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RE: Youtube pedo algorithm discovered? - jeffreyjerpp - 02-22-2019 11:20 AM

(02-19-2019 03:07 AM)Aurini Wrote:  Hey, even if we ran YouTube - would these obscure creeps be our first concern? They'd be far outside of our peripherals, too, because there's no reason to pay attention to an isolated subculture, not from a business perspective.

Precisely. Also, how do you even police content like this? None of it is illegal, and the vast majority doesn't violate the terms of service, either.

One Mom, who (stupidly) put her 5 yr old sons gymnastics videos online and monetized them, is now furiously lashing out at Youtube on her twitter account, because they demonetized everything:

"Jessica Ballinger ?
MY 5 YEAR OLD SON: does gymnastics and is a happy, sweet, confident boy.

(This happened yesterday— I find the timing on this very, very disheartening for the

Important to note- YouTube acknowledged she did nothing wrong to get demonetized, they are demonetizing/punishing her because of what the pervert commenters said about her videos. Not fair to her, but then how do you get the pedo scum off the platform?

Can you see how tricky it would be to solve this problem, and how a bureaucratic leftist organization is doomed to respond in a really tactless way?

RE: Youtube pedo algorithm discovered? - CaptainChardonnay - 02-22-2019 11:40 AM

Youtube content creators making less money.

RE: Youtube pedo algorithm discovered? - Thersites - 02-22-2019 02:35 PM

(02-22-2019 10:43 AM)Aurini Wrote:  That fat guy drips gamma and soy. I can't watch any more of this. Summary?
Gamma discovers a problem and instead of solving it, he proceeds to perform 'scorch earth' on Youtube community due his own failings as Youtuber.

Keemstar did good video on the prick:

The end results is the following:

(02-22-2019 11:40 AM)CaptainChardonnay Wrote:  Youtube content creators making less money.

Which will break smaller creators and remove them from the platform or decrease their production of content in the long run. Here Tim Pool update on this:

The real issue is jackass Matt gave MSM more ammo to burn youtube dowm and any other alternative media. Which leads to youtube overreact with new policy on demonetization for comments section abuse and much worse in the long run:

Gammas will always ruin a good thing when given a chance.

RE: Youtube pedo algorithm discovered? - Aurini - 02-22-2019 05:53 PM

AB commented that Gammas seem to have been relatively rare twenty years ago - or at least they cloistered themselves off from society - but these days they seem to be everywhere, and thanks to the Internet you can't get rid of them by kicking them out of your house or bar. Developing the skills to spot them and reject them outright is crucial these days.

RE: Youtube pedo algorithm discovered? - SlickyBoy - 02-22-2019 07:05 PM

Fox had a snippet in this today too. Click to see vid on their page (not hosted by YouTube. Heh...)

If only YouTube took the time to hire that Indian office full of content checkers they would not be in this position. Instead they ignored what should have been noticed (and may have been) by any one of their multitudes of mid-rank coders. I refer to the list of kiddie videos he was able to produce with very little effort, not the presence of weirdo comments everywhere.

Meanwhile they had no problem swatting down the slightest whiff of anything politically to the right of Josef Stalin. They did this by algorithm, not human review, while smugly counting their greenbacks on the way to work in the Google bus. To this day there is little in the way of redress for anyone seeking to appeal a demonetization. Maybe someone (Roosh?) knows for sure but I don't even think there is a ticketing system in place. Creators are left with the messaging equivalent of shouting into the abyss and hoping for a favorable reply.

The shift against content creators was inevitable as soon as the masses left broadcast television and the advertiser dollars followed the eyeballs. One would think that with the Internet, viewer markets and ad revenue would be more fragmented and supportive of esoteric tastes, yet here we are, watching one watered down corporate channel instead of three.

RE: Youtube pedo algorithm discovered? - infowarrior1 - 02-22-2019 09:20 PM

(02-22-2019 10:57 AM)Handsome Creepy Eel Wrote:  
(02-22-2019 10:43 AM)Aurini Wrote:  
(02-22-2019 10:08 AM)infowarrior1 Wrote:  This guy is not as he seems perhaps:

That fat guy drips gamma and soy. I can't watch any more of this. Summary?

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