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Great Comments By RVF Members - samsamsam - 10-16-2015 01:55 PM

I think it would be great to have a thread that shares some great comments by RVFers. So much great stuff gets shared but gets lost over time. Some members share the good stuff by putting it in their sigs. But it would be nice to have something that people could refer to.

I'd like to have a few guidelines so it doesn't become unwieldy.

1) No comments about the quotes. If it is good there should be no need to explain it. Any person who likes the quote, just like it. If you have any comments, go to the original thread
2) Put in the link to the post you got the quote/comment from so people can go to it to participate
3) Let's focus on things that apply to all of us, let's avoid topics like race and guns, etc.
4) Obviously, I am not a moderator, you can do what you want but I would like this thread to be one of inspiration and growth through wisdom generated by our own great writers and thought leaders.
5) Hopefully, the quote contributed is a stand alone. Not something that would require a ton of understanding/following of the thread which generated the comment.

I searched and couldn't find anything on this topic.

I did find threads about great quotes in general, but nothing by the great posters here.

RE: Great comments By RVF Members - samsamsam - 10-16-2015 01:56 PM

I'll start. This was what inspired me to create this thread. Though it makes sense, it often takes a great writer to articulate it simply and cleanly. Thus, I present the first quote for this thread.

(10-16-2015 12:54 AM)Quintus Curtius Wrote:  Men take their masculinity too lightly. That is, they do not value that which makes them men. They are too eager to minimize its power, to dull its sheen, and to snuff out its distinct phosphorescence.

What one does not value, is not safeguarded from outside attack.

I just wrote something on this subject

Here is the link

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - Horus - 10-16-2015 02:15 PM

(10-03-2015 10:19 AM)The Lizard of Oz Wrote:  One of the lessons that can be learned from this thread -- and from following posters on a forum like this over a longish period of time -- is that men that are passionate and enthusiasts by nature will replace beliefs that they cherish, and imagine to be fundamental, with surprising speed and violence.

Furthermore, men who have undergone this process once never think it can happen again; in their enthusiasm, they feel that their current set of beliefs is permanent, because it has struck them with the force of revelation and seemed to explain and pull together so many phenomena that had appeared disparate and unrelated. They know that they have arrived at their destination, and can now survey the landscape from a vantage point that allows them to see behind mere appearances, and into things as they really are.

But the likelihood is great that for many of these men, the current set of beliefs is far from final, and the process of shedding them almost wholesale and acquiring new ones will be repeated. Indeed, I am convinced that some of the most passionately ideological and doctrine-besotted posters on this forum have another conversion or two in their futures. What had to seemed to go to the very core of one's worldview will be discarded almost overnight, like a spent battery that had once powered some loud device which is no longer in use.

The reason that the conversion process is quite likely to repeat itself is that it is precisely the need for belief of some kind, almost any kind, that drives the process far more than the content of the ideas themselves. These ideas and frameworks, so cherished at the moment of revelation and acceptance, are far more fungible than they seem; they are really the temporizing of intelligent and enthusiastic men who struggle to understand the world in all its complexity, and who know only that the socially condoned and dominant ideology of the time cannot help them. They alight on some pattern, some framework, that seems to impose order on the apparent chaos; they cling to it with great conviction; but as the ideological framework reveals itself, over time, to be a good deal less than adequate, they will eventually discard it in favor of a new one which seems to be more persuasive and meets the needs of the day.

It is precisely because the infallible ideas of today will so often, for enthusiastic and yearning men, become the discarded illusions of tomorrow that it's so important for men to be open to the world as it is, to find a way to engage it with a modest attentiveness that is not entirely blighted and evacuated by any fundamentally reductive ideology. Otherwise, a man will lose the world -- and all because of a set of beliefs and ideas that had seemed to fit well at the time, but that proved far too thin and threadbare a garment to survive the surprisingly long and various journey that life amounts to.

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - heavy - 10-16-2015 02:19 PM

Great thread. I actually keep a document with great RVF quotes.

"A bitch don't need to put on lingerie in order for me to want to fuck her, the lingerie is for her to feel sexy.
Game is our lingerie." - WestIndianArchie

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - The Beast1 - 10-16-2015 03:33 PM

This thread isn't going in the direction I had hoped for.

-You should know by now

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - Gustavus Adolphus - 10-16-2015 05:32 PM

(03-12-2014 10:43 PM)Suits Wrote:  When I read the title, my response was, "how can you get dumped if you don't make the mistake of having exclusive relationships?"

