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Thomas Frank Talks About Who Controls the Democratic Party - bigrich - 03-16-2016 12:35 AM

We are now at a crossroads in American politics. Trump is recreating the right with populism while the Democratic party grows more elite.

Thomas Frank was just on the Leonard Lopate Show to talk about the state of the Democratic Party. This is the guy who wrote What's the Matter with Kansas.

His conclusion is that the party has largely abandoned its working class roots with a focus on the urban dwelling professional class. Frank uses religious language to describe this group and their adherence to their ideology.

You can see this happening all over the Western world. Tony Blair recently told the unemployed to get an education and stop complaining about migrants.

Journalist Brendan O'Neill who identifies as a communist (or at least once did) has also been calling out the hypocrisy of the left, exposing the elite's attacks on working class values and culture.

I think the new left has hit its peak. Its educated masses can't find jobs that fit their education and they are drowning in debt.

RE: Thomas Frank Talks About Who Controls the Democratic Party - blacknwhitespade - 03-16-2016 09:41 AM

The New Left attempts to combine elite "new economy" (SWPL) whites with various minorities/immigrants of all stripes. The lion share of minorities/ethnic types are not so economically well off, and chronically have their racial grievances. Many of them actually want a very similar end goal that conservative whites want: a good job and home in a safe suburb. But the racial divide and identity politics keeps them on opposing sides.

Though they're more frequently associated with the GOP, multinational corporations, big banks, and major DC think tanks are the head of the Democratic Party. Mainstream Democrats like the Clintons and Obama have to play nice with them. Trump himself donated big to Hillary and other Democrats to "pay to play" in New York, and they are beholden to him. While these elites are at the head of the party, special interest groups have the Democratic Party by the balls. Various SJWs have been making a push, but there are some signs of backlash (see: Sander's underperformance amongst whites yesterday amid SJW mob protests at Trump rallies in Chi and StL). Hillary has also made it a point to pander to these people, albeit with her usual muffled rhetoric. All the while, middle/working class whites, many of them also purveyors of western religion, have been strung around the fence post as the New Left's favorite whipping boy.

I think we're seeing the prelude to the schism in the New Left in the Clinton-Sanders showdown now. We also saw a preview of things to come last year in the Chicago mayoral election. The Obama coalition is way too diverse, too many people with different end goals, to hold together for long. The current shit show we're seeing in the GOP right now could spread throughout the country and trigger the same kind of war between Democrats.