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RE: Netflix Thread - CaptainChardonnay - 10-28-2018 10:41 PM

Terrorism close calls

RE: Netflix Thread - Enoch - 10-31-2018 02:20 PM

Babylon Berlin is an excellent drama series.

Recommend watching in German with ENG subs rather than the dubbed English version.

Great soundtrack, fantastic 1930s Germany visuals. For anyone who has lived and/or traveled extensively in Germany it is especially interesting.

RE: Netflix Thread - Humpty Pump n Dumpty - 11-02-2018 09:06 AM

House of cards season 6 is utter dog shit. Couldn’t even get through one episode. Actually decided to switch to amazon prime after this.

RE: Netflix Thread - Tiger Man - 11-02-2018 02:16 PM

(11-02-2018 09:06 AM)Humpty Pump n Dumpty Wrote:  House of cards season 6 is utter dog shit. Couldn’t even get through one episode. Actually decided to switch to amazon prime after this.

Yeah, well, once they caved to Robin Wright's salary demands in (I think) season 4, it was coming apart. They promote the character to be Frank's equal. And, now, they have to overreact to Spacey's pederasty by allowing Wright to literally run the show.

That said, I don't know if you are going to find the Amazon Original shows to be much better.

RE: Netflix Thread - captain_shane - 11-02-2018 11:00 PM

This should be a good season. It's going to follow Kiki Camarena who was tortured by the cartels after he helped bring down a 2500 acre weed farm. El Chapo's in it as well.

RE: Netflix Thread - Buddydowrongright2 - 11-03-2018 02:17 AM

Castlevania May look like gay anime but it’s awesome

RE: Netflix Thread - [email protected] - 11-03-2018 03:39 AM

When I was on a plane to Ukraine a few months ago I also thought Castlevania looked weak just by looking at the cover but it was extremely well done. I was pretty hooked and ended up marathoning it.

RE: Netflix Thread - Tiger Man - 11-06-2018 05:25 PM

(10-31-2018 02:20 PM)Enoch Wrote:  Babylon Berlin is an excellent drama series.

Recommend watching in German with ENG subs rather than the dubbed English version.

Great soundtrack, fantastic 1930s Germany visuals. For anyone who has lived and/or traveled extensively in Germany it is especially interesting.

Started watching Babylon Berlin. Very interesting.

I can't help but see some (cough) cultural (cough) similarities between the Germany of the show and contemporary America.

On another note, I just finished Derren Brown: Sacrifice. I have seen, I believe, all of Brown's specials and shows. I used to like him a lot more. With the exception of Push, his last several specials/shows have all been issue driven. He has done a few on his avowed atheism and he did one about being gay. This most recent one was replete with pro-immigration, anti-wall, anti-nativism rhetoric. It's a US-based special, and he chose a Florida based man (based man) as his "mark". The show was interesting to watch, but the politicking took me right out of it. There is even a scene in which he analyzes the guy's DNA to show him he is 1.9% Jewish and .9% Latino. Slow clap.

I know this special had Netflix involvement, so... compromised. But, if Brown continues on this path, I don't think I'm going to bother with much more of his stuff. It's not even the politics, per se. It is the question of why an English magician suddenly has the "inspiration" to do a show in America about Mexican immigrants and racism. Brown isn't Penn & Teller. His old shows were never even remotely political.

Edit: I forgot to add another show (because I thought I had already mentioned it).

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell. First, give me a break, I was watching on the insistence of a girl. Second, I cannot possibly rate this show. The only reason I mention it is to ask - Who is this show for? It's a cooking show, I guess? The main character is a strange-looking woman who bakes things while talking to camera. But, she also has Jim Henson puppets that she talks to. So, is it a kid's show? But one of the puppets is a nymphomaniac taxidermied raccoon. And, the puppets try to kill people. And, they use sex toys. And. And. So, who is this for? Also, Dita Von Teese is a slutty mirror ghost. And, there is a dude who chants satanic prayers in Latin. And. And. Who IS THIS FOR? Is it for gay guys? Do they bake? Is it for slutty emo chicks?

I have no way to properly describe this show. I wouldn't advise watching it. It isn't particularly entertaining.


RE: Netflix Thread - Enoch - 11-07-2018 05:38 PM

Yeah, its not shows focus, but it has a pretty honest depiction of cultural change (decay) in early Weimar who Germany and doesn't shy away from who was behind it.

