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Location Independent Gigs - Alpha Mind - 04-05-2013 06:02 PM

I have a litany of resources to help people find location independent work, whether it's work from home, random writing gigs, full-time, etc. etc.

Most of this can be outsourced.

I'm also not parting with the program unless I get paid (sorry, it's years of practice).

What would you pay for a program that outlined what you needed to do to supplement income or replace your location-dependent day job?

Would save you mad hours of research.

I'm also not into charging people a grip of money for this, either.

$27? $47?

RE: Location Independent Gigs - NuMbEr7 - 04-06-2013 12:05 PM

Sounds interesting. When is it gonna be available?

RE: Location Independent Gigs - theArbiter - 04-06-2013 02:39 PM

What is the format of your program? Is it a typical e-book? If it's just an ebook, the typical prices I tend to see are in the lower range. $27 seems pretty standard.

If it's a video course or something more comprehensive with bonuses and the such, then you could probably charge even more than $47.

From the information you wrote here, I wouldn't buy the product you have offered because of two things: 1) there's quite a few resources in the market for location-independence or getting supplementary income; I need to know what distinguishes yours from the others; for example, the warrior forum is filled with WSOs on this, though they tend to be on specific strategies and not a general mindset. Also, I trust Ramit Sethi, who is a big fish in the sea, so I'm interested in seeing how the approach of your product differs from his (for example, his Earn1k program). 2) more detail is needed. What type of advice or you giving exactly? What approaches are you taking? How in-depth do you go? Or one of the most important questions in marketing: what are the list of benefits?

I would assume that if you're selling such a product that you would want to create a sales page. I don't know if you have experience copywriting yourself, but a good thing to start with is to anticipate questions/needs/problems of your target audience and figure out how to respond to these in the form of a benefit. In other words, how does your product specifically solve such problems? The better you can address this, the more sales you can convert.

RE: Location Independent Gigs - RichieP - 04-07-2013 10:43 AM

There are quite a few things kicking around out there, but for a really GOOD one (which are few and far between, often just rehashed stuff or missing the actual mechanical "how-to") I'd pay $47, sure.

People who really want LI will have already sifted through alot of blog posts that have given them ideas but not really helped them make the rubber hit the road and get on track to say $1500+ per month.

If your product genuinely does that, then it's worth a premium price.