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Will the American dating scene ever change? - Screwston - 06-23-2013 12:36 PM

Will things ever go back to normal? It's somewhat good for players because girls are so quick to drop their panties but almost impossible for guys who don't know what they're doing. This is a rough time to want a girl and family unless you don't mind used goods, an ugly bitch or a fat one. Just something I was thinking about so let me hear your thoughts....

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - Tex Pro - 06-23-2013 12:42 PM


In fact, it will only get worse as American women's waistlines expand and the "big is beautiful" movement takes hold.

Best bet: get the hell out of America.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - Hades - 06-23-2013 12:47 PM

I think it will get a lot fatter and more disagreeable.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - Cr33pin - 06-23-2013 12:50 PM

It will change...for the worse!

Every dumb bimbo in America has a facebook page that every time she post a photo on 20 dumb shit guys like an it makes her feel like she really has it going on. So with all the guys liking her photos she clearly deserves a guy who looks like Ryan Gosling right? In her mind the answer is yes. Also with her being on the facebook all the time with all her girlfriends she doesn't really know what its like to communicate with people in the real world. Some guy you don't know said something to you while you were waiting to place your order at McDonalds??? Creeper alert!!!!

Your best bet is to flee the country but thats not really such a sure bet, girls in other country's might not be as bad as American girls yet... but I feel like this way of living and thinking for girls is spreading like a disease.

Or you can try an find some young hoe that hasn't gone completely sour yet and try and mold her into the woman you want her to be.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - Samseau - 06-23-2013 12:59 PM

Is there a bottom to the decline of American women? That's all I want to know

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - Neo - 06-23-2013 01:05 PM

I don't think so. I've noticed a pretty big decline over the past few years.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - rudebwoy - 06-23-2013 01:17 PM

American women are bad because the men put up with their crap. Once the men stop dating them and putting up with their crap, then things will change.

In Canada I make fun of women I meet, it is not a routine but I am fed up of them. The trouble is most guys I know are online dating old chicks or if they have a chick then she calls the shots. Since these dudes aren't going to change overnight, things will get worse.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - el mechanico - 06-23-2013 01:22 PM

It will get better after the next real estate bubble or when beta orbiters can't afford to beta orbit anymore.

In other words they have too much money.

When the money is gone the playing field will be level.

On the bright side this place is extremely to pump-dump which years ago they latched on a lot harder.

Pump & Dump

When you're broke you need manners to get things since the betas will all be broke as well they'll have to clean their act up.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - Parlay44 - 06-23-2013 01:25 PM

With the divorce rate at 50% it's a coin flip of it working out long term. The men need to hold strong and abstain from marriage for any change to happen(The same way women withhold sex to get what they want).

Modern women will eventually run themselves into debt trying to keep up with trends and fashion as they end up old and without a man or family. Eventually as the economy tanks a new wave of ultra-feminine women will emerge from the ashes and all will be right with the world again.

You have remember that marriage is a form of validation for women. It's the ultimate female status symbol. No different than a designer purse or shoes. If all their friends are married and they're still single at 30+ it reflects badly on them and their position in the female social structure.

It's funny I talk to the married women I know, I see that even they compete with each other. It's not good enough for them to be married and have a good man. They have to have the best man of their peers. They brag about things their husbands bought for them and vacations they were taken on. It never ends.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - JimNortonFan - 06-23-2013 02:52 PM

They get money from the welfare state and bad jobs.

They get emotional dopamaine and oxytocin release from social media (see Patricia's smartphone).

They only want sex from alpha but they'll take faux alpha, ie asshole with a barb wire tattoo around his biceps. Faux alpha is going to start populating prison as women figuratively wake up. Hear me now and believe me later. When they literally wake up and figure out that they did a guy who wasn't alpha it's way worse for them then finding out their usual coffee was substituted with Folger's crystals or that it wasn't butter, it was I can't believe it's not butter.

To get in in the first place and even more important, avoid ex post fact charges, the level of Game required will be beyond the means of even most guys on this board or any other. You're looking at pro athlete caliber Game required.

Local Fame, plastic surgery, epigenetic treatment for a guy's looks, those will be required along with a great body. Cheaters wil employ pheromones and ultrasound, subliminal messages, have a worm or virus send social media messages to get her primed. A player will need to be a neuroscientist, abiochemist, and a web designer all in one just to score.

Now, there are ways around it. You have to understand hypergamy and the way people cheat in the game of life.

For people who can't get to the top of the mainstream American hierarchy (if such a thing exists anymore) they will drop out of the rate race and make their own hierarchies.

The first group I am going to cite doing this were the hippies. The dudes didn't have the guts to fight in Vietnam or work an honest 40 hour week for an almost guaranteed job and middle class lifestyle so they dropped out and made a hierarchy of being pseudo intellectual rather than intellectual (easy for charlatans to pull off), funky rather than coiffed (again, easier), and laid back rather than competitive (again, easier).

