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RE: Netflix Thread - TheSlayer - 08-20-2016 11:01 PM

(08-20-2016 10:44 PM)Off The Reservation Wrote:  Man Up

One of the funniest movies I have ever seen...

[Image: MV5BMTUzODcxNDcxMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODE1...68_AL_.jpg]

Is it actually good though? I saw it and passed on it thinking that it would be another typical Hollywood romantic comedy with a beta guy.

RE: Netflix Thread - Soundbyte - 08-20-2016 11:14 PM

i Zombie is pretty good. The CW sometimes puts out ok shows.
[Image: latest?cb=20150515005216]

Limitless is also great to watch.

[Image: 1efd7c3f-9720-4de7-955f-ddac559759b0.jpg]

RE: Netflix Thread - spokepoker - 08-21-2016 01:18 AM

I've been watching the last Star Trek series, "Enterprise" off netflix, and also caught the last season of Voyager.
I watched TNG growing up, I remember a party at the neighbors place when that first aired, my parents were big trekkies. I didn't enjoy that series until the end, it just seemed boring to me as a kid. I really liked DS9, though the first part of it was boring. I only was able to catch Voyager off and on, and then I never really watched any of Enterprise.
So far, I like Enterprise, it's fairly action packed and doesn't have too much fruity bullshit like TNG, the last season of Voyager was ok, but I only watched it to see how they got home.

I hope the new Star Trek series, "Discovery" is good, I'm pretty sure the beginning of the series will start off slow, they all do. Apparently it takes place just after "Enterprise".

RE: Netflix Thread - Cr33pin - 10-30-2016 05:47 PM

(08-10-2016 03:01 PM)DarianFrey Wrote:  Recommending Last Chance U.

It's a documentary series about troubled but talented young college football players that get one last chance to make it big. Centered on a community college in the middle of nowhere in Mississippi where everything is about football.

Be on the lookout for the divorced single mom that just hit the wall, who works as a study counselor for the college. Her main mission is to make sure the youngs football studs make their grades in order to continue playing for the school. I get the feeling she's been banged out by every football player who's passed through the school.

Also interesting to get a glimpse into the life of athletes about to go big. Their mindset, discipline and worries. And the pussy being thrown at them 24/7.

Well said Sir

I found this show to be very entertaining and like it really pulls you into these kids life and the towns life... which is basically all about college football. It's just crazy that the season they happened to film that series is the season all that unfolded. It's only 6 episodes I believe. Anyone who has Netflix should definitely give this a watch!

(I also think the single mom lady was getting ran through by a lot of football players that passed through that program)

RE: Netflix Thread - Oz. - 11-03-2016 11:49 AM

American Beauty (1999)

great movie has good character development and a fluid transition over a decent amount of time, watched it yesterday and definitely recommend.

RE: Netflix Thread - Hell_Is_Like_Newark - 11-03-2016 12:18 PM

(07-18-2016 05:48 PM)HermeticAlly Wrote:  Finished watching the show today - very impressed with it from start to finish. Well plotted, well acted, and I loved the blend of influences from the best of the 80s. Also, what a delight it is to watch a show that doesn't have any preachy SJW agenda or political correctness in it.

I liked also how the revealed the monster in jarring bits and pieces at first. Sort of like the original Jaws... not seeing it is more intense that having it revealed right away.

Plus, the monster didn't seem to be 100% CGI, which I found made it more of a joy to watch.

Hopefully they will keep the quality up when season 2 comes out.

RE: Netflix Thread - Nascimento - 11-14-2016 03:15 PM

Any recent TV show recommendations?

RE: Netflix Thread - HonantheBarbarian - 11-14-2016 04:19 PM

Nas, I think I mentioned it in another TV show thread, but goddamn I just finished all the seasons of Borgia and it kicks so much ass its not even funny.

[Image: Borgia-Wallpaper-borgia-38560865-1920-1200.jpg]

Oozing with red pill, dark, deviant, violent. I loved every second.

[Image: 250px-BorgiaFrenchTVPoster.jpg]

Not to be confused with "The Borgia", which is a similar show but not as good. This one is simply titled "Borgia".

RE: Netflix Thread - LeoneVolpe - 11-14-2016 04:39 PM

^ I've been extremely interested in seeing "Borgia." Right now, I'm still working on "The Borgias," though. In case you couldn't tell by my avatar, I'm a YUGE fan of Niccolo Machiavelli, and it's always interesting to see how they incorporate him into shows about the Borgia family.

RE: Netflix Thread - Nascimento - 11-17-2016 09:07 AM

Damn! Borgia isn't available on Canadian netflix. Once again we're shafted Dodgy

I'll look into it elsewhere though, thanks.

RE: Netflix Thread - Gmac - 11-17-2016 06:15 PM

Narcos Season 2
Black Mirror Season 3

RE: Netflix Thread - OGNorCal707 - 11-18-2016 01:05 AM

The Get Down is badass, especially awesome if you're a fan of hip-hop music, culture, history, etc.

RE: Netflix Thread - Malone - 11-18-2016 04:15 AM

Rick and Morty, if it hasn't been mentioned already, is the cats ass.

Going to have to go through this thread and find some more stuff to watch.

RE: Netflix Thread - Hallasan - 11-21-2016 07:46 AM

Anyone else sick and tired of all the Netflix Original content? I get that that's the best way for them to be more legitimized and make money but jeez the choices they make are so cheesy and/or liberal. "Iliza" and "Chelsea", for example. I guess there are tons of girls using Netflix so they're just playing to their audience but ugh, shitty for men.

RE: Netflix Thread - HonantheBarbarian - 11-21-2016 06:02 PM

Have you given The Last Kingdom a watch?

Agreed there are too many of them but some Netflix content is great.

