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"Non-Binary" Academic Refuses To Debate Psychology Professor On Gender Pronouns - david.garrett84 - 10-12-2016 06:17 AM

Hey guys,

Due to scheduling limitations, certain news events coming up suddenly, and plain bad luck, not everything we ROK writers write is published.

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"Non-Binary" Academic Refuses To Debate Psychology Professor On Gender Pronouns, Says "STFU" Instead

If tenured academics are exhibiting such childishness, what can we expect from undergraduates and SJWs generally?

[Image: teruhjG.jpg]

Jordan B Peterson @jordanbpeterson: "UT Prof AW Peet called me a bigot and complained to the university. How about a public debate, Dr. Peet?"

A physics professor at the University of Toronto, A. W. Peet, has refused to publicly debate psychology professor Dr. Jordan Peterson about gender identity and extra gender pronouns. Instead, Peet has resorted to profanity and ad hominem attacks. Dr. Peterson, also a UoT academic, has strongly ridiculed plans by Canada's Trudeau Government to introduce certain "gender identity discrimination" provisions into the Canadian Human Rights Act. He claims that there is no evidence that biological sex, gender identity, and gender expression vary independently. Worse still, Dr. Peterson argues, the wording of Bill C-16, which would criminalize "discrimination" based on gender identity and gender expression, also risks criminalizing reasonable discussion about transgenderism.

Undergirding Peterson's concerns is the perceived rise of severe limitations on freedom of speech and expression in Canada. True enough, refusing to acknowledge a particular gender (or failing to use "correct" pronouns) may very well fall afoul of the discrimination laws and attract criminal penalties. In fact, this outcome seems almost certain, particularly as organizations such as the Ontario "Human Rights Commission" have already defined "gender identity" as "each person’s internal and individual experience of gender." The Commission further insists that gender identity "is their sense of being a woman, a man, both, neither, or anywhere along the gender spectrum" [my emphasis]. This sort of language is nothing short of relentlessly subjective and implies a potentially unlimited set of gender permutations that must be respected. Bill C-16 would unleash this "reasoning" nationwide and give it legal, even criminal force.

Physics professor A. W. Peet, who identifies as "non-binary transgender" and is one of those people who demand others refer to them as "it/they," has so far responded to Dr. Peterson with the following very unreasoned arguments on Twitter:

binary smasher @kiwinerd: "@n0ght he [Peterson] needs to STFU. Now. Forever."

binary smasher @kiwinerd: "I literally *don’t care* what “scientific evidence” Peterson thinks he has for his dinosaur views on gender or sexuality. It’s irrelevant."

binary smasher @kiwinerd: "@KresoCosic you missed the point entirely. The concept being discussed here is that real life experience beats theoretical musings any day"

“Real life experience” seems to be a codeword for “feelings.” Because the controversy between Peet and Peterson involves C-16, the former is using “I experience/feel it, therefore I am this gender” arguments to justify criminalizing so-called “discrimination.” Peet has additionally threatened to take Peterson to UoT’s equity department for his “bigotry.”

The Twitter profile of Peet, especially recently, is replete with ad hominem attacks against those even politely questioning the existence of additional genders. Considering that mainstream expressions of so-called gender accord with biological sex, which is distinguishable by easily determined genitalia, hormones and chromosomes, this academic and others have made a poor case in arguing to what extent other genders, aside from outliers often explained by biology (e.g. hermaphroditism), actually exist. Rather than being determined by objective characteristics, these supplementary genders appear more akin to a restaurant buffet in which those identifying as them pick for themselves.

Some examples of the reasoning employed by the SJW A. W. Peet

binary smasher @kiwinerd: "I rebutted Peterson's brazen claim that there's no evidence for nonbinary gender identities by saying "Excuse me, I exist!""

binary smasher @kiwinerd: "[email protected] I defy your bullshit by existing. Continue your bigotry from your UofT platform & I will take it up with the VP-Equity."

binary smasher @kiwinerd: "I don’t think there’s any evidence for [nonbinary gender identities]."

Excuse me, asshole, *I exist*.

I am a UofT professor too, BTW."

This is pretty much the basic point (and it is very basic) being made for prospectively criminalizing behavior such as claiming A. W. Peet’s non-binary gender does not exist, or using “him/he” or “her/she” instead of “it/they.”

As word of Dr. Peterson’s well-articulated views made the rounds throughout the Canadian media landscape, SJWs started frothing at the mouth. In an interview, he admitted that his job may be in jeopardy. One Toronto rally against him has already made headlines and the popularity of Dr. Peterson’s online lectures means the probability of more protests, namely those designed to silence or remove him from his position, is high.

Peterson has accepted Peet’s offer of “tea”

[Image: MfGTS6f.jpg]
Academic shitlord extraordinaire.

Showing extraordinary restraint after a series of baseless and mendacious verbal attacks, Jordan Peterson has accepted A. W. Peet’s offer of a discussion over tea. A. W. Peet continues “its” refusal to debate Peterson, most notably in the presence of cameras or an audience. This reticence to debate is alarming, as the Canadian legislation will soon pass, inflicting terrible anti-free speech consequences on Canadians generally. Remember that jurisdictions such as New York City have so far passed draconian regulations on using extra gender pronouns (for five dozen “genders”), regulations which punish offenders with fines of up to $250,000.