RE: Netflix Thread - Steve McQueen - 11-07-2018 05:55 PM

(08-11-2018 06:05 PM)TigerMandingo Wrote:  "I am a Killer" was a great docu series. In the same vein, I'm really impressed with "the confession tapes" which deals with cops and they dirty tactics they use to coerce confessions out of (alleged) perps.

Episodes 1 and 2 especially are riveting. I honestly couldnt tell if those two teens committed the murder or not. Check it out and let me know what you guys think.

I think innocent, really felt sorry for them. Those confessions were a disgrace but what makes me wonder a little is the shower evidence. That can be reasonably diminished if you consider the Islamic hit squad alternative as the killer would surely have left some evidence behind unless he shaved all of his hair, something Islamic terrorists do. Im 80 percent sure innocent, definitely should have gotten at least a retrial.

The jurors seemed to have been biased against them also, along with the coercion of the Japanese friend. Something stinks.

RE: Netflix Thread - Emancipator - 12-02-2018 03:45 AM

More degeneracy from Netflix

[Image: 057g1y5qcf021.png?width=573&auto...284f72a730]

RE: Netflix Thread - HeHe - 12-02-2018 10:18 AM

Netflix is turning out to be bad business

RE: Netflix Thread - Steve McQueen - 12-02-2018 11:49 AM

Just binge watched all three seasons of El Chapo, subtitled not dubbed. Great show, worth a look

RE: Netflix Thread - Windom Earle - 12-29-2018 05:08 AM

New Black Mirror instalment is interesting.

It’s interactive, and you get to choose what the protagonist does every few mins or so.

RE: Netflix Thread - ilostabet - 01-02-2019 10:24 AM

I finished watching the show Ozark yesterday and I think it deserves a review of sorts. I originally posted a few points in this thread when I started watching, which I'll add here.

SPOILERS, obviously.

The show has been compared to, and follows more or less the same formula of, Breaking Bad: normal guy/family slowly spiral into a world of crime. There are two main differences to the formula: one is that the whole family gets involved instead of only the father – there is a flashback episode where we see that husband and wife get into it together, the show is set ten years later and the kids (teenage girl, pre-teen boy) are now aware of the criminal activities, and the whole show is predicated on the 'family' aspect. The other main difference is there is no particular reason for them to be involved in the criminal world, other than money itself. Whereas in Breaking Bad the main character finds he has cancer while having a pregnant wife, handicapped kid, no savings and no medical insurance to cover the treatment – therefore giving him many reasons to opt for a criminal enterprise. Besides this, there is a frustration to the character as he is an under-appreciated and under-paid genius that finally gets to be top dog, or at least try. So it's a 'will to power' story as well.

Ozark has none of this. The main character (Marty, played by Jason Bateman) is a numbers guy, mildly autistic and largely emotionless, that launders money for a Mexican drug cartel. His wife is cheating on him, his partner is an informant to the FBI that gets killed by the cartel, and he is more or less forced to move to the Ozarks, a redneck, middle-of-nowhere, lake-town to launder money for the cartel, as Chicago was just 'too hot' at the moment with FBI – this is the agreement he makes so that both of he and his family can stay alive.

This premise made no economic sense to me. The main cartel guy just trusts Marty with 50 million dollars because he is so smart and off they go to the countryside to find business to 'invest' in and launder the drug money. I'll suspend my disbelief, ok. At least I get to see nice landscapes.

I haven't watched many recent shows but it seems to be a trend with the ones I have watched (either entirely or partially): all characters (other than, maybe, the children) are morally reprehensible in all sorts of ways, and you cannot feel sympathy when bad stuff happens to them or empathize with their dilemmas; or, as is the case with the pastor, they are good-natured and well-intentioned but naive and helpless idiots. This, I believe, is to convey the idea that acting morally is a sort of mental deficiency, that 'enlightened' people are above basic ethical behavior, not because they can get away with it, but even if they don't - it's just something 'smart' and 'interesting' people do. If you are a decent person, have a wife you don't cheat on, treat others with respect, tell the truth, work hard and don't steal, etc, you are, by necessity, intellectually inferior and also boring as hell. Because if you weren't, you would cut corners and do whatever you want with no regards for others, like all the 'enlightened' people do.

