy - 12-30-2012 09:24 AM

the watch was hilarious.

moneyball was somewhat inspirational.

skyfall was great. highly recommend.

RE: The Movie Thread - Samseau - 12-30-2012 10:24 AM

Hey guys, how about putting in a bit of effort to describe the movie you watched, if you liked it, and if you recommend it to anyone else? Posting a bunch of youtube clips is a waste of a thread...

RE: The Movie Thread - OGNorCal707 - 12-30-2012 01:20 PM

Anyone else here watch "Drive" with Ryan Gosling? I thought it was one of the best movies to come out in the past couple years, great fight scenes, great car chases, good cinemotography, etc. Through the lense of the "red-pill" and the "manosphere" it can be debated that Gosling's character has both alpha and beta qualities. However, I don't really give a fuck about that shit, it's a good movie, well written, and directed, good acting, action, and villains. Also, it's kind of trippy and reminds me a lot of some of David Lynch's movies like Blue Velvet.

Another pretty good one that Gosling was in was "Blue Valentine", I was less of a fan of this movie, but it was a really good case study for how relationships rise and fall. It's got a unique directorial style that shifts between points in time, with a lot of flashbacks to the past interspersed with stuff in the present. The movie has a lot of emotion, realness, and rawness to it, I don't think your typical RVF member will love it, but it is a very accurate portrayal of how a LTR can deteriorate.

As far as red-pill/blue-pill movies that relate to this "manosphere" stuff, I recommend in another thread a movie called "Bellflower", it is probably the most concise portrayal of a beta character in a movie I've ever scene. Without spoiling it for you guys, I will give you a little run down, this uber-beta nice guy, meets an attractive wild party girl, he has a bit of love at first sight, she falls for him, only to revert back to her whore ways, and fuck him over, and he goes completely off the deep end.

Finally, the last movie that I've been liking a lot that I've seen most recently is "Ong Bak" a classic martial arts movie from Thailand. Great Muay Thai fight scenes and story line.

RE: The Movie Thread - Screwston - 12-30-2012 09:12 PM

(12-28-2012 06:48 AM)soup Wrote:  Did anyone see the Les Miserables film that just came out?
The musical? Gay I love all kinds of movies but don't know how someone can sit through one.

I've seen Drive and didn't like it. Thought it was overrated.

I just watched the 2012 Total Recall. It's a remake of the early 90's version with Governor Arnold. It had plenty of action but I wasn't impressed. Of course, there's 2 bad ass girls in it who are kicking grown men's asses while wearing heels and being witty Boring The original is 100x better.

RE: The Movie Thread - Prufrock - 12-31-2012 07:14 AM

[Image: drive_zps39fb30a9.jpg]

[Image: goslingdrive_zps149b8157.jpg]

[Image: thief_zps3b8621d6.jpg]

[Image: risky_zpsdb90c918.jpg]

I saw Drive in the theater and enjoyed it – it’s a decent popcorn flick. However, it did leave me a bit unsatisfied, and after thinking about it for a minute, I realized why.

Drive is basically a well-crafted bootleg, like a knock off Rolex or Louis Vuitton bag that almost passes for the real thing.

Drive is an amalgamation of many movies that came before it, and on its own, it’s not quite as good as any of the movies it’s influenced by. These include American Gigolo, To Live and Die in L.A., Michael Mann’s Thief, Bullitt, & Le Samourai. Even the soundtrack is heavily indebted to Giorgio Moroder’s OST for Gigolo and Tangerine Dream’s score for Thief. That’s no coincidence. Part of Tangerine Dream’s score from Risky Business is actually playing on the car stereo in one of the scenes in Drive. There’s also a movie from 1978 called The Driver (that I haven’t seen) that Drive supposedly also draws a lot of influence from

The two main characters are my biggest problem with the movie. Ryan Gosling is trying to be the Sigma, lone wolf-type that Richard Gere, William Petersen, James Caan, Steve McQueen, Alain Delon, Clint Eastwood et al. portrayed, but to me he comes across as a cipher with no subtext. Carey Mulligan’s character is also frustrating. In a film noir, she’d be a femme fatale. Here she’s merely a damsel in distress for Ryan Gosling to play Captain Save a Hoe with.