Upon reading your post in its entirety, it is clear that you understand that there is nothing to master about getting dumped.

Never put yourself in a position where a woman can dump you. My personal view (and yours may be as well), that if she isn't getting fatter, she hasn't been too crazy recently and she wants to come over and suck my dick, I'm always open for business.

There is no "break up." The deal is always available.

If you are female, a seven or better, weigh under 120 LB, have recently showered and don't plan on being a bitch, you can come satisfy me sexually on any evening where I don't have a prior commitment.

You may chose not to or promise never to again, but I'm always cool with you changing your mind.

There is no "relationship."

You can go to the thread by clicking on the green arrow in the quote.

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - Gustavus Adolphus - 10-16-2015 05:48 PM

(07-17-2015 06:33 AM)WestIndianArchie Wrote:  You do realize the fact that she got her heartbroken by the last guy (if that's even true), it's because he fucked the shit out of her and bounced.

He crammed his dick up her slimy vagina, and even that wasn't enough to keep him around.
So even when she offered up her pussy and threw in her sparkling personality, the dude said peace, I got what I wanted, beat it.

That's the unicorn you want. A real man's cast aside.

If you had an inkling of understanding of the game - her description of the last guy she fucked is the blueprint to fucking her.

Again, follow the green arrow. The entire post is greatness.

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - birthday cat - 10-16-2015 06:58 PM

(02-26-2015 03:01 AM)enderilluminatus Wrote:  Delete

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - birthday cat - 10-16-2015 06:59 PM

(03-07-2013 04:46 PM)Giovonny Wrote:  I mean, getting in great shape, dressing well, becoming a great conversationalist, building wealth and power and becoming a great dancer is proven to work -- yet not every guy is doing that.

Most people are just to lazy to become successful.

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - eljeffster - 10-16-2015 07:38 PM

(06-03-2015 07:16 PM)germanico Wrote:  "Never underestimate the thirst."

"Never underestimate the hamster."

"Game trumps it all."

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - Tex - 10-16-2015 07:43 PM

(10-02-2015 11:45 AM)rudebwoy Wrote:  Why not stay at a weight you like and get fit for year round.

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - Suits - 10-16-2015 07:57 PM

(10-01-2015 08:39 PM)vrtrahan Wrote:  Can we make high-heels something we're against here as a group?

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - Dusty - 10-16-2015 08:02 PM


Quote:We get the old in-out everyone tuned in for. Anchors sign off, look down solemnly. Credits roll. Mom calls her daughter in college. It's 11PM Friday. Voicemail. "Susy honey... I just saw a thing on TV... I want to make sure you don't hang around with those man-cube guys... I sent you some Tide in the care package." Meanwhile dad's jerking it into the toilet thinking of college date rape. Susy's getting her box munched publically in front of the local bank.

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - redbeard - 10-17-2015 11:56 AM

(07-09-2015 10:11 AM)topdog Wrote:  As the old saying goes: "Young girls are like tiles: lay them well and you will be able to walk over them for years".


RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - Horus - 10-17-2015 12:26 PM

(11-17-2014 10:18 PM)kiev1691 Wrote:  Earlier on the date i could smell her pussy get moist . Later when i dropped her off i couldn't even get a peck on the lips. I just hug closed her

Do you guys think i was being too Alpha ? If so, what would the right medium between Alpha and beta ?

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - rudebwoy - 10-17-2015 12:49 PM

(04-22-2013 01:32 AM)Hooligan Harry Wrote:  Talking to or hanging out with fat women is the sort of preselection no man with standards needs.

Do Not engage fat chicks.

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - 2Wycked - 10-17-2015 04:01 PM

Quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever read on the forum:

Quote:Who is "DIBAL-H"? He writes like how an old Chinese man talks:

why you wonder how many man another man bang? who care who bang who mr high school drama man


This one from el mech comes in at a close second:

Quote:I've had this tried on me before more than once. They always give it away somehow but I went along with it anyway because I'm a little sick. Once at huge park two dudes dragged me out into the woods and I blasted one in the head with a boulder I swooped off the ground straight across the face and beat the other one to near death then fucked the girl. I stole their Cutlass supreme and smashed that, stole all their money, drugs and weapons. The one dude I hit with the rock someone told me his half his row of front teeth were dis attached he was in intensive care.