There are a few interesting characters, but they are secondary and not of much importance to the story, or given much screen time.

All the main characters are pieces of shit – and not necessarily out of self-interest. Example: there is a rival family-cartel of rednecks that produces heroin and most of their actions are simply self-destructive, both for them and their business, something I interpret as inorganic plot-devices due to lazy writing. This is especially true of the women in the show (a point I will explore later). They pass these off as the rednecks having 'honor' and respecting their 'heritage' – I guess to paint these concepts as bad things, because the way they are framed is definitely bad. And, of course, they don't make any sense. In one instance, Marty gets the two cartels talking and reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. But the redneck wife shoots the main Mexican guy in the head because he used the word 'redneck'. While it was mildly insulting, you wonder how they got so far as drug kingpins if they sabotage their economic interests in this way. The truth is, they wouldn't.

Another point that doesn't add up: the redneck cartel is headed by 60 year old husband and wife, the Snells, and they are always talking of heritage and keeping the family influence in the region, and all they do is justified in this manner, yadayadayada. Yet, they have no children and it's clarified later that it is not because she was infertile. Again, lazy writing and character development.

It wouldn't be a Netflix show in the current year without some diversity. Three episodes in, the two FBI agents in charge of the investigation are revealed to be ex-boyfriends (one is black, of course; the other is, appropriately, a psychopath). They make sure to show us the white sodomite getting a blowjob and gagging a male prostitute (if they went any further in the depiction it would be full blown porn). What the fuck is wrong with these people? They have to insert sodomites into everything. The agents could have been the same exact characters without us knowing anything about their sexual proclivities. But of course they have to jam that sodomy pill down everyone's throats.

And right away on episodes four and five, they set up and deliver yet another progressive cliché.
The white sodomite is undercover in the small town and to further his investigation he pretends to befriend an ex-con redneck that is involved, if only tangentially, with the main character. He does this by offering the guy money to show him fly-fishing spots. Redneck accepts.

At one point while fishing, he mentions he dated a 'total psychopath' (he's the actual psychopath, whereas the black guy plays the fictional 'normal gay'). The redneck says 'well, I hope that she was at least hot' or something of the sort, to which the sodomite replies 'it was a he, not a she'. Redneck is taken aback, disgusted and sort of scared. 'Don't worry, I only fuck men that want to be fucked', says the noble sodomite, trying to break down social taboos among the backward savages. End of scene. Later, in the redneck's backyard, the sodomite offers him more money to show him other spots for fishing. Being the raging homophobe that he is, he declines with prejudice. His cousin, who listened to the conversation, asks him why he didn't take the money, to which the redneck replies 'he's a fucking faggot'.

Next episode, the redneck ends up seeking out the sodomite to accept his offer. I knew where this was going immediately. We would be presented with the age-old fantasy of classic leftist projection, that every homophobe is just a closeted homo, and all that anger and disgust would vanish if they simply 'accepted themselves as they are'. I just didn't think it would play out so fast and so in your face. Within the same episode, we see the sodomite try to kiss the redneck, earning him a beating, and then, five or so minutes later in the show, the redneck showing up at the sodomite's house for some sodomy. It's the fastest I've seen this cliché displayed. And of course the redneck 'falls in love' and they start making plans as if they were a couple, because we all know that sodomites are really into monogamy and are totally normal. In the end, the FBI agent was just using him and threatens to reveal his sodomite tendencies to society.

The rednecks are also pretty much cookie-cutter, with the exception of the teenage boy, which is smarter than the rest of them and doesn't really fit and a girl, which is also smarter, but morally reprehensible. The rednecks show family loyalty and respect for heritage, but only for stupid shit. For example, their respect for heritage is to keep on being thieves and they nail this point so much it is absurd. The father gets out of jail and while his daughter (the smart one) is trying to get big money by learning the 'laundering' business, he makes sure to rob liquor stores to make a point that this type of small-time crookery is their 'heritage'. Essentially, the message is: you are either an atomized cosmopolitan or if you have some type of family affiliation and tradition, it's based on crime and stupidity.

Season 2 introduces two things: politics and female empowerment. Let's start with politics.

It portrays the real corruption of the political process: bribery, blackmail, skeletons in the closet. All true. But it makes sure to nail the point that they are all Christian. We all know about the Evangelical involvement in shady stuff, but they paint it as if we were still in the Reagan era. Total leftist projection. Anyway, the politics stuff is also pretty boring – also because it signifies the increased involvement and agency of the main character's wife, Wendy.

