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Olympic athlete banned for mocking Islam - Monolithic - 11-01-2016 04:05 PM

Quoting from BBC -

Four-time Olympic medallist Louis Smith has been suspended for two months by British Gymnastics over a video in which he appeared to mock Islam.

The video, filmed by Smith but leaked to the media last month, appeared to show him laughing while retired gymnast Luke Carson mimicked Islamic prayer practices.

Carson was given a reprimand.

Smith, 27, is one of Britain's best known gymnasts and won the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing in 2012.

"It is regrettable that following a historic summer of achievement, the organisation finds itself in this difficult position with two high-profile members in breach of our standards of conduct," British Gymnastics chief executive Jane Allen said.

"As the custodians of the integrity and values of the sport, we have had no choice but to act responsibly.

"Whilst both individuals showed remorse following the incident, we hope in the future they use their profile to have a positive impact on sport and communities."

Louis Smith on the Strictly Come Dancing live tour in 2013
Louis Smith on the Strictly Come Dancing live tour in 2013, with dance partner Ola Jordan
British Gymnastics said Smith's ban was a "cumulative penalty" because of a previous breach of its rules on conduct.

He was reprimanded in June for posting an image on social media of an American gymnast, who was 16 when the photograph was taken, accompanied by a comment British Gymnastics said was "unbefitting to a participant".

In April, he apologised for questioning the judging at the British Championships, where he was beaten to pommel gold by Max Whitlock.

The Briton missed last month's Olympic and Paralympic celebrations for Britain's Rio 2016 medallists to visit two London mosques "to learn more about the Muslim community".

Smith said he had previously been "ignorant to people's religion" and added on Facebook that it was his responsibility "as someone of sporting influence" to exercise freedom of speech "in good taste".

Carson's reprimand will stay on his record for two years, but the 27-year-old is still able to coach.

Smith is taking a break from the sport and is touring as a guest celebrity on the Keep Dancing stage production.

RE: Olympic athlete banned for mocking Islam - polymath - 11-01-2016 04:13 PM

He agreed to certain standards of conduct.

He violated those standards of conduct.

He admitted to the violation.

Seems pretty open-and-shut to me.

RE: Olympic athlete banned for mocking Islam - Monolithic - 11-01-2016 04:16 PM

Perhaps. I think his actions while immature did not warrant the ban.

RE: Olympic athlete banned for mocking Islam - The Beast1 - 11-01-2016 04:43 PM

While I know what you're getting at OP, being a professional athlete comes with the presupposition you are an entertainer along with being an actual athlete.

Athletics is dominated by corporate sponsorships who do not want anything bad associated with their brand. If I was a professional athlete, i'd lead a totally boring, wheaties box life while giving ambiguous "advice" and "opinions" that are as middle of the road as they are monotonous.

RE: Olympic athlete banned for mocking Islam - robreke - 11-01-2016 04:49 PM

Another sign of the politically correct times we live in.

I'm surprised that thing about visiting Muslim mosques "to learn more about the Muslim community" wasn't mandatory. Kind of like all these corporations doing this sensitivity training BS. ( don't ever use the word "gay" or even "her" or "she" could be offensive and someone might get their feelings hurt)

Now he's going to be cowed and shamed into saying how great Islam is by all the cucks running England and the Olympics. He should not do it.

If it was a Muslim or black athlete making fun of a white guy's dancing skills or other thing, he'd probably be lauded and given commercial deals. I'm not saying what he did is exactly honorable or commendable behavior, it's not. But in a sane world, any religion that has been responsible for virtually all of the terrorism that's been going on the past 20 years deserves to be mocked, ridiculed or marginalized in some way or at the very least, not celebrated and forced to be accepted and crammed down people's throats.

Total double standard.