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Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 03-21-2019 11:49 AM

I am 36. Ive been lifting and training since high school. Starting this year ive kicked it up a notch and I am now 3 months into my more hard core regimen. My goal is to look like the warriors in the 300 movie. Not looking for bulk, more ripped.


My 3 main training environments are Lifting Weights, Swimming, BJJ.

I train BJJ 2 or 3 times a week depending on my level of soreness. Tue, Thurs, Sun.. I usually arrive early and work on flexibility for 30 minutes before class.

I am a member at a gym with a pool. I ussually swim and lift 2 or 3 times per week. I start with 1/2 KM of laps, then another 1/2km of swim sprints. I get out of pool and take a cold shower and then sauna to quickly regain temp. Then head to weight room and do a full body circuit.


I have access to organic local food here in Estonia so I eat alot of deer meat, organic eggs and goat milk for proteins.

I usually follow an intermittent fasting diet of skipping breakfast and eating a late lunch after training. I feast on meat and veggies and a milk and 4 to 6 raw eggs smoothy every day.

I am about 15% fat so im looking to drop body fat to about 10%


I take vit d,

zinc, magnesium, fish oil. I eat like 4 to 6 raw eggs per day in a quart of raw organic goats milk.


I am getting a blood test done next week to see what my test levels are and will make final decision on taking gear based on my baseline levels.

I have been supplementing, training, getting good sleep etc for last 90 days so that when i test I give it a fair shot and I know im not just jumping on gear because its the easy thing to do. Nkthing against those allready on gear, im all for it.


Im creating this thread to keep myself accountable, and get advice from fellow members with more experience than I. Feel free to be brutally honest. Kick me in the ass if im not consistent etc.


RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 03-21-2019 12:29 PM

I forgot to add that my weaknesses are my legs and my flexibility. Ive got lower back stiffness from riding bulls in my youth in TX. Its hard for my to squat heavy because my back etc.

Tuesday this week was BJJ. I left it all on the mat. Sore as fuck.

Wed.., swam 1km of laps and sprints followed by push and pull circuit workout.

Today thurs. Swam 1km laps and sprints. Lifted legs, shoulder, triceps.

I will start writing down my sets and weight amounts and recording here on next lifting day.

Ill post a pic soon to show my starting point of reference.

RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 03-27-2019 05:41 PM

Got shitfaced and went binge chasing poontang. Alcohol is so bad for training! Getting back at it today swam 5 lap warmup
then 20 sprints of 25 meters.
Breathe hold underwater laps with fins x10
Body weight 300 air squats. 150 pushups 50 pullups.
Cold shower 3 minutes followed by sauna.

RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Beirut - 03-28-2019 07:44 AM

Is it really a good idea to swim and then hit the gym right after? Seems itd be very taxing on the body.

RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 03-28-2019 07:52 AM

The swimming is light on my joints and gets me warmed up really good.usually I take cold shower immediately after swim and that energises to pound calisthenics or weights. Finish with sauna.

Im considering altering between swim first and weights first.

My goals are functional not aesthetic based. Looking for improvement in BJJ, and real world strength.

Today is swim then weights ill record specifics after training.

RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 04-04-2019 05:05 PM

Had some garbage workouts recently.yesterday did laps at pool, Trained BJJ today.

Im fighting the idea of getting on a self administered TRT regime or not. Ive postponed my doctor blood test for a few weeks out.

Planning to hit squats and legs heavy for a few weeks. Also taking zinc, magnesium, vit d and fish oil daily. Eating clean. Mostly wild deer meat, organic eggs, whole goats milk etc.. I want to give 100% on my natural t production before commiting to life on TRT

RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 04-05-2019 02:55 PM

Today was a leg day. SQUATS, weighted lunges, hip thrusts, stairclimber.

Took extended cold shower until hard shivering. Then sauna. I felt a boost that was like testosterone, I think. Going to push the cold showers hard until I test my natty T levels.