And I leave the floor to the inimitable delicioustacos:

Quote:Day 1: OK, I can handle this. Not so bad. I'm slightly more irritable. Snapped at my landlady when she asked where the rent was. Noticing that the girl who works
afternoons at the coffee shop has puffy nipples through her sheer top. How had I not seen that before. Normally I would head home and search “puffy nipple porn” and choke the chicken, but... let's read a good book instead.

Day 2: Woman across from me on the bus was wearing a skirt. She was sitting under the air conditioning vent, and the air kept blowing the skirt almost but not quite far up enough to see her panties. I couldn't look away. The bus hit a bump
and I saw my reflection in the window. My face looked like Private Pyle right before he blows away Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. Need to buy a pair of sunglasses.

Day 3: I bought a doughnut for breakfast. Found myself studying its shape before eating it, and realized I had an erection. A pink raspberry doughnut, flushed and swollen with rich moist frosting... fresh, still hot... so hot... her skin... SNAP OUT OF IT MAN

Day 4: Shapes on the walls... shadows... can't sleep. The coyotes howl in the night; their voices become the cries of women. The hot wind is fingers on
my neck. My erection refuses to subside; when a big truck goes by the vibrations make it resonate like a tuning fork. Last night it spoke to me. I saw a hideous purple-headed man with a face of impossible pain. “Please” he said, “please, for the love of God... kill me!” I reached out my hands to strangle him, before
reason found me. My own penis is my enemy. An elderly woman dropped her hairnet on the floor of the bus; I took it home and sniffed it for hours. Only 161 more days to go.



Good evening, and welcome to KTLA Eyewitness News. We begin tonight with a bizarre and disturbing story out of Echo Park, where a naked man was arrested after sexually assaulting Echo Lake's beloved mascot, Maria the goose. If you have children watching tonight, you'll want them to leave the room, as the footage we're about to show you is extremely graphic...

Laugh Laugh Laugh

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - wi30 - 10-17-2015 04:11 PM

Suits, that's gold. How did I miss that thread?

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - Suits - 10-18-2015 12:16 AM

Gold from forum great, Solomonic Renaissance.

(08-08-2015 02:48 PM)Solomonic Renaissance Wrote:  On the part where the song goes "She hit the floor,next thang you know, shawty got low low low low low", she squatted down all the way while holding on to my belt, then bit my dick!!! I was shellshocked and didn't know how to react. But i kept my composure and proceeded to game her.

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - Dusty - 10-18-2015 12:30 PM


Quote:Virtually ever college-educated women I've met is "depressed" and is on or has been on psychiatric drugs. They're not mentally-equipped to be "independent" or make their own decisions. The funny thing is, feminists actually seem to agree with this. All the "trigger warnings" on everything, craziness like this woman's twitter PTSD, "micro-aggressions" sends the clear message that, even in our decadent era of ease and security, women are not capable of dealing with the harshness and challenges of the world.

The thing is, though, they're right. Women are like children. They need male authority to be happy and to function properly. An independent woman is a bizarre, unnatural thing. In any other era, an independent woman would quickly be a dead one or, at the very least, significantly disadvantaged. In order to follow the feminist script, women have to fight down their own instincts and innate psychology on a daily basis.

That's a big reason why they're all crazy for rough sex. It's the one part of life where feminism "allows" them to still be what they really are. Make no mistake: every one of those modern girls you've fucked who loves being submissive in bed really wants to be that way 24/7. Women are herd animals, though, and current social pressures make it impossible for them to admit this, even to themselves. Plus, they don't come across men who know how or are willing to lead them (other than sexually, maybe) very often.

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - Dusty - 10-18-2015 12:39 PM

Here's a hidden gem. Captain Caveman

When I first joined the forum in 2013, I read this guys posts and cracked up. He's totally bonkers. He has zero rep points, and two likes (one from me).

A sample of his work:

Quote:Last night was fascinating and I've had too much coffee so I'll share. I get off at midnight and the bar closes at 1:30. This gives me an hour at peak drunk times to fuck or fight.

The bar has an okay ratio and some really nice lookers. I waited until a group of 4 girls and one guy who looked like Charlie's Angels plus attache to recon. I guess I should add that after long analysis my type might be considered pretty-boy. It's something I never wanted to recognize because it makes me gay bait.

I approached the five top with its two redheads and two blondes and I mean perfect scores all around and dressed suggestively. I pulled a Gavin McInness and went for the sex-laced, group speculation banter. In terms of conversation and light kino it worked. I walked up to one of those tall round tables with the tall stools.

To the one looking I said, "This team looks like an all-girl rock supergroup comprised of nothing but strippers (and their manager)?"