Now you have the choice of Hipster, Juggalo, metalhead, biker, trekkie, Jedi, pagan, wiccan, wannabe gangsta, wannabe cowboy, whatever the fuck the people who populate Comic Con are into, etc. The women in those subcultures know they can't get 6' tall Wall Street Stud so they deny they want him and declare themselves a member of a subculture. That way they can get a guy or guys closer to the top of whatever bullshit hierarchy they have joined than they would get to the top of the mainstream US hierarchy.

All of the above goes invalid if the economy tanks to a point where the welfare state runs out and companies no longer employ armies of office drones doing nothing. Then you'll see the weird subcultures die out and women be feminine and all over regular dude who follows the law, works hard, pays taxes, and obeys the speed limit.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - scorpion - 06-23-2013 03:18 PM

I think that the situation is only going to get worse before it gets better. The current crop of girls age 16 - 20 were born between 1993 and 1997. They're coming of age in this toxic dating environment, and for them it's perfectly normal. These girls literally have no idea how to function in a world without smartphones, online dating and social networking. They can't imagine life without it, because to them it's just normal.

This means that that all the negative behaviors we've seen from 20-something women are going to be even more amplified in the generation coming up now. Shorter attention spans. More groupthink/inability to make decisions for themselves. More attention whoring. More false self-esteem generated by social media white knighting. More aversion to meeting "random" guys at bars due to reduced social skills.

The most important thing to these girls is fame. Attention. Status. You don't have to have any substance whatsoever; as long as you're blowing up in Facebook updates and Twitter feeds, you'll be ok. Social media popularity is the only currency that matters for them. They have no ability to independently judge the value of anything, including men. The only thing they understand is whether or not other girls are talking about you. (In a way this has always been true, pre-selection and all, but social media amplifies it greatly due to the echo chamber effect).

For this reason I think the future of game in the U.S. is definitely micro-fame. Develop some kind of internet or local following and you will start to attract groupies who will talk about you on social media. This in turn will attract even more girls since pre-selection will kick in. And remember, it doesn't even have to be for doing anything notable. Just being talked about is enough.

Fame has eclipsed power as the ultimate aphrodisiac for this generation, and fame is so potent it's like one of those ultra-spicy hot sauces: a little bit goes a long way.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - bacon - 06-23-2013 05:19 PM

Poorer women dont need men and in fact are encouraged not to want to get in a relationship so they can get welfare/govt benefits. More educated and higher status women hold out for a man on their level (ie hypergamy). These trends dont seem to be changing. The fact is most men provide very little utility to women in America as there are not enough high status men to meet the demand of women who will settle down but only with men who meet their status requirements.

That said average guys who lack game are in a very difficult position to find young thin women with pleasant personalities in the US.

Side note: saw a couple today where the woman was obese and the man was of normal weight. While this is the relatively common in the US it is rare in Mexico. For all the talk of fat women in mexico, which there are to an extent, you rarely see normal weight men coupling with fatties here.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - Hammer - 06-23-2013 05:48 PM

When it is no longer America maybe, until then plenty of countries to choose from. Why bother? Learn to make money online and while you're at it use porn if you're in the states. American women have one of the poorest investment values. They are walking liabilities. If you are wealthy or have some decent game you can partake, but you still have to tread carefully.

And the idea that they are good for players is bullshit. I've gotten laid here with 0 dollars to my name and I honestly still don't see what the upside was aside from learning that these girls are a horrible investment for a man. If you have to deal with their obnoxiousness 95% of the time just to get laid you are overvaluing putting your cock in some wet hole. It's like saying dumpster diving for food is better then buying at a local grocery. Dealing with garbage day in day out will take a toll on you and you're not even being paid for it. Forget about it!

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - Andy_B - 06-24-2013 12:31 AM

Not in the near future, but eventually, I think it will. Sooner or later the state-corporate machine will break down, and with it, all the benefits that let people live as isolated units. In tougher times, people need to lean on each other for support, and I believe those tougher times are coming... Not tomorrow or next week, though.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - babelfish669 - 06-24-2013 01:46 PM

This thread sounds like the setting for a dystopian science fiction movie.

At some point the US will reach peak obesity. We could be close. Obesity is the next tobacco, expect to see a flood of regulations and penalties relating to what Starbucks, Frito-Lay, Coca-cola, and chain operators like Darden (Red Lobster) sell to their customers. The recent "obamacare" health care reform bill will move a lot of the health care burden toward the federal government, which I expect will result in regulations coming from the top rather than locally.

I assume that fat girls are miserable at all times other than when they are running off a blood sugar high from eating or drinking. Guys bang them, when they are drunk, and don't call them again. Guys who have serious personality deficits, beyond just being beta, heap on the attention if the girl is lucky enough to have pretty facial features.