Increasing 3 eggs per day to 6.

RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 04-05-2019 04:12 PM

I wanted to write about an experience I had at BJJ a few days ago. I rolled(sparred) with a guy that is clearly on gear. He had alot of bulky muscles. I was a little bit intimidated about his strength going into the situation. After rolling for a few minutes I realized that although he was larger and bulkier, his real strength was not comenserate with his size. I was a good 35 lbs+ less than him but held my own strength for strength.

This really made me take into consideration going on trt or gear. Im only interested in functional/ usefull strength. Aesthetics are not my goal but a biproduct. Its anecdotal evidence but to take into consideration as I work on optimizing my T levels and ultimately making this decision. Nothing against this guy or anyone else, we all have to make our own decisions im keeping an open mind.


RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 04-06-2019 04:14 PM

Another change im making is reducing fapping from 3 to 4x per week to only 1x a week and only if I didnt have sex. Ive read that the first 7 days of no fap increase test levels. When I get my blood work for test. ill do it towards the end of a 7 day cycle of this

RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 04-16-2019 03:56 PM

I am going to start Vinve Girondas 8x8 routine Im choosing this routine as it is intense and I only plan to workout weights 2x per week . Its a full body routine designed for natural lifters. . Im getting into a routine of Tue and thurs is BJJ, Mon and FRI Lifting ,Wed and sunday swimming laps HIIT. Friday is rest and cheat day

Exercise Sets Reps
A Bench Press 8 8
B Lat Pulldown (do pull-ups if you're a stud) 8 8
C Overhead Triceps Extension 8 8
D Body Drag Curl 8 8
E Lateral Raise 8 8
F Hack Squat 8 8
G Standing Calf Raise 8 20
That's 56 sets, which would take a little over an hour if using 45-second rest periods, or only 43 minutes if using 15-second rest periods. I will start with 1 minute rest periods.

Vince Gironda
Vince Gironda's 8 x 8 is an outstanding method of training because it allows you to hit every body part three times a week in a short amount of time. It also introduces a different progression method that 99% of trainees have probably never tried. The basics are simple:

Perform 8 sets of 8 reps per body part every session.
Train 3 times a week but I will only train 2x to accommodate other training
Employ a mini push/pull order within the workout, similar to Leroy Colbert's method.
Train your weakest body parts first.

RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 04-17-2019 03:19 PM

Going to give the Carnivore diet a shot. Ive got autoimmune disease issues that I take naisd meds for. Ive researched that these meds lower test and are hard on liver and kidneys. Im going to start with eggs and meat only. After a few weeks ill add in dairy and re evuate.

RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 04-23-2019 01:04 PM

Im about 5 days into the carnivore diet. Ive been eating deer meat. Goats milk. Eggs. Chicken. Herring fish. Coffee.

No fruit. No bread. No sugar.

I feel infuckingredible!

My autoimmune symptoms have reduced by 90%.

I have more stamina when rolling BJJ today.

I will report back in another week but so far it has been incredible!

Also. The sun has come out and I have been tanning. I think the vitamin D has definitely increased my poor wife. The Estonia winter is not healthy for vitamin D and probably testosterone. Need t9 spend more time in tropics next winter.

RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 04-26-2019 06:04 AM

Im really loving how I feel on this carnivore diet and im sticking with it.

Im also doing this calisthenics type pool routine every time i do swim sprints in pool.

RE: Iconoclasts Workout Journal - Iconoclast007 - 05-05-2019 06:41 AM

Im starting to see some gainz!!!

My testosterone feels lime its rocking.

My bodyfat is dwcreasing.

Ive been in the Carnivore Diet for a few weeks now. Its amazing!

Ive also recently been practicing semen retention. Im not jerking off or sex for a few weeks at a time.

Im also intermittent fasting wit OMAD. One meal per day.

These practices seem tonhave synergystic qualities. Ill report more as tume lrogresses.

Testosterone blood test tommorrow.