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Republicans - Cheap Guns - lowbudgetballer - 01-29-2017 11:00 PM

With the Donald in office, will we have $100 AKs and $50 SKSs?


RE: Republicans - Cheap Guns - kaotic - 01-29-2017 11:05 PM

(01-29-2017 11:00 PM)lowbudgetballer Wrote:  With the Donald in office, will we have $100 AKs and $50 SKSs?




RE: Republicans - Cheap Guns - torridon747 - 01-29-2017 11:42 PM

We'll be lucky of the Mosin Nagants go back down to a reasonable price

RE: Republicans - Cheap Guns - ms224 - 01-29-2017 11:44 PM

You can buy a new Ar15 for like $600

Hopefully the hearing protection act passes and we can all have silencers.

New ammo is coming down in price

C&Rs might be a little dry

#MAGA - Make Armaments Great Again

RE: Republicans - Cheap Guns - aeroektar - 01-30-2017 12:11 AM

I'd be ecstatic if they lifted the ban on new production full autos.

RE: Republicans - Cheap Guns - kaotic - 01-30-2017 12:26 AM

1. AK's will never go down to $100 thats ridiculous to think so.
2. SKS ? Might as well get a semi auto AK
3. Fully automatic rifles will NEVER see the light of day in the US - you need a Class III gun dealer + Clas III accepted range + a very extensive and long background check and wait + 10K plus to purchase
4. Trump in office might be the end of "featureless" rifles, fixed magazines, magazine restrictions lifted, suppressors allowed, different ammos allowed.
5. Trump in office is relaxing ammo prices (ms notes this)

RE: Republicans - Cheap Guns - J. Spice - 01-30-2017 02:25 PM

Fear buying during the Obama administration was propping up a lot of less efficient gun manufacturers. Several companies, including Olympic Arms, are going out of business. Prices will hit bottom eventually but expect to see AR's going for $400 or less this year. If arms treaties are renegotiated and sales to the US from former COMBLOC nations then we might see cheap parts kits and SKS's, but I doubt it'd be anything like the early 90's and the $75 SKS.

As for NFA items, I doubt we'll see a full repeal, but the Hearing Protection Act is a good start. Expect suppressors to sell out quickly if it passes.

RE: Republicans - Cheap Guns - Mundorondore - 01-31-2017 08:47 PM

Do i need to be a us citizen to buy a gun?? The streets and people crazy nowdays let ne know