RE: Netflix Thread - Leonard D Neubache - 11-30-2016 06:14 AM

I watched the first 15 minutes of the new Shooter series. Excuse me for choosing this venue to throw up in...

Opening scene: Bob Lee Swagger has apparently been recast as a wimpy nu-male fag animal rights ninja. After shooting a trap to save a curious wolf, he rescues another wolf from a trap by tranquillising it and, I-shit-you-not, administering a dose of antibiotics for the wound the animal has sustained. He then confronts two hunters who're predictably ridiculous villain hunter stereotypes straight out of the liberal textbook (one of them tosses an empty beer bottle against a rock for fucks sake). He derides one of them for using a .223 (yes, the same 5.56 the world's largest military uses in their standard issue rifle) because it's "not powerful enough to kill anything bigger than a squirrel". Predictably they attack him and he kung-fus them before shooting them with tranq darts.

Go, Planet!

[Image: captain-planet-01.jpg]

Job well done, he returns home to his wife and daughter in their remote lakeside cabin. You can really get a feel for just how remote it is by the huge city you can see on the other side of the lake. At this point I'm thinking "oh, they're continuing on from the end of the movie, and he's married the girl and sired a daughter". And it turns out he's a swell father and stand-up husband. Just the sweetest guy ever. Hard to believe he's a troubled war vet with a kill list longer than his emaciated arms. And with such baby smooth skin that he looks like he ought to be trying his first beer or grabbing his first tit (suspension.... of disbelief.... failing....)

Nope. Complete do-over. Boy-band Lee Swagger is approached by his black friend in the Secret Service (who is of course black because Boy-band Lee Swagger is a politically correct nu-male) about a possible hit on the President, supposed to be carried out by a bogeyman sniper from Boy-band Lee Swagger's dark past. It turns out the evil sniper killed his best friend Donny, who was also black, back in who-gives-a-shit-istan.

Then along comes this gem...

Sorry to sound like a nit-picking SOB but when your whole show is about a fucking sniper then I expect you to get your gun shit 100 percent correct. Flashback to Donny getting killed. Boy-band Lee Swagger gets hit first. "I heard it before I felt it".

Fuck, really? The elite Chechen sniper was using an unsuppressed subsonic round, from what, two fucking feet away?

"Strike two", I'm thinking, but I am merciful.

What seems like five seconds later: "we found his victim (chechyan sniper) in a forest. He took the shot at 1400 yards (or whatever stupid distance)".

I start hyperventilating. My wife braces for a rant she's not going to understand in the slightest. "It's ok", I chuckle hysterically, "they're not going to have the guy in an actual, proper, dense forest. They're going to show the shot being taken from the opposite side of a valley or something.

Nope. A guy in a dense, green forest, shot line of sight from a roughly level trajectory. In a forest. Where you can't see the forest for the trees. Where there is no such thing as a 100 yard shot, much less a 1000 yard shot.

"Fucking fuck!".*click*

It would seem that whatever fruity, liberal arts group was tasked with making this series was so utterly allergic to anyone who has actually, oh I don't know, ever owned and operated a firearm that they steadfastly refused to take advice from any number of sources that would have gladly provided it for free.

It's as if they actually went out of their way to make it stupid.

So fuck you, Ryan Philippe, you baby faced, much older wife having, scrawny, no gun knowing about, politically correct friend choosing, across the lake from a city living, guns in an open damp location keeping, adjustable wrench gunsmithing, hardened vet at age 14 pretending nu-male fag.

That Marky Mark had anything to do with this steaming pile of dogshit is beyond me.

Behold, how the horrors of war can rip the mortal years from a young man's face!

[Image: Ryan-Philippe-Large-Cover.jpg]

RE: Netflix Thread - spokepoker - 11-30-2016 07:13 AM

That's a shame. I had briefly heard there was going to be a 'Shooter' series, and I was thinking "Fuck Yeah!, That'll be fucking awesome!".

RE: Netflix Thread - MCMV - 11-30-2016 09:15 AM

We have to find a way to watch US library of Netflix from Europe. Does anyone know a way? Because Europe Netflix library has only %17 of what USA Netflix have.

RE: Netflix Thread - Oz. - 12-03-2016 01:02 AM

[Image: Bojack%20Horseman.jpg]

Had a good laugh watching this show

RE: Netflix Thread - CynicalContrarian - 12-04-2016 05:48 AM

Published on Dec 2, 2016
When an otherworldly force wreaks havoc on a war-torn European city, an engineer teams up with an elite Special Ops unit to stop it.
Release date - 9th of Dec.

RE: Netflix Thread - Kurgan - 12-04-2016 07:41 PM

The shows that I like on Netflix:

Bob's Burgers
Stranger Things
Bojack Horseman

I've also been watching Saved by the Bell from the beginning, watching it now oozes with stereotypes.

RE: Netflix Thread - JoyStick - 12-04-2016 11:55 PM

The 100 is addictively entertaining

RE: Netflix Thread - ElFlaco - 12-05-2016 12:22 AM

(11-30-2016 06:14 AM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  I watched the first 15 minutes of the new Shooter series. Excuse me for choosing this venue to throw up in...

Opening scene: Bob Lee Swagger has apparently been recast as a wimpy nu-male fag animal rights ninja.

I've seen three episodes so far, am liking it. I haven't read the book or seen the movie, so no expectations going in. It has a 24 or Homeland vibe. Looking for realism is going to disappoint.

RE: Netflix Thread - Louis Bloom - 12-06-2016 01:57 PM

"Nightcrawler" is available instant stream, I obviously recommend it.

RE: Netflix Thread - heavy - 12-06-2016 02:13 PM

Peaky Blinders. For the theme song...
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]