Really, my beef with Drive is that it’s all style and no substance. American Gigolo, which is modeled after Robert Bresson’s Pickpocket, is equally stylish and visually appealing, but there’s a depth to it, a sense of loneliness and mournfulness that stays with me after the film is over. Roger Ebert compared the protagonist of Pickpocket to Raskolnikov from Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. I suppose Raskolnikov is a good model for the sigma character in all these films.

Of course, American Gigolo was written and directed by Paul Schrader, who wrote the script for Taxi Driver. That’s a guy who knows a thing or two about isolation and loneliness!

Like I said, I enjoyed Drive, the head stomping bit is almost worth the price of admission alone. And I'll never complain about having to watch Bryan Cranston or Albert Brooks. But the film seems to be less than the sum of its parts. I highly recommend people check out some of the movies that obviously influenced it.

I smelled Los Angeles before I got to it.…But the colored lights fooled you. The lights were wonderful. There ought to be a monument to the man who invented neon lights.…There’s a boy who really made something out of nothing. – Raymond Chandler

I also saw and appreciated Blue Valentine, although it’s rather depressing.

Heartiste pretty much wrote the definitive analysis:

Beta Valentine.


Movies that Drive ripped off: Movies that influenced Drive:

RE: The Movie Thread - painter - 12-31-2012 11:18 AM

Great post Prufrock. I liked Drive, the cinematography was great, the soundtrack was good and it was a hardcore film as in the violence was realistic. Most shit out of Hollywood is of the feel-good, happy ending, PG-13 get as many asses in the thater as possible. The films you cite as influences are stellar. Thief with James Caan directed by Michael Mann (who also did Heat, another classic) is a great flick and I see the similarity between the main characters. I love the ending, won't give it away because it's a must see movie. James Caan's character is a great example of a guy living by a code who will take it all the way.

To Live And Die In LA is also a classic. One of the greatest car chases of all time directed by William Friedkin who did the French Connection which had another classic car chase. Friedkin also directed Killer Joe which just came out and I thought was great. It was released as NC-17 so it didn't do shit at the box office but you gotta love a director who refuses to make cuts that cheapen the story in order to gain mass appeal. Gina Gershon's bush appears in the first minute (although they say she wore a mirkin) which let's you know what kind of movie you're in for, lots of nudity and violence set in a world of trailer trash. Definitely a must see movie. I downloaded the song Strokin' by Clarence Carter after seeing it, great tune used to good effect.

Friedkin also directed The Hunted with Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro which I thought was excellent. The beginning is one of the most brutal and realistic war scenes you will ever see on screen. I loved how Tommy Lee Jones character is a guy who can track anything and can just walk off into the woods with the clothes on his back and survive. Lots of bloodshed and a high body count, another must see. Friedkin hasn't made a ton of movies and gets kind of a bad rap in Hollywood circles but his movies are brutal and he's got two Oscars for The French Connection and The Omen.

RE: The Movie Thread - Nonpareil - 12-31-2012 11:52 AM

Drive was a cool movie; well shot, well-acted, not that heavy on story and social commentary, the perfect flick to just lay back with a bong and hang out with.

Last movie I watched, and it definitely receives my vote for funniest movie of all time. Most of you are in your twenties, so you probably haven't seen it for a few years, so do yourself a favor.

[Image: aceventura.jpg]

The Departed
City of God
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
LA Confidential
American Beauty
Terminator II: Judgment Day

The following James Bond flicks make the list: Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, The Spy Who Loved Me, Goldeneye and Casino Royale.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Wedding Crashers
There's Something About Mary
Hot Fuzz