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Stairmaster game - docbel123 - 08-12-2018 08:31 AM

So instead of calling this "gym game" I wanted a cheeky way of describing a method that has let me meet 7+ on a consistent basis with little to no effort. This can work for any cardio machine but works best typically with stairmasters since it's much easier to hold a conversation. The main trick of this is that the cardio machine/stairmaster must only be in a pair. At my gym there are two stairmasters at the end of a row of treadmills and whenever I do an hour of cardio I easily have 2 7+ on average get on the machine next to me. The opener is easy..."oh did you see that commercial? I hate it when they show pizza, it makes me so hungry when I'm trying to burn off the calories haha"....."oh are you new to this gym? Haven't seen you around"...."Have you tried xyy yoga class, was thinking about adding it to my regime". All women will open, I give them space to engage in the conversation and most will put the effort into continuing the conversation, just have a normal indirect conversation about the gym. My gym has a rooftop pool and bar to which I set up plans right after with the girl if all is going well. "Hey thanks for helping my cardio go by faster, what are you doing after this, lets chill by the pool upstairs, I gotta work on my tan/wanna be my tanning buddy/ect". The beauty in this is the quantity and ease of attractive women it will bring into your life.

RE: Stairmaster game - CincinnatiKid - 08-14-2018 02:10 PM

Good post brotha. One thing i learned is to avoid the low end gyms (under 50 bucks). The more expensove gyms isually have a much better ratio, and more attractive women on top of that.

I am thinking about signing up for q class at a private Pilates Studio - membership starts at
$150 so its an automatic DHV.