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The Citadel Punishes Cadet for Exercising Free Speech - Geomann180 - 05-01-2016 10:40 AM

Despite the many drawbacks of owning a Facebook, I've still not managed to convince myself to delete my account. Since I work for the government, I don't delete my Facebook out of privacy concerns - I know the government already knows damn near everything about me.

It allows me to keep a bit of a pulse on the social landscape of my slice of America and the rest of the world (my friends are dare I say...a rather diverse bunch).

Recently, a cadet from my alma mater, a sister school of the Citadel, shared this link on Facebook:

[Image: Why%20Does%20the%20Citadel%20Hate%20Free...6ghf73.png]

Quote:A potential change to Citadel Military College’s uniform policy has ignited a fierce debate among current students and alumni. The college is considering changing their uniform policy to accommodate the request of a prospective Muslim student. The admitted Muslim student, who has not yet begun attending the college, has requested an amendment be made to the dress code that would allow her to cover her hair with a hijab while in uniform. The potential change has also landed another cadet, Nick Pinelli, in hot water.

If the exception is granted it will be the first request for an exception the school has ever agreed to in its 175 year history. The school is notorious for it’s strict dress code and has been unwilling to consider changes in the past for any reason, whether it be religious or not. The school released its official statement on any uniform changes to the Daily Mail, stating it will approve any religious accommodation unless:

The decision on whether or not the admitted student will be able to wear her hijab will not be made for several weeks according to a spokesperson representing the college. For several weeks the student’s application has been reviewed in contrast with the school’s 35-page booklet on rules and military courtesies, rumors have been exchanged between students on campus since it was received. These rumours have sparked debate among students and has discussion about the issue has led to senior, Nick Pinelli, being forced to march for 33 hours as a punishment.

Pinelli is what most would consider a star pupil. He works in marketing for a private company, works as a DJ in his spare time and is even an intern for for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Pinelli has been ordered to march for 40 tours, or 33 hours, due to a Facebook post he released regarding the issue. The school originally sought to charge Pinelli with behavior “unbecoming to a cadet”. A class I offense that could have led to expulsion. The charge has since been dropped to “gross poor judgment”. The school states that the cadent used poor judgement in releasing information to the public that can have a negative effect on the college’s reputation.

Pinelli argues that his objections to the potential uniform change aren’t based on the student’s religion. He instead argues that accommodating the students request would be a slap in the fact to the school’s long held traditions and that the school’s traditions should be put above one students “sense of entitlement”. He argues that allowing one student special treatment based on religious beliefs will have a direct impact on the schools sense of “cohesion, morale, good order and discipline”.

Quote:It doesn't bring harm to the school but it is a blatant disrespect for what a military school stands for. We come here and willingly give up our individuality and become part of a group that upholds the time honored traditions of this school. So for anyone to come, not even walk through our hallowed gates, and force the school to go to extreme lengths both financially and resourcefully, to accommodate one person, isn't right.

Pinelli cites one of his disabled peers as the source of his argument. The student in question is afflicted with cerebral palsy. Rather than using his physical disability to apply for accommodations for this physical fitness requirements the student repeatedly tried, and failed, the standard test until he passed. Pinelli argues that making exceptions not only weakens the individual receiving the special treatment but also the student body as a whole:

Here's part of long post he made on Facebook, which is an excellent read in its own right:

[Image: Why%20Does%20the%20Citadel%20Hate%20Free...csjyfk.png]

Besides being well written, I think he made an excellent rhetorical choice with raising up his accomplished disabled comrade - an SJW who argues against Pinelli can be said to be diminishing the accomplishments of disabled people.

Quote:Pinelli fears that one accommodation could lead to a slippery-slope that degrades the standards and values of the college. He believes that the integrity of many outweighs the individual desires and needs of an individual.

For your entertainment, here are some snap shots I took of comments in response to the article when I first saw it on my phone.

[Image: Capture_zpsyi61o79u.png]
[Image: IMG_1325_zpsrjclp4b1.png]
[Image: IMG_1324_zpsm3udpls6.png]
[Image: IMG_1323_zpsvugdruyt.png]

Lastly, is there any chance I could make an RoK article out of this?


RE: The Citadel Punishes Cadet for Exercising Free Speech - Private Man - 05-01-2016 12:12 PM

What is usually not discussed in such matters is that The Citadel is, in fact, a public university. It's part of the South Carolina public college system.

Because of that status, The Citadel was forced to accept girls.

Perhaps The Citadel is trying to avoid an expensive court case.

RE: The Citadel Punishes Cadet for Exercising Free Speech - 911 - 05-01-2016 12:40 PM

Apparently, American Sikhs have been allowed to wear turbans in the military a while back (along with their thick beards), so that must have set a precedent.


In the UK and Canada, they've had that privilege for a long time, in fact Trudeau's defense minister, the country's top military leader, is a turban-and-beard Sikh...

[Image: lib-navdeep-bains-mississauga-malton-mp.jpg]

RE: The Citadel Punishes Cadet for Exercising Free Speech - Kona - 05-01-2016 12:43 PM

This guy is a jackass.

Every article you read says that an applicant wanted to know if she could wear the head thing, and The Citadel was considering it. I can't find anything that says they are going to actually do it.

Now, because this attention whore wrote this he's making the school look like bigots in the eyes of the liberals. That is an absolute violation of the schools rules, and now he is the one getting the special treatment.

Because he spoke up on his god damn Facebook, they can't just quietly decline the request. He's the one also costing them money.

I appreciate him being a Trump supporter, but he's also a DJ. How stupid is that.

They should kick that guy out.


RE: The Citadel Punishes Cadet for Exercising Free Speech - Sp5 - 05-01-2016 01:58 PM

I saw female interpreters in Iraq wearing camo hijabs with their desert camo BDUs. It did not seem to bother the U.S. Army there.

RE: The Citadel Punishes Cadet for Exercising Free Speech - Troll King - 05-01-2016 03:05 PM

The hijab is a cultural tradition, not a religious one. It's, allegedly, more akin to a Jamaican wearing dreadlocks. Or so they say.

RE: The Citadel Punishes Cadet for Exercising Free Speech - porscheguy - 05-01-2016 04:15 PM

Problems I see.
1. This girl isn't even a student, and she's making demands on the school.
2. She expects preferential/special treatment based not only on her gender (because every female applicant to The Citadel expects that) but also due to her cultural/religious background. She will cry discrimination at the drop of a hat.

RE: The Citadel Punishes Cadet for Exercising Free Speech - Sourcecode - 05-01-2016 06:12 PM

This story is now old and played out.
Give the girl a fitness test. If she passed..above the bare minimum..she can wear her n hijab.

Don't make yourself look like a bigot when the military makes plenty of exceptions like this.

RE: The Citadel Punishes Cadet for Exercising Free Speech - muscless - 05-01-2016 06:25 PM

It sounds to me that Muslims are apart of the elite movement to destroy the Caucasian race. We put them on a pedestal where a normal white man has very little rights.

I find most white men have an addictive personality (booze, video games, TV etc...) due to our women being fucked in the head!! If we had good women like Muslim women we would be happy men!

RE: The Citadel Punishes Cadet for Exercising Free Speech - dark_g - 05-10-2016 10:50 PM

The Citadel will not allow a Muslim student to wear a hijab, an exception she had requested to the required uniform to keep her head covered, in keeping with her faith.

Full article