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Planning future Parenthood - defguy - 07-26-2011 06:47 PM

AS most of you all know people are opting to delay starting families until they are older. This results in people having babies at a much later age. There is one negative affect of not "getting married" and having kids at a younger age. The older each person is when having kids, the likelier the baby will have health problems or at least be genetically inferior compared to 20yr old sperm and 20yr old ovaries. Personally I would love to be 40 and marry a 20 year old, could easily happen since I am half Muslim and that can be arranged lol but for most people this may not be possible. Making babies with a 30+ yr old woman can lead to complications with future children especially if you are 30+ yourself.

This led me to conclude (about 2 years ago) that I wanted to have a vasectomy. At the time being I did not want to have kids EVER, and I saw it as the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy (happened once already lucky for me a miscarriage) or some girl trying to force marriage by getting pregnant (happened to 2 friends lucky for both of them they miscarried). I figured that If i changed my mind later in life, I could always adopt. However, after learning that 50% of peoples personalities are genetic and that with modern technology we've made it so much easier to breed dumb people and criminals, I'm doing the world a disservice by not having kids, Ive changed my mind. See the Darwin Awards where they award dumb people for making fatal decisions which result in them being removed from the gene pool.

I figured if I want to have healthy babies when I'm older and still get my vasectomy so I don't have children forced on me, the best option would be to cyrogenically freeze my sperm and then get a vasectomy all while I'm still young, dumb and full of cum. I have told this to several friends including one that was almost trapped into pregnancy by his then gf and they just look at me like I'm crazy, however one friend agreed with me that its actually really smart to plan your future and he wants a vasectomy. And cyrogenically freezing your sperm as well as a vasectomy really isn't all that expensive. Most insurance will even cover 80% the of the vasectomy. What do you guys think?

RE: Planning future Parenthood - Moma - 07-27-2011 12:43 PM

Logically, it sounds like a cool idea but I am old fashioned as in I don't like getting my shyt snipped.

Also, if I am going to have kids, I want the pleasure of blasting my spunk into the chosen one, not having to go through the artificial methods of placing frozen cum into some lizard.

But that's just me.

However, from a strategical standpoint as I said, your idea sounds spot on, mate. Spot on.

RE: Planning future Parenthood - Samseau - 07-27-2011 01:23 PM

Well, strategically speaking, one problem is that something might happen to your sperm while it's frozen in the sperm bank. If that occurs after your vasectomy, you're screwed.

RE: Planning future Parenthood - amistod - 07-27-2011 01:29 PM

I think that for my 30th birthday next year, I am having this done. How expensive is it to keep the little guys on ice?

RE: Planning future Parenthood - defguy - 07-27-2011 02:35 PM

@ Amistod: Its about $300 give or take a few for 1 compartment to blast your spunk into. And $100-500 a year to store your sperm. Most banks have no limit on how many compartments you can have as long as you pay the yearly fee. You save money by buying in bulk ie $2000 for 10 years. They even whitewash the sperm for you.

[Note: These are really conservative numbers. Ive even seen Analyzing & Freezing $150.00 and 5-Year Storage $250.00] so do your due diligence

@ Samseau: if your concerned about them screwing it up, you can buy a 2nd or 3rd compartment as insurance. There is no limit to the number of compartments you can buy they're just approximately $300 each.

Im personally not worried about them having some power outage and backup energy fails. This was taken from

[Universities and state and federally funded sperm banking programs must meet rigorous professional and regulatory standards, inspections and certifications. These include CAP (College of American Pathologists) CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act), COLA (Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation), AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks), the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and other organizations.]

Also sperm banks are fully insured so you could make a LOT of money if they screw up.

@ Moma: I know exactly what you mean, it is a form of mental masturbation knowing your kids came from busting a nut in his/her mom. But lets not forget the possibility of "Designer Babies" when you artificially inseminate. Its actually becoming cheaper and easier each year. Can be done for $1000. IF you cant afford $1000 then you cant afford to have kids.

RE: Planning future Parenthood - kali - 09-23-2011 04:25 AM

Bump on this thread, I dont want to worry about the hood rats I potentially knock up. I will gladly pay $500 a year to store, how accurate is the pricing?

RE: Planning future Parenthood - defguy - 09-23-2011 12:10 PM

$500/yr is too much. $200/yr is more accurate give or take ~ $50. Im actually shocked there isnt much feedback on this subject. Ive had multiple friends get trapped or close to trapped by a woman. And these days I dont consider any pregnancy to be an accident. Some of my friends still stayed with the woman after the first "accident." Guess what, they now had or are expecting babies.

On another note, if a girl gets preggo with your baby, give her LOTS of alcohol, MAKE her drink like 10 shots a night every night and asap. If you do this within the first few months of pregnancy the baby cannot develop. Ive forced a miscarriage that way. Needless to say, this whole thing is something Im taking very seriously.