And now we get to the 'female empowerment' portion. Wendy basically becomes a psychopath – with even less scruples than her husband and defying him at every turn, because she knows better. She orchestrates all the worse things they do, including murders and baby-stealing, yet they try to portray this as 'female empowerment'. She wasn't likable in season one, and becomes disgustingly evil in season two. While Marty gets a human side and actually shows regret for once, and seems to be affected by all the death and destruction they caused, the wife is on a war path to be the worst person in the whole world. Meanwhile, the daughter is dating the smart redneck kid (but not banging him – they just smoke weed and are all melancholic) after putting out for chad and getting alpha widowed when summer's over. Boring.

Another female empowerment point: since the Mexican guy was killed, the new face of the cartel is a woman – a white, 50 year old divorced attorney that is always mentioning how she 'misses her kids'. Because, you know, women can have it all. The idea that a Mexican cartel would have a white woman as the second in command is extremely funny – but it doesn't really translate to entertainment as it's treated seriously.

The other female shown prominently to be 'empowered' is Darlene, from the redneck cartel, the one that shot the Mexican guy and is completely and utterly unreasonable at every fucking step. I have never seen a more unreasonable character. Even a meth-head would have more sense than her, supposedly because she honors 'heritage' as I mentioned. But everything she does is counterproductive.

This shit gets really in your face towards the end of season two in a specific episode: all female characters are shown to 'stand up' to their male counterparts (wives to husbands, daughters to fathers, etc). This is supposed to be a good thing but it's funny because all of their actions are objectively bad and destructive, to them and those they supposedly care about. So the lesson that a normal person would take is: really bad things happen when women disobey their men. But leftists are not normal. So despite all the bad things caused by female disobedience, the male characters either give in or get killed, so that female empowerment can reign free and wreck some more lives.

Given this orgy of leftist tropes, of course it got renewed. So I'm really looking forward to season three where we find out that the head of the Mexican cartel is transgender and uses drug money to champion LGBT+ rights.

In short, the show is a not so subtle vehicle for progressive propaganda, as all Netflix shows now seem to be. It is also not particularly well written and you have to fight hard to suspend your disbelief. The best I can say is that it has a nice setting and interesting shots at times.

3/10, WNWA.

RE: Netflix Thread - nomadbrah - 01-02-2019 01:04 PM

The Haunting of Hill House is very boring and yet again an example of fake news media and their paid "raving reviews".

It might also set a record for interracial couples. All 3 white women with 3 non-white partners, which of course statistically is the least likely to happen, but hey, knock yourself out Netflix, I'll just cancel my trial again.

RE: Netflix Thread - Moses_ - 01-04-2019 05:24 AM

Anyone watch birdbox yet?

RE: Netflix Thread - Cr33pin - 01-04-2019 03:53 PM

(01-04-2019 05:24 AM)Moses_ Wrote:  Anyone watch birdbox yet?

Can't see this post...... can't see anything
[Image: Bird-Box-400x200.jpg]

RE: Netflix Thread - atlant - 01-05-2019 12:48 AM

Nah sorry, Ozark is a pretty great show.

Bird Box on the other hand is garbage. Go seek out a little known movie called Pontypool if you want to see a more interesting take on a similar concept.

RE: Netflix Thread - la bodhisattva - 01-11-2019 09:33 PM

I attempted Bodyguard with Richard Madden. A trailer for it caught my eye and it seemed to do well during "awards season," which nowadays can usually be more accurately used to know what things to avoid rather than watch.

*Minor, possible inconsequential spoilers for first half of episode 1*

Within the first 30 minutes of the first episode we have the main character traveling on a train with his two kids. There are suspicious ASIAN men on the train. Information is sent out that a possible suicide bomber is on a London-bound train. Things get tense. The main character asks a random black woman to watch his kids as he attempts to save the day. The POC heroically and selflessly complies. An Asian man exits the loo but is deemed a non-threat. Catastrophe avoided...or so they think. Main character enters to the shiter to clear it, is startled to find a female suicide bomber in tears as her thumb nervously hovers over the detonation button. The MC sees her fear and begins to talk her down. He shows her pictures of his kids, being a woman, and biologically incapable of harming anything less powerful than herself, the Asian woman in a hijab acquiesces as her innate goodness and superior humanity take over. This is confirmed by the MC who states the obvious, that she is a victim to her evil husband's manipulation.

