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Side Investing in Hard Assets. - zacb - 04-01-2013 11:23 AM


I am working on Kdp productions right now, worki g towards the goal of 500 a month, enough to live in Davao. I am currently making 40-60 a month on kindle, but I am lookin gfor other options to make money. I am currently looking into internetional markets, as well as lookin ginto real estate. Right now, I don't have a job job, but I am lookin ginto getting a summer job to use as a down payment to buy ptoperty. The only thing is I don't know which property type would best best for just renting, and not having alot of upkeep, since I will use this to live in Davao as an emergency fund, in case my main flow dies. I was thinki g about storage units, but the propertiy is two hours away, an dwould be hard to manage in an emergency. The alternative is invest in my home town here in N. Michigan, which only has 10,000 people an dis dying. But, on the upside, it has a new big box coming in, so that will help. The town is composed mostly of seniors, and mos tpeople ar eki d of poor around here who are not seniors. I can't really thing that woul dgo over well here, so I am kind of stuxk. What type of physical investment would not need much tending and would give me a small cashflow? Right now I am investing in some etfs, oil funds, and an up and coming credit card and payment processing company.