Dr. Peterson is one of the few Western academics today willing to not only disregard political correctness but also vehemently challenge it. His recent lectures on explaining and fighting back against the PC brigades should be mandatory viewing for everyone interested in a less putridly leftist ideological society. Moreover, his astute analysis of gender relations, such as in this video, offer a sensational introduction to those yet to take the proverbial red pill.

I warmly encourage you all to take in and disseminate his work.

Read More: New Yorkers Can Now Be Fined $250,000 For Not Using Loony Gender Pronouns Like “Ze” And “Hir”

RE: "Non-Binary" Academic Refuses To Debate Psychology Professor On Gender P... - Mike5055 - 10-12-2016 07:58 AM

Took a look at the thing's twitter. It basically does nothing but tweets and complains... not really a surprise though. These people contribute zero value to society.

RE: "Non-Binary" Academic Refuses To Debate Psychology Professor On Gender Pronouns - Alsos - 10-12-2016 10:02 AM

Looked at Peet's Twitter profile. Naturally it's "disabled". I've seen that turn up so many times in the profiles or bios of the hardcore SJWs that it's almost expected now.

At the risk of sounding naive if this has already been identified and detailed somewhere else in the manosphere, this pattern strikes me as a deliberate, coordinated tactic rather than a legitimate correlation of hardcore SJWism with mental illness or physical handicap.

It makes me wonder how many SJWs formally claim disability, and get it officially recognized by the relevant government agencies, not because they are so mentally ill as to in fact be unemployable but simply as a way to screw the society they project their self-hatred onto, Cloward-Piven-style, or as a way to finagle a stipend of sorts, an allowance that frees them from the need to hold a day job to engage in their activism.

RE: "Non-Binary" Academic Refuses To Debate Psychology Professor On Gender Pronouns - debeguiled - 10-12-2016 10:14 AM

Thanks David, glad you covered this.

Jordan Peterson reads a letter demanding that he be abolished.

(Excellent intro music.)

Gad Saad has his back:

RE: "Non-Binary" Academic Refuses To Debate Psychology Professor On Gender Pronouns - GetRichOrdie - 10-13-2016 05:12 AM

The only time this ridiculous SJW vocabulary should be used, is in consistent comedic mockery, savaging them on the outright stupidity and mental illness of the whole paradigm they seem to be embracing

"Im sorry I cannot hear you, I am a binary non cis gender heterosexual freedom loving free market capitalist, and i communist marxist language is beyond my comprehension"

RE: "Non-Binary" Academic Refuses To Debate Psychology Professor On Gender P... - Aurini - 10-13-2016 10:01 AM

Professor Petersen's lecture on virtue was a major factor in my conversion:

RE: "Non-Binary" Academic Refuses To Debate Psychology Professor On Gender Pronouns - RBerkley - 10-14-2016 08:53 PM

^ Professor Peterson sure learned some American First Amendment values while teaching at Harvard.

During his speech at U of T this week, he sounded more American than Canadian when he talked about the importance of free speech, while the "tolerant" Toronto SJWs were causing a riot on campus.

One tranny faggot kickdd Lauren Southern too. Trannies like "zer" used to be kicked into a molten volcano pit for such behaviour before the Westernized globalist police state took in effect in the late 1990s- early 21st century.

RE: "Non-Binary" Academic Refuses To Debate Psychology Professor On Gender Pronouns - RBerkley - 10-14-2016 08:59 PM

These SJW Professors at Toronto aren't looking for debates; they are looking for ways to get people charged for "hate speech" and bogus accusations.

A delusion Toronto person will claim that it is a "shit test" for Professor Peterson to lash out or yell at an SJW professor, but it is not a "shit test", it is a bait to get Professor Peterson in trouble. Toronto people aren't like American people who are a bit more open-minded and less supportive of fascism unless it's Hillary Clinton and Anita Sarkeesian fans.

Professor Peterson should definitely film and record his interactions with any authority figure who may support Toronto SJW culture---politically correct professors, student unions, teachers, feminazis, police, security etc.

Those SJW in Toronto are not happy that people are not supporting their cause as they used to before the truth came about these tyrannical SJW culture.

RE: "Non-Binary" Academic Refuses To Debate Psychology Professor On Gender P... - alexdagr81 - 10-22-2016 10:51 PM

Here's a video of SJWs confronting him, prepare to cringe.

RE: "Non-Binary" Academic Refuses To Debate Psychology Professor On Gender Pronouns - Leonard D Neubache - 10-23-2016 01:54 AM

Every time a traditional scholar is run out of academia by a pack of culturally degenerate thugs, a few young men should simply throw a blanket party for the nearest marxist professor that teaches this nonsense and make it abundantly clear why the bastard got a beating.

Seriously, put the prick in a coma.

Four or five such instances later and these ageing commies might tone down this shit a few notches.

RE: "Non-Binary" Academic Refuses To Debate Psychology Professor On Gender P... - Mike5055 - 10-23-2016 03:24 AM

What a bunch of freaks in that video. Also.... they/them is plural last I checked.