The anti-terrorist unit, headed by another black woman, awaits at the train station to take out the bomber. The MC remains with the Asian female, who is standing in the bathroom unseen by any law enforcement. The POC commander boards the train prepared to eliminate the threat. The white knight MC refuses move away from the Asian bitch to prevent a clear shot. As he speaks to the ATU commander, the sniper gets in position, another woman. He then literally hugs the terrorist cunt and proceeds to spin around in controlled, soothing circles to further prevent the chick sniper from getting a shot. His demands for a terrorist negotiator or some shit are finally heeded. A female negotiator struts onto the train and disarms the bomb. The would-be murderer of hundreds is slowly and lovingly escorted off the train by the hand as her is husband is slammed off the next car over by men in decked out in SWAT gear. The MC tells the terrorist that she says safe and he can't hurt her anymore.

That was the first 36 minutes of a six-hour series. I won't continue.

RE: Netflix Thread - Rotten - 01-11-2019 11:31 PM

That Asian woman in the hijab turns out to be the main villain/mastermind of the series.

When the main character asks “why didn’t u blow me up?” She says “lol you sucker, you were offering a pussy pass so I took it in order to do more damage.”

So that’s sort of red pill, but you have to sit through a metric ton of politically correct bullshit to get there (the worst of which is watching this mr Robb Stark main character romance this busted, over the hill, short haired neocon feminist).

RE: Netflix Thread - Neo2 - 01-13-2019 10:40 AM

(01-11-2019 09:33 PM)la bodhisattva Wrote:  That was the first 36 minutes of a six-hour series. I won't continue.

I thought so, too. But it turns out to be quite ok, it's nearly literally only the first 36 minutes. Not too much pc crap afterwards.

RE: Netflix Thread - Player_1337 - 01-13-2019 12:26 PM

Anyone heard of the original series, "The Ranch"? It's essentially a formulaic Chuck Lorre (Two and Half Men, Big Bang Theory) sitcom with a laugh track. The whole thrust of the show is that it takes place in rural America (and not a major city like every other sitcom). Poorly written and infinitely unfunny. I don't know how this shit was ever green lit-- and proves the whole 'Netflix exclusive' branding has lost it's cache in recent years.

Proves Ashton Kutcher was always a no-talent (basically playing himself, with zero dramatic chops). He's a tall, good looking guy who got lucky (remember his shitty Steve Jobs portrayal that everyone immediately forgot about after the Fassbender film 'Jobs'?). The whole thing feels like vanity project and excuse to hook up his former co-star from That 70's Show (Danny Masterson) with a gig, who likely hasn't worked in any significant capacity since that show went off the air.

RE: Netflix Thread - BaatumMania - 01-13-2019 12:33 PM

(01-13-2019 12:26 PM)Player_1337 Wrote:  Anyone heard of the original series, "The Ranch"? It's essentially a formulaic Chuck Lorre (Two and Half Men, Big Bang Theory) sitcom with a laugh track. Poorly written and infinitely unfunny. I don't know how this shit was ever green lit.

Proves Ashton Kutcher was always a no-talent (basically playing himself, with zero dramatic chops). He's a tall, good looking guy who got lucky. The whole thing even feels like vanity project and excuse to hook up his former co-star from That 70's Show (Danny Masterson) with a gig who likely hasn't worked since that show went off the air.

I had no idea the man in the show was Danny Amsterson. A lot of actors become unrecognizable when they put on 20 kilograms...

Also a lot of syndicated shows have actors / actresses who quit acting. My theory is they all get fat syndication checks and lose incentive to work. So you're getting $3,000+ every month (for doing nothing) like it's a pension and then the other job offers you get are crummy so you just decide to stay home and become a druggie / alcoholic.

That's my theory why pretty much everyone from Star Trek (except Patrick Stewart) either went into full retirement or near-retirement (some of them went into directing instead).

RE: Netflix Thread - Windom Earle - 01-14-2019 08:49 AM

I’m 2 episodes into “You”.

Premise is basically a well-read, tech savvy Elliot Rodgers type eliminating threats that get in the way of him being with the chick he’s obsessed with.

Reasonably captivating so far.