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Website to help select clothes - Cladwell - Arado - 05-19-2014 07:53 PM

I searched the archives but no one else has mentioned it yet. Alpha M devoted a video to it recently.

You put in basic info about yourself and what you are looking to buy and your budget and it spits out recommendations. Looks decent so far, though I haven't bought anything off the site. Anyone with more expertise can say whether this gives legit recommendations or is just trying to get commission?

RE: Website to help select clothes - Cladwell - PIV - 05-28-2014 12:45 PM

I checked it out after your link, and got a couple buddies at my office to try it out as well. We all put in random different information for our self-descriptions, although mine was perfectly accurate. The color palette they picked for me just happens to be most of what I wear, so it seems legit. There is a couple things though that sketch me out about your link:

1) It's written like a "romance" novel. Gay Quite literally, here's a quote:
Quote:These are the best colors that go with your complexion. "But Cladwell, can I wear other colors?" - you ask. "Yes. You can," we answer while gazing off in the distances with a knowing smile...

2) Even when I specify the price of the clothing I'd prefer, there is invariably a cheap, shitty option, one about the price I requested, and something that is expensive enough to induce an aneurism in the elderly.

3) My friends and I all got largely congruent recommendations despite different body types, preferences, colors specified in our survey. Also doesn't skin color actually have an effect on which clothes look good on you? I think they left this out to be PC.

Cladwell looks like a good service, especially for people who want to look great without shopping around too much and when price isn't as much of an object. As for myself, I think I'm sticking to brick-and-mortar or Jackthreads.