If they are lucky to remain healthy in their 20s (the ones fat as children won't be) fat girls proud of their weight will struggle with health issues by their 30s. Years of heavy weight result in a plethora of illness, including chronic pain from under exercised muscles, arthritis, and diabetes. That in turn means being on a cocktail of prescription medications with all kinds of wild and unknown side effects, virtually all that are negative. Later on in their 50s and 60s this means invasive and painful surgeries, such as double hip replacement. Based on scientific studies, a long slow death will be dragged across one or two decades, rather than the short and abrupt death healthy elderly experience.

If a guy or a girl chooses to be obese, that is their problem. If they push the belief that it is ok to live an abusive and unhealthy life on to others -- it is evil, in every definition of the word.

(And with great irony, as forum regulars & blog readers will have figured out by now, modern day feminism and fat acceptance is the embodiment of end-game capitalism, a consumer who borrows the maximum amount of money for an expensive college degree, a house, a car, only to sit in a chair in an office for their entire life, which requires expensive health insurance and endless prescriptions of pharmaceuticals.)

I'll back off on attacking a girl for being fat. But, when she says that lifestyle is ok for others, have at it.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - The Beast1 - 06-24-2013 03:21 PM

Honestly, there are two sides of me on this issue.

I recognize it as an issue. It pains me seeing guys struggling with finding decent women. It's even more hilarious as girls ride the carousel and think they're top self quality when in reality there is nothing that sets them apart from the stock. Narcissism is high with these people.

However, on the flip side, this environment directly benefits me. I love being one of the horses on the carousel. Having decent game, a job/hobbies, and going to the gym makes for one hell of an attractive man.

It's not hard to be apart of the carousel at least in my experience. This past weekend, I found myself getting attention from 7s and 8s just by being present and smiling at them.

That is gold to me! I used to never get attention like that in high school. A girl just looks at me and smiles. Bam! Game on. I made my girlfriend super jealous as one girl came up and just started touching me.

So I'm on a fence, I don't mind being apart of the US carousel. Eventually, I do want to get married so I figure I'll join a church somewhere and marry a 6 or 7 "girl next door" and call it a day.

It sucks because the system directly benefits players like myself and others. Do I hate on the game or the player?

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - Master Of My Own Kingdom - 06-24-2013 04:01 PM

Anyway, I love how sustained economical prosperity and developed technology are factors who do not make existence easy for men on the dating field, instead it pressures us to reach new levels of excellence, to step our game up so to speak.

RE: Will the American dating scene ever change? - Atilla - 06-24-2013 04:38 PM

(06-23-2013 12:36 PM)houston Wrote:  It's somewhat good for players because girls are so quick to drop their panties but almost impossible for guys who don't know what they're doing.

Based on my experiences with American and European girls, I’ve realized that the US isn’t even the better place for racking up notches.

If you want to get laid tonight and you’re not picky about what a girl’s face looks like, then yes, the US is one of the best spots for a one-night stand with an ugly or fat girl.

The median number of sexual partners for an American woman is three by 24, and about four in her lifetime – this figure is higher if the girl is fat or ugly and lower if she’s attractive. The median for men is four by 24, and eight in his lifetime. I’m tired of hearing all the time about how America is this wild free-for-all sex paradise because while it may be much better than many parts of the world, Europe wins hands-down.

9s and 10s in the US tend to be very egotistical and don't usually have relaxed attitudes about sex. You may see some exceptions here and there, but the typical hot girl in the US is just holding out for the best-looking high-status man she can find, and probably won’t even have sex with him for at least several weeks, and more often than not until they are in a committed relationship. There’s a much stricter standard for what makes a man “good-looking” or “high-status” in the US as well. There’s a strict standard about practically everything actually and that’s why even the best-looking high-status players here lower their standards drastically for sex when they wouldn’t have to do that abroad.

Social media surely exacerbates many problems, but I’ve noticed this even since high school 10-15 years ago. I always have culture shock seeing how European 9s and 10s act almost just like any other girls, with the egotism far from reaching the levels in the US. There are quite attractive American girls with both average- and good-looking boyfriends (and it’s normally from being in the same social circle), but generally these girls don’t put out quickly, they're the least active in the bedroom, and they’re the least crazy at parties. The “slutty hot girls” are almost always cockteases dancing sexy with other girls or with their boyfriends, or modeling like sluts in photos, but even the best-looking guys here don’t just grab 9s and 10s, get all sexual with them, and fuck them that night.

Again, there are exceptions to every rule, but that’s how American 9s and 10s generally are and that’s why both first- and even second-generation Latinas are considered to be the easy ones here. Yeah, you’ll probably have to take them out on a few dates, but hot Latinas are much less uptight about sex than hot white-Americans because there isn't such an egotistical and hypergamous attitude.

Besides, for every “exceptional” American girl, there’s a far superior French, German, or Russian exception. You’re just overall more likely to get sex from a hot girl in Europe than you are in the US. It’s much more relaxed and natural.

So basically, American women aren’t valuable for anything.