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Best App/Service/Phone for International Phone calls. - Nemencine - 10-02-2014 07:51 PM

Does anybody know of a good app or service or phone for making quality but cheap international phone calls to Asia and Africa. Especially to Africa. Due to the nature of my business, i will be making(and taking) a lot of international phone calls to and fro these two continents. Bear in mind that my clients in these continents will have different kinds of phones and services.

I ship refurbished computers to clients in Africa and Asia, and I currently use Boss Revolution .

Due to the coming expansion in my business, the number of phone calls will increase dramatically. I will be making numerous international phone calls every other day, lasting around 15 to 40 minutes; on top of that, i will be making and taking multiple long distance domestic calls fielding suppliers.

Additional services like call forwarding, text messages, will be welcomed too. video chatting is optional.

Any experience with Rebtel? How about Viber?

Did a search in RVF database, and I came up with these threads:

Not very useful.

Any ideas? I will appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


RE: Best App/Service/Phone for International Phone calls. - DVY - 10-02-2014 08:08 PM

The two big ones to Asia are Whatsapp and LINE.

Cant say about Africa, but its likely the same.

RE: Best App/Service/Phone for International Phone calls. - BCien - 10-02-2014 08:11 PM

If you've got an unlocked cellphone or t-mobile check these guys out
I dont know exactly where you call but you get a 1000 free minutes to some countries with unlimited domestic minutes for as low as $29.
Check em out

RE: Best App/Service/Phone for International Phone calls. - paninaro - 10-02-2014 09:53 PM

First work out how you need to access it. If it works with your computer (like a headset and stuff), then do you plan to be on your computer all the time and have it on? If it's an app and it uses the data network, then is that network good enough at the times you need to take and receive calls?

I use and I have a device that plugs right into my internet router. Then I plug a normal phone into that. So the number rings right on my desk, and doesn't rely on my computer or mobile phone. As long as my internet connection is up, it works.

The on their website, I manage it like have voicemails sent to email, and can have it forwarded to a normal (landline/mobile) if I like.

For me, reliability was more important than cost. I think it's about $25/month for a US number and unlimited incoming and outgoing US calls, then a per-minute rate for international calls that has been fairly reasonable as I recall. I guess I'm saying that the bills have never been so high that I've noticed. Most important, the quality is always good and calls have never dropped or fail to connect. In my line of work, I don't mind if a call costs a few more cents per minute because of the amount of revenue involved when I'm on those calls.

I know some people use Skype for this, but in my experience the reliability and call quality is just not consistent enough for my needs.

RE: Best App/Service/Phone for International Phone calls. - Goldfinger - 10-04-2014 07:49 PM

If you have an Iphone, you can download the Rebtel app. its not free, but its reliable and cheap. $20 lasts me months when i call Nigeria and London. Although you'll probably be making more calls than me.