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Beta/Cringe Thread - GoldHawkStar - 01-06-2016 12:07 PM

This thread is long overdue. I've been wanting to start it for a while, but the final push came from this post in the Donald Trump thread:

(01-04-2016 05:27 PM)RioNomad Wrote:  We should make a thread to post the most pathetic/hilarious profiles of Trump haters online.

Instead of limiting it to just Trump haters/Bernie supporters, I figured why not make it more general.

Most of you probably know how this goes. Post cringe-worthy screenshots, pictures and videos of betas and your common SJW internet dwellers.

Similar to how the Fat People Thread works, this one takes a gander at your typical leftists, Tumblr users, bronies, homosexuals, and overall freaks of nature.

These are the kinds of keyboard warriors we are often fighting against. When you put a face to a name, you realize just how truly pathetic these people are. In many cases, I've actually considered threads like these to be effective shock therapy for recovering betas and on-the-verge leftists. Years ago before the red pill, I think this was one of the preventative things that kept me from going full retard-beta. And even if you're far from it, sometimes it's actually refreshing to examine these losers and realize that one of the reasons Neomasculinity and the red pill is a big part of your life is to be the exact opposite of these clowns.

Overall, these threads can be hilarious, but also deserve a...

Trigger Warning

I'll start:

[Image: Meetup01.jpg]
[Image: 22798d1383724836-official-beta-cringe-tr...-image.jpg]
[Image: 57fzi.jpg]

RE: Beta/Cringe Thread - El Chinito loco - 01-06-2016 12:20 PM

One sign that you're in the presence of a massive loser is the cartoon, screen art, or ironic phrase shirt.

RE: Beta/Cringe Thread - DannyAlberta - 01-06-2016 03:21 PM

Barrack Obama solidified his status permanently as a cringe-worthy beta yesterday during his speech on executive action for gun control.

What has happened to masculinity in the West, when the most powerful man in the most powerful nation starts weeping like one of his daughters might over how unfair this cruel world is?

A beta is mastered by his emotions, as opposed to an alpha where it is vice versa.

Yes, the death of children is tragic, but this is a man who MUST be in control of his emotions at ALL times. He has the nuclear codes for God's sake. If an issue like this gets the best of him, what about other more significant tragedies such as a massive terrorist attack on US soil or a world war that might take thousands of lives all at once? Will he hide under his desk until he's able to master himself rather than deal with the problem and make the decisions he must?

A leader of men cannot be this overtly emotional. It is weak.

To the extent it is an act, he attempts to garner sympathy and manipulate people's decisions with his tears. That is what women do.

All told, this was a terrible sign of the emasculation of the West.

Worse is the various illiberal leftards defending his behaviour.

See the jackholes at Salon:​ing_again_theyre_heartless_fools/

Also the sell-outs at Time:

They should be questioning his emotional state and whether he is fit to lead not defending him.

There was a time not too long ago where a President crying on international TV would destroy his credibility permanently. He'd be seen as hysterical and unstable and rightfully so. Now the MSM make excuses for him. This is a sign we are not far from a feminist dystopia.

If you're still not convinced this is beta, does anyone actually picture a super-alpha like Trump doing something like this?

RE: Beta/Cringe Thread - 2Wycked - 01-06-2016 05:28 PM


RE: Beta/Cringe Thread - GoldHawkStar - 01-06-2016 11:02 PM

^^^Wow. I thought I did a good search around and couldn't find a dupe.

Thanks for bringing this up. Mods can lock this thread. Sorry about that.