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Petro Yuan - ScrapperTL - 03-24-2018 12:45 PM

Anybody much more educated on economics than myself, could kindly chime in on the possible outcomes of the Petro Yuan becoming active on March 26?

Link to Article 1 - Click Here

Excerpt: "In a move that could portend massive shifts in the global oil game, the Shanghai International Energy Exchange will soon unveil an oil-futures contract denominated in Chinese yuan rather than U.S. dollars (product symbol: SC). Experts warn that the growing clout of Chinese currency in international financial markets could erode the primacy of the U.S. dollar, a long-term economic trend that should greatly trouble Washington."

Link to Article 2 - Click Here

Excerpt: "The US dollar enjoys a special privilege in the world due to its dominance in the global oil trade.
The agreement that created this dominance was predicated on the United States being the largest oil importer in the world, which is no longer the case.
China is rolling out a new gold-backed yuan oil contract next month as part of its attempt to replace the US dollar's dominance of that commodity trade.
Given the US's rise as a potential energy exporter and other factors, China may succeed in this goal.
If the dollar loses its privileged status, it will likely lead to inflation and rising interest rates in the USA along with difficulty maintaining the current standard of living."

I'm not going to pretend to have any specialized, deep knowledge in this matter - however I do find it concerning and compelling.

More specifically - I am hopeful that if we strategies together, we @ RoK could find a way to profit from this.

RE: Petro Yuan - Belantozorius - 03-24-2018 01:37 PM

AUN.V On the toronto stock market.

That's my plan.

All in.

Kinda suicidal but it can't really get lower than today... but itncan definitwly go freaking. High. It did previously so

RE: Petro Yuan - SamuelBRoberts - 03-25-2018 02:55 PM

I would LOVE to see an article on this that wasn't written by a goldbug with an axe to grind. Every single one I've read sounds like it could've appeared on zerohedge.

RE: Petro Yuan - Leonard D Neubache - 03-25-2018 07:16 PM

Sounds like another one of those things that was going to happen 6 months ago and 6 months before that and 6 months before that and 6 months before that and...

But it'll definitely happen in the next 6 months, and if you'd like to know not only how to survive but to actually prosper during this volatile time then please subscribe to my newsletter!

RE: Petro Yuan - ScrapperTL - 03-26-2018 11:53 AM

UPDATE (3/26) on the Petro Yuan:

Link to Article 1 - Click Here
Excerpt: "Crude oil prices rose to their highest level in over three years after yuan-backed crude oil futures debuted strongly on the Shanghai exchange on Sunday.
North Sea Brent Crude surged above $71 per barrel for the first time since 2015 before retreating, though still trading strongly above $70 for only the second time in over three years.
US benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) also hit the highest level since 2015 at $66.55 per barrel, before retreating to $65.53.
Crude oil futures in Shanghai rose 6 percent on the debut of the petro-yuan. Investors rushed in to buy the new oil contracts from the world’s largest oil consumer, China."

Link to Article 2 - Click Here
Excerpt: "It’s taken a quarter of a century, but China finally has its own oil futures. At 9 a.m. local time on Monday, crude contracts began trading on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange. Futures for September settlement opened at 440 yuan a barrel, up from a reference price of 416 yuan. The world’s biggest oil buyer is offering yuan-denominated futures that foreigners can buy and sell -- a first in Chinese commodities. Among the most intriguing questions is whether the traditional benchmarks of Brent crude in London and West Texas Intermediate in New York will face a serious challenger."