She looks like she might want to punch me in the nuts, but l added. :That's a compliment". She repeated it to the group and I got a baby's arm holding an apple that wouldn't quit.

The cute girl who wound up monopolizing the discussion with me had some really interesting features and a lot of red flags. I got the digits but couldn't follow them home because I am very resistant to break with the manners I was brought up with. The one I got the digits of was a dynamite Irish-American sweet heart who intend to wear as a hat. I'll go as far as saying bold honesty works if and when she returns a text.
{Maybe part of the trick was that they looked sort of twenty-something, which made them not yet snarkmonsters and the group drunkenness helped} My social skills are improving, thanks Roosh. Hypothesis here is that pretty is, as pretty does or the cult of beauty hypothesis. Although that might be a bit subjective. Well, gotta go. Mom's home.

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - heavy - 10-19-2015 08:52 AM

(03-26-2015 04:10 PM)The Father Wrote:  Marketing is part of it...but the biggest part is that women are being thrust into very unnatural roles for them. That is why they can't cope. It would be like if I was dropped into the NBA and had to "cope" with guys who were a foot taller and more athletic for me...I'M NOT BUILT FOR THIS LINE OF WORK! Well, women aren't built for leadership roles; their natural role is to nurture children and perform domestic tasks like tidying and cooking.

There I said it.

RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - tynamite - 10-19-2015 09:25 AM

(05-22-2015 08:20 PM)The Lizard of Oz Wrote:  Any forum for men in which women are allowed to participate -- let alone become prominent posters -- is bound to fail. And this is not even because of the shortcomings of women as posters and thinkers (though they are vast) but simply because the interactions of men with each other in the presence of women -- even in their virtual presence -- inevitably degenerate into a worthless struggle for the all-important prize of female attention and admiration. This utterly destroys the great and age-old virtues of discourse between men at their ease: plainspokenness, rationality, camaraderie, and humor.


The male virtues of honour, dignity and meritocracy will fly out the window.

(01-18-2015 01:15 PM)scorpion Wrote:  
(01-18-2015 12:48 PM)Pride male Wrote:  Will a real good fucking keep a woman from straying? I know we talk a lot about techniques, shit tests and being alpha. But maybe Paul sucked balls between the sheets and Bryce was fucking her through the mattress. Get viagra and literally fuck the shit out of your wife.

No, it won't. I've posted about this before: the fallacy that porn star sex inspires loyalty in women and that it's therefore desirable to always rock a woman's world in bed.

The reality is that this chick was not in love with Bryce because he was a sex god, she was in love with him because he was the kind of guy who would fuck a married woman, leave immediately after busting his nut then justify his behavior by simply saying the chick had a good pussy. In other words, he is Dark Triad as fuck. His behavior is what makes him attractive, unforgettable and irresistible to her, not what he does with his penis when he's with her.

This is difficult and counter-intuitive for us to understand as men, because we are so focused on the act of sex itself. So when we read about this woman's obsession with Bryce, we are immediately attempted to project our own bias to make sense of her obsession. That is to say, we assume that she must be obsessed with the sex itself, so Bryce must have a 9 inch dick and fuck her tirelessly to multiple orgasms each time they're together. But this is wrong. She's isn't obsessed with having sex with Bryce, she's obsessed with Bryce the man. She's obsessed with the way he acts: his casual indifference, his dark triad traits, his untamed nature, etc...

It is the way you behave outside of bed that will drive women crazy and inspire loyalty, not what you do in bed. A woman would rather get fucked in a gas station bathroom for 30 seconds by a dark triad alpha like Bryce than engage in an hour-long fuckfest in a penthouse suite with a beta husband type like Paul. The former would be thrilling for her, the latter would feel like a chore. Why? Because female sexual arousal is primarily mental and emotional rather than physical. The woman is not primarily aroused by sex itself, but by the desirability of the man she is having sex with. If she perceives the man as alpha, she will tend to be satisfied by the sexual experience regardless of how physically stimulating it actually is to her (i.e. whether or not she has an orgasm or how long the sex lasts). The primary erotic attraction of sex for women is the mental and emotional satisfaction of having sex with an alpha male. That's it. The sex itself is secondary, the alpha male presence is the primary factor.


RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - DrCotard - 10-21-2015 09:08 PM

In my opinion this comment deserves to be highlighted:

(10-21-2015 02:14 PM)tynamite Wrote:  Another reason why girls are hitting puberty so young is because of antibiotics [one] [two] [three]. They keep pumping them into farm animals like pigs and cows so that they don't get sick just so the farm doesn't have to deal with dead animals wasting them time and money. This is causing what the British government (and more) call the biggest threat to public health due to a thing called antibiotic resistance.

It's not even safe to feed your daughters cereal every day any more.

We've already covered how males are adopting female speech patterns. Men are becoming more feminised and it's so bad that even BBC News says so. [one] [two] [three] [four] [five].

Basically people are blaming feminism for men becoming feminine or effeminate.

Feminists trying to spread their cultural marxism (cultural identity is oppression and gender is a social construct and humans are born as a blank slate) nonsense are only making it worse. Laci Green and her ilks want men to show their emotions and wear dresses and skirts. What the gynocentric media wants to do, is blur the line between masculine and feminine, white people and coloured people, hetrosexual and homosexual, religious and atheist (atheism plus) and create an androgynous homogenised society where everyone is one big universal group and anyone who differs from the group is exiled or demonised by sjw's, just because they think that "cishet white males" hold all the power, despite the fact that most white, straight or male people aren't in a position of power.

They are pushing this cultural marxist androgynous changes through the media, where they are putting homosexuals and transsexuals in adverts to make being gay "trendy" [one] [two] [three] and a "better alternative" than being straight. Anyone with half a brain can see the media is trying to promote minority lifestyles as better than common lifestyles. It's not about acceptance any more. It's about making everyone of the same affiliation. You see it with the feminist move to shut down male safe spaces, urinals and gendered toilets, whilst they can keep their safe spaces.

I could explain more on what cultural marxism is as I wrote an article on it on my wiki site, but that would be changing the subject. Just know that the media and the feminists is trying to make everyone feminine, gay, transsexual, transracial, muslim and transabled. That's why they like mass immigration, so the white race can die out like they're a minority in London, so all the coloured ethnics (especially muslims), can get all the power. Every single institution you can think of, religion, marriage, television, church, they want to get rid of. They would get rid of the government if anarchy was a viable solution.

Men need to be taught two things.

1. Men are disposable. (There's an article explaining this which will go viral and common knowledge once all the gender bloggers read it.)
2. Cultural marxism is evil. (Nobody knows what it is and how it works. Someone tried to write a wiki article on it that is very long but it needs more data as searching Google and Wikipedia for it gives rubbish results.)

Someone on Twitter called Roosh a homophobe for writing an article on his blog that gay marriage being legalised marked the end of heterosexual rights and masculinity. Well take a look at this.

[Image: pFP8moX.png]
[Image: BgoKBL1.png]

People think Roosh is joking about cultural collapse and the decline of society and the rise of degenerates. People read the about page of ROK saying "ROK aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men. Sadly, yesterday’s masculinity is today’s misogyny." and think he's talking complete nonsense.

Get ready for the decline.

[Image: fvethirtyeight-0420-ssm2011-blog480.png]

Soon public polls will be against whites, heterosexuals, males, neurotypical and healthy bodied people and being straight will be in the DSM. It'll be the reverse.

Men build society and women destroy it. No wonder 72% of income tax is paid by men and most spending decisions are made by women [one] [two] [three] [four]. No wonder neomasculinity builds and helps men to make money, get laid, lift weights, read books, self improvement, whilst feminism fights "rape culture" that doesn't exist, airbrushing, lack of female protagonists and lead characters, protein world beach body ready and barbie dolls.


This other is gold:

This explains in a nutshell the origins of the PC Culture:

(10-21-2015 09:27 PM)AnonymousBosch Wrote:  Whilst I'd agree with Days that Lesbians are agitators by nature, I'd broaden it to this:

Defective people drive PC Culture.

The unpopular. The overweight. The untalented. Those confused about sexuality, gender, theology and morality. The sluts and the deviants. The criminals and their victims. The low-resilient minds (the wealthy and privileged).

I've never met a Hardcore Progressive who wasn't - putting it bluntly - broken.


RE: Great Comments By RVF Members - Comte De St. Germain - 10-21-2015 09:44 PM

(01-04-2015 12:00 AM)TravelerKai Wrote:  One uncle told me he would smash my girlfriend at the time. I told him, if you can I would dump her on the spot. She was too loyal to me at the time but I was dead serious about that. A real player or redpill man for that matter, accepts reality for what it truly is, not what he wants it to be.

Until a young male can prove that he can handle women well enough he should welcome all forms